Sunday, November 21, 2010

Time magazine describes Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim as "wise, decent and courageous"...but the truth is!

You judge this man!

The West has come to the conclusion that Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) is just simply that smiling public face of modern-day Islamist jihad against the West, and always has been!
We now know that BABI set up Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM) using funding from group and persons known to be linked to terror groups.
We all know BABI is linked to a think-tank based in Virginia which is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood!
Lately, we have learn a lot about his chicanery and abuse of power even within his own party, so why is the world is still enthralled by this man - a perfect Chameleon! To read more please click here!

Time magazine’s Joe Klein, regurgitating the media and governing class’s line, called Anwar “a wise, decent and courageous man.” But in fact Anwar is simply the smiling public face of modern-day Islamist jihad against the West, and always has been.


Anonymous said...

What was done to YAB Anwar is not a crime but a Blunder. The manner in which TDM treated him, including the so - called black has left the nation with a black eye and YAB Anwar a 'Martyr' in the eyes of the outside world and even some in Malaysia. The foreigners will milk this as long as they can and so long they think that it will benefit them. In the meantime we will be stuck in the grove and trying to get back to our position before 1999.

As a nation we must come to terms with it and move on because unlike a crime and its conviction by the courts a blunder has no Statute of Limitation.

Anonymous said...

Hullo anon @ November 22, 2010 8:30 PM

"The manner in which TDM treated him" - is actually TOO kind. TDM should have exposed all EVIDENCE of anwar's sodomy to the rakyat for them to see.

TDM did not punch the black eye, it was the police who was SO provoked by anwar that he had reacted impulsively.

Well as to whether he is a martyr or as he claimed Aung San Syu Ki, the world CAN tell the difference.

In short anwar is a HAS-BEEN PM wannabe. Can't even get his own party in order.

Anonymous said...

Why the world still love him? Ah, he uses many Bomohs, some even imported.

Anonymous said...

The manner in which TDM treated him?
From nobody to somebody?
And after being somebody, he is biting the hand that put him there?

Anonymous said...

Fat Bird, you must have lots of deep shits and not wanting Anwar to be the next PM, otherwise you will be in even deeper shits inside you.

Rectal Worm

Anonymous said...


what a fate being a rectal worm - I guess you would know anwar INSIDE out


Anonymous said...

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are you lost in the spermal wilderness??

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Anonymous said...

If Anwar is the answer, the question must be about arseholes.

I rest my case.

Coffee Boy