Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A suggestion made to Najib on how to tell Singapore go f@%k a duck!

Najib state visit to kiasu land!

A suggestion has been made to Malaysian Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak on how to rebutt Singapore’s claims that Malaysia has incompetant leaders. The suggestion came from a Singapore-based, or may be a US-based Singaporeans website and an online paper called who are now begining to realise that this island republic is not all that invincible after all.

PM Najib, please proclaim to your people:-

“we are definitely competent, otherwise you will see my govt having a MM to mentor us, hold my hands”

“we do not practise nepotism, otherwise you will see my daughter-in-law or family relations appointed to manage state funds”

“we are not clueless about how much we have in our reserves, otherwise you will hear us proclaim it takes 50 man-years to count the money”

“we do not steal from our reserves, otherwise you will see me appoint a president to act as a security guard for the country’s reserves”.

“we believe in our people speaking up, otherwise you will see my govt sueing everybody who criticise us”

“we have a sense of decorum, otherwise i will openly challenge my political opponents to meet me in any alley and serve warning that i have a sharp hatchet and knuckle dusters”

“we have a sense of humility, otherwise you will hear me calling other leaders dense and stupid”

“we have a sense of proportion, otherwise you will see my govt giving ourselves salaries 5 times more than other world leaders”

“we believe in teaching govt subordinates manners and awareness of their station in life, otherwise you will see plenty of ‘Kurang Ajar’ officials in my govt” -


maae said...


- We have freedom to express our free mind and free thinking or otherwise just pointing M16 from behind back!

- We just simply smile on your dumbness,stupidity and white lies, that hijacked our agro-products as if your true brand name which of non existence naturally in your country

- We just simply admire you of being a professional cheater to rewrite your country's history (of which the facts purely belong to malays) and selfishly fooled the world

And... we have turned your dollars exchange rate to RM so that your citizen will fully enjoy and accomodate their lifestyles here in Malaysia...

Anonymous said...

Why don't you wait for all the wikileaks leaking of more secrets coming our way b4 you start commenting. Bodoh dan tak erti sabar.

musalman said...

hey maae...

go fuck n sink ur self in spore la. unless u r oredi sinkaporean.

our govt might be the stupidest can be but this is our govt.

if u dun like...every 5 yrs u got ur chance. other than that watch ur manner.

Anonymous said...

And one more thing. We have a world class educational system. That is why you like to lure and steal our students with scholarship to work for you when they graduate. Have you no shame? Understand that shit face?

Anonymous said...

The story goes that one Ambassador complained to his President of a Super Power that the SOB Prime minister of a certain Latin American country was stealing from the country and it would be only a matter of time before the country goes bankrupt despite the generous aid given. The president implored his Ambassador not call the Prime Minister an SOB because " he is our SOB"

In Foreign Relations there are no permanent friends there are only permanent interests.

Wake UP! said...

Singaporean agents in UMNO should be kicked out a.s.a.p.

Anonymous said...

Someone said that the newater is already showing some negative effects on the red dot's population

after all it was shit waste that is recycled into drinking water

Anonymous said...

I was also told from sources that Newater is only being channeled to Malay majority areas! Why should LKY gives good water from Malaysia to others but Chinese population!
Ini lah akibahy nya hidup bawah pemerintah China! Dan Melayu di Malaysia dah tak sedar diri kerana semua nak jadi Raja dan Sultan! Dan DAP pulak minat China jadi Agung!

Melayu Jurong!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a fuckup country managed by incompetent but highly effcient corrupt leaders (sorry sir, leaders from Barisan Najis)

Lee KY

Anonymous said...

Lee KY , do you think PR leaders not corrupted?????

Anonymous said...


only a teeny weeny island, want to claim credit!

summo pay ministers high salary even topping USA, rob the poor to feed the rich

can't even get own people to give birth to replace themselves

Mas Selamat oso can escape

all the gracious campaigns have no effect - third world mentality but claim first world status

what a sham and a shame

Anonymous said...

Everyone know Malaysia do not have competent leaders, just look at MAS as compare to SIA. Compare Penang Free School to Riffles institute. Our F*ck up education system compare to Singapore world class. The list goes on and on from Batu Pahat to Jurong.