Friday, December 31, 2010

Some of my bucket-list for 2011! And what I like to see happens!

1) The trial of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) be quickly concluded and he be found guilty of all charges, including being a traitor to the country, and given a long solitary jail sentence!

2) Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) be brought back to Malaysia and to face the music for crime of lying to his "friends", to the country and to the world. When dealing with his crimes, he must not be given any leniency!

3) All corrupt government officials and all corrupt Cabinet Ministers aides be brought to justice and be given a stiff penalty, and all ill gotten gains made by them to be taken away!

4) Incompetent cabinet ministers be dropped from the line-up, and cabinet minister accused of raping any women be dropped then charged accordingly!

5) That the Prime Minister must seriously scrutinize his people, surrounding him, with a fine tooth comb to see whether these people are actually seriously serving him or just for self interest. And that the Prime Minister must do everything in his power to give credit when credit is due to all of his loyal people!

6) That God will finally give Nik Aziz some sense when dealing with sensitive Malay issues! And that God will finally give him some sense for him to resign for good!

7) That Ronnie Liu be struck by lightning while fondling Elizabeth Wong.

8) That Khalid Ibrahim be struck by an exposed electrical cord in a room where he was having sex with Elizabeth Wong, that will turn his small penis to be limp forever!

9) That God plays a cruel joke on Tian Chua by striking him with lightning and that will compel him to convert himself to Islam, but rejected by JAIS for his habitual Bah Kut Teh evening past time, and to marry Wan Azizah, who has since divorced BABI!

10) That God will play another cruel joke by turning Karpal Singh and his whole family into a devout Muslim.....wouldn't that be neat to watch he, he!

11) That, finally, Malaysians will forget all the nasty people (including BABI) who have been influencing their lives negatively and to live happily ever after together and make this country, and its already working system, prosper!

12) And that I would like the Malays to come to their senses and unite or else suffer the fate of a defeated people!

13) And that the government must confer our Malaysian national football coach, K Rajagopal, a datukship for being a good and effective national football coach!

14) That Malay Muslims are allowed to go to Batu Caves to the Hindu Temples or Chinese Temples compounds to perform Mak Yong, or bersiilat, of Dikir Barat as a form of social gathering and exercise!

Meanwhile I would like to wish my friends and my great Malaysian people, who are not crazy and obsessed with many unnecessary things, a very Many Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

You listed number 10 twice and I love the first number 10.

He will then say, "Saya Karpal harus bertaubat". Heh heh heh

Anonymous said...

aku suka no 7, kalau combine sekali dengan no 8 pon bagus..

Anonymous said...

if you combine no.: 7 & 8, then it will be a Ménage à trois...hehehehe

kinky can these fuckatan ppl

Anonymous said...

aiyo why so foul brother? we as pro gov people should have more tact and not stoop as low as THEM irrational pro Oppo peeps by resorting to name-calling and saying vulgar things about them!

aidareza said...

What's this fascination with lighting eh? Happy new year, grumps eh, gramps!

maae said...

Jika keburukan tersirat,semoga segala kemungkaran akan menjadi debu-debu berterbangan.

Jika kebaikan yang tersurat,Allah SWT tidak akan memungkiri janji-janji nya

Paling penting kita sebagai pendokong mesti tulus dan IKHLAS, baru lah doa-doa kita akan sampai kepada Nya!


orang kampung said...

I'm neither an admirer nor a sympathiser of Anwar Ibrahim. But your continuous reference to him by his acronym BABI simply made me sick.

If only I knew what your full name is, I would have given you a better acronym than that of AI.

Pasquale said...

orang kampung I assume you are a Malay and you have no idea why I detest this man with such an acronym, if you cannot figure out why people like me and trust me, many many more, detest BABI than next time you go visit Rockybru and he will be nice to you! If you are easily sick than you are just one of those weak Malays easily duped by a faked Rolex, like BABI!
Saya kasihan kamu!

orang kampung said...


Do not underestimate me. I knew who AI is in and out and all his misdeeds right from his student days in MU.

But what I simply resent is the acronym that you use.

Anyway, kamu tak perlu kasihan kpd saya. Kamu perlu kasihan kpd diri kamu sendiri.

Pasquale said...

Orang kampung this is the last time I am entertaining you and bear that in mind. And furthermore why should I underestimate you I don't even know you, and it appears that you are a man, in spite of knowing him in inside out, as you said, and knowing all his misdeeds and yet you still love BABI? As for me, I am all right matey, I am a Malay who love his country and his race and will not support a leader who encourage uncouth opposition Chinese to do yoga in a mosque compound!?

Cucu said...

I too wish lightning will strike Anwar and Kit Siang when they're together on stage during their ceramah sessions.These two are the real cause of our unhappiness now.Our country can do without these two pariahs of society.

Anonymous said...

Name calling is a minor irritation whereas being a traitor to your own 'Agama, Bangsa dan Negara' is an unforgivable sin.

Betraying the trust of your own wife, children and family friends is another terrible sin.

Exploiting a teenage daughter to seek help from a foreigner is a crime no father should have committed.

Putting your legitimate wife through all the anxiety and insecurity and sense of failure is a sin no mother would want her daughter to experience.

Anonymous said...

orang kampung adalah penyuntut Anwar Ini Bingai n Idiot semenjak UM

Anonymous said... god..14 stuff in a bucket eh!..well i'd insist u'd used a big raga...heheh..anyway luv u man..nice n daring postings..insyaallah i'll keep on following your posting....yeop.

Anonymous said...

Pasquela...From the tone and the way you write I began to wonder whether you are a Malay or not.It seems that you really hate Malays.All this while I had been wondering whether you are like those Malay "warriors" who had been franchised by UMNO to act on their behalf.The likes of those 'Malays 'who was once the president of GPMS whose name and colur looks different from ordinary Malays or one of the candidates for PRU in Kedah who can fluently speak Tamil or the kind of 'Malay' who writes his own column in Utusan.From your insinuation you really hates Malays.We,the real Malays love our country very much and what we wrote was from our sincere heart but from the way you write there's a semblance of Kitul and Mandeliar.So in future please refrain yourself from thinking that everybody is stupid and you/and only you is right and a nationalist. ......AMAN

Pasquale said...

Anonymous on January 02, 2011 8:15 PM

I am one of those real Malays if you wish to know, and you sound like you are one of those really stupid, easily manipulated Malays from what and how you responded to my posting! I want you to have an Oxford Dictionary beside you and to really try to understand what I am trying to say really! Put it this way, try to use you imagination and analyze what I am trying to say, or else I think you are not a Malay at all but a Chinese or Indian member of the exposition passing yourself as a Melayu!? And Agent Provocateur!? There are many of them around trying to disrupt Malay unity!

maae said...

Don't argue please,saudara sebangsa

Concentrate on the bucket lists carried by barking magpie.Help him to ease off the burden and establish your 'malayness' on which way you are able to support him.

You are all grown up,educated and considered bright malays and don't be 'malay in the nest' who love rethorics credentials!

Be the one and always towards ONE.

Pasquale said...

maae, thank you your voice is so refreshing I appreciate it! Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

Baguslah, panggil orang Ba... Tahniah, sangat terpuji, dan terserlah kemelayuan anda. Bagus.

AMENO ChaCha Marba said...

PooDah....Cheat... PASQUALE...u my Brok,is not MELAYU betul,but a MELAYU CELOP...maybe a DK..(soorry cannot used the full word of DK,nanti MIC kata RACIST..!!)

I wish LIGHTNING will hit you 1st,before u kick the bucket..!!!