Saturday, December 18, 2010

As we know from the past anything and everything can be faked! Including this one!

Heard of an old television series Mission Impossible? Anything can be faked to look real, from a politician to Statutory Declarations to any official document, and even to our Malaysian Ringgit!

There is this picture of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) showing a piece of paper with the word APCO clearly seen on the top of the page and with many words printed on that piece of paper. Very official looking right!
Well, the picture, in the past, reminded me of the so many so-called Statutory Declarations being flagged by persons like Raja Petra Kamaruddin, PI Balasubramanian, Tian Chua and many other bogus politicians in their attempts to discredit the leadership of the government, under Najib Razak, by flagging bogus documents hoping people will believe?
In the case of BABI, his political modus operandi has always been based on his mistaken notion that Malays, especially, are basically stupid enough to believe anything that looks officials, like a piece of what appears to be official documents! (For the record BABI had his third-class degree on Malay Studies at the Universiti Malaya thus his mistaken belief that he fully understood the Malay masses)
Well, here is the thing, anyone can go to Pertama Komplek today and have genuine looking "official documents" made, and for a few ringgits it can be done!
Here is a question for you! If such a document, flagged by BABI, is genuine why didn't he produced it in parliament in the first place when he was being investigated for telling lies., he could have exonerated himself!
The truth is he did not have and could not produce such "official document" as proof to discredit the present government and the Prime Minister, if he had such document will be thoroughly scrutinized, double check and double check if it is genuine!
Why would BABI risked suspension from Parliament where he can fight for his "just cause" instead of flagging the "document" outside of Parliament, at a makeshift place of a press conference (PC) so pro opposition journalist can come to cover the PC and perpetuate his lies.
We all know that anything can be faked in this country, including politician like our false martyr. We all know that SD amounts to nothing, for anyone can produced them for what's important is the image of the official stamp and the many signatures signed just below the official stamp that can fool anyone.
Frankly speaking I believe the whole country is tired of this BABI and his delusion of grandeur, the sooner he is found guilty is the better.
Having said I have a question to our judicial system: What seems to be your problem? Why can't you get this case over with and what are you allowing yourself to be bullied by lawyers who represent BABI, when we know they are all full of malice intended?
On BABI assertion that Najib was terrified of the Wikileaks implicating him and the death of a Mongolian woman! Well, of course anyone would be stressed by such an accusation.
The thing is what exactly did Wikileaks leak on the murder of Altantuya?
That's right nothing! Except that Singapore was reported as saying Najib is pressured by the murder allegation. The difference is Singapore did not confirm the allegation nor did they have any facts and figures or evidence on the murder, like what they have on Anwar’s sodomy act.
If Singapore reported that Najib is pressured over the murder, of course he is, who wouldn't with such allegation. However in the case of BABI three judges coincurred that he committed buggery and rape, which is against the law of nature and of this country!

Note: For the record it was stated that BABI had even mistakenly equated APCO Worldwide (international communication consultant firm) with APCO (American Protocol Communication Outfit), a walkie talkie communication system which was used by Polis DiRaja Malaysia and claimed that Israelis were inflitrating Bukit Aman!

Note: BABI is now paddling up-shit creek without a paddle in so far as realisation that he is not getting any more moral and financial support from the US administration for showing publicly expressing his anti-Semitic feeling to the whole world! Even his Neo-Conservative Zionist friends are shying away from him! You see, you can only fool some of people some of the time!


Anonymous said...

Frankly we Malaysian must end this Anwar's episode once and for all, find him guilty and throw him inside and then throw the key away! The US company that I am dealing with decided not to come here because of their perceived political problem but I tried to convince them to no avail, damn this Anwar!

Thomas P!
(People who know me will know me by my signature trademark!)

Bekah PAH said...

Agree with Thomas P! (though I do not know who you are since I do not know your signature trademark).

Malaysiakini carried a funny title "Who would you hire as lawyer - Nazri or Karpal? and the part of news quoted "Take a Malaysian who is charged with murder and give him the choice of counsel - one is Nazri and the other, Karpal.'

So Karpal is good at letting crooks and criminals of the hooks. No wonder this country is full of crooks and criminals, because they know they have first class lawyer like karpal to defend them....what a life as a lawyer. Only a crook knows another crook.

mohamed said...

A great piece my friend. Love reading it. If most of us Malaysian can see as clearly, we could go on with our nation building.

Anonymous said...

as they say nowadays, the writing is on the cables [as in cableleak/cablegate] for this brother!

many now realize that even before Facebook became a household name, brother already came up with 2Facebook. that's his playbook!

Pasquale said...

anonymous at 1:42AM what are you trying to say moron, say it it plain English so i can understand okay!

Anonymous said...

APCO should sue Anwar, if the letter is fake

Anonymous said...

BTW Bekah PAH..a little joke doesn't hurt

Correction, Karpal is a third class lawyer (refer to you know who comment) while Anwar got 3rd Class Degree in Malay Studies.

But of course they think they and their Pakatan friend is cleverer than all of us or the other words - they think we all are stupid.

and Anwar is not that clever by showing the letter, APCO lawyers (real 1st Class lawyers) will certainly be looking into the matter.

Anonymous said...

I think it is about time all Malays - from Pakatan, Pas or where ever they are from - should unite and form a strong Malay platform, in view of the strong Chinese unity throughout the region. Unfortunately, the more Malays breaking up the weaker they get and faked "Malay" leaders like Anwar Ibrahim have no scrupulous to look after the Malay interest, thank you!

Grandson of Aziz Tapa.

Anonymous said...

Anwar - God's gift to arseholes!

Say no to BABI

Anonymous said...

Bila Google APCO yg satu lagi, results semuanya blog/site Malaysia. Betul ke ade APCO (American Protocol Communication Outfit) ni ?

Bukan semua dlm internet ni betul belaka.

Pasquale said...

"Bila Google APCO yg satu lagi, results semuanya blog/site Malaysia. Betul ke ade APCO (American Protocol Communication Outfit) ni ?

Bukan semua dlm internet ni betul belaka."

This is an example of BABI's fanatical and robotic supporter, he or she will see a conspiracy everywhere when it comes to supporting a rotten person! Yes my dear there is such a thing as the American Protocol Communication Outfit (APCO)!

Anonymous said...

Of course he won't bring it up in Parliament. If he does, it can't be touched after. In the end - whoever is right or wrong - Anwar is smart in not letting the bomb go off now. Wait for closer to GE la...

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Pasquale said...

"Of course he won't bring it up in Parliament. If he does, it can't be touched after. In the end - whoever is right or wrong - Anwar is smart in not letting the bomb go off now. Wait for closer to GE la...

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"

Dirty Rotten Stupid Scoundrels, who said anything that came out of parliament cannot be use at later date and for public consumption? You are trying to pull a fast one on Malaysians in defending the not-so-smart-BABI after all! For your info you "idol" has perfected the art of lying, but unfortunately for him no one is buying his lies anymore!

Anonymous said...

'but one is buying his lies anymore?

Sad to say, throngs of fools still believe in magic stones, black money, Sai Baba and of course the Brudder! They hero worship this trickster as they do not want to lose face, and even if he says eating dog poo is good, his supporters will still believe him.


Anonymous said...


Are you writing from Toronto or you are already back from Canada?

Love to read your postings. Thanks

Pasquale said...

anon at 3:57AM, for all you know I may be writing this in Khabarovsk, Eastern Siberia,or Arlington, Indiana, or Langely, Virginia, it does not matter where as long as there"s internet access and with my durable Panasonic laptop! Cheers!