Sunday, January 31, 2010

It is now officially Datuk RockyBru, congratulations!

It is now Datuk Rocky Bru plus the long hair!

From tomorrow onward Ahirudin Attan, aka Rocky Bru aka Rocky will officially be a Datuk.
He will be conferred a Datukship, Darjah Kebesaran Panglima Mahkota Wilayah (PMW) bearing the title Datuk, and this is long awaited, as far as I am concerned, for my good friend he should have been conferred this title a long time ago.
But then he had a lot of enemies in top places, but today his fortune has been reversed. I also hope that the people at the NSTP to drop charges against Rocky which were brought against him as a blogger by the former management. Rocky is being sued by former NSTP deputy chairman Datuk Kalimullah Hassan; former chief executive officer of NSTP, Syed Faisal Albar; former group editor in chief Datuk Hishamuddin Aun, and former group editor Brendan Pereira. Well done Mo! We are proud of you!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Umno Youth head, Khairy Jamaluddin, told to step down!

KJ told to step down for lacklustre leadership!

Mohd Hishamuddin, or fondly known as Yeop, who told KJ to scuttle!

Khairy Jamaluddin, or commonly known as KJ, was told by an Umno Youth executive council (exco) member from Putrajaya Umno youth to step down as an Umno Youth head and to make way for others, if he cannot effectively lead the movement.
At a four-hour Umno Youth meeting held at the 38th floor of the PWTC today, disgruntled exco members, among others, voiced out their dissatisfaction over KJ's nine month lacklustre leadership.
Mohd Hushamuddin Yahaya, Putrajaya Umno Youth vice-head said the movement feels that nothing is moving under KJ's leadership.
Other exco members also voiced out the inability for the exco members to have excess or to see even Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak for a meaningful dialogue due to KJ's vanity and pride.
Some, at the meeting, also feel that KJ as the Umno Youth leader did not seem to support Najib policies such as the One Malaysia concept.
Others blamed KJ's choice of state Umno youth heads as being those who are non performer and were chosen without consulting other youth members. "Some of those elected have no credibility to begin with and yet KJ chose them," sources said.
Well KJ buck-up or get out of the kitchen!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26th January 2010: Rebuttal for Anwar Ibrahim Opinion Article in Wall Street Journal Asia

The following are points for rebuttal within Anwar Ibrahim’s opinion article in the January 26thedition of The Wall Street Journal Asia: Read here for the full text of his skewered opinion according to him....

1) Mr. Anwar Ibrahim has stated that there have been conflicting statements from government regarding the church attacks and that Malaysia frequently fails to offer a safe and secure environment that accommodates its minority communities. He goes further to allege that tensions are “largely due to incitement by a few reckless politicians, the mainstream media and a handful of nongovernmental organizations linked by membership and leadership to the United Malays National Organization”.

Rebuttal: This is cynical politics at its worst. By politicising these events, Mr. Ibrahim is fanning the flames of division and attempting to erase the progress we have made over the last year. Malaysian’s interest continues to move beyond divisiveness politics and into strengthening their communities and families. We encourage Mr. Ibrahim to do the same.

· THE GOVERNMENT CONDEMNS VIOLENCE OF ANY KIND. The government and the people of Malaysia have spoken with a unified voice in condemning the despicable acts of a few. People have joined as one to assert that violence is never an acceptable way to express views or resolve differences. Muslim and Christian groups are standing shoulder-to-shoulder to ensure all people can worship safely and free of fear as is guaranteed under the Malaysian Constitution.

· THE GOVERNMENT IS FULLY COMMITMED TO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. While buildings have been damaged, the values all Malaysians share - religious freedom, tolerance, peace and fairness - remain the cornerstones of our communities. Malaysia has a history of respecting the expression and practice of all religions. In Malaysia, people are free to celebrate religious holidays including Christmas and Thaipusam; and, religious expression in schools, such as wearing a headscarf, a cross or a bindi, is guaranteed.

· GOVERNMENT SUPPORT FOR SAFETY AND REBUILDING. During a visit to one of the most badly damaged churches, the Prime Minister pledged resources to rebuild and emphasised that all Malaysians can attend their places of worship free of fear. While thankfully nobody has been hurt in these attacks, the police are enhancing security and intensifying their investigation to track down the perpetrators and have made several arrests.

· INTENSIFYING EFFORTS TO BRING THE CRIMINALS TO JUSTICE. The Prime Minister and Home Minister have called on the police to leave no stone unturned in this investigation so that those responsible can be brought to justice. The Home Ministry is in regular contact with those leading the investigation and will ensure full communication and transparency to the people on this issue.

· AS THE PRIME MINISTER STATED IN AN OPINION ARTICLE IN THE JANUARY 26TH EDITION OF THE WALL STREET JOURNAL ASIA: “Many Malaysians have been appalled by the irresponsible and dangerous finger-pointing of a few politicians who put personal political interests before Malaysia's national interest. They try to score political points by hammering on sensitive issues. My government chooses a different path. We will reach out to all parts of Malaysian society in the coming days to foster open dialogue and work to resolve sensitive issues together.”

2) Mr. Anwar Ibrahim says that recent attacks exemplify what’s wrong with the way Malaysia regards its non-Muslim citizens.

Rebuttal: This sceptical view of Malaysia and Malaysians is directly contradicted by the reaction of ordinary Malaysians of all religions following the attacks.

· THE REACTIONS OF ORDINARY MALAYSIANS HAS SHOWN THEY REJECT VIOLENCE: The reaction of ordinary Malaysians to the Church attacks shows that Malaysians do not accept or tolerate acts of vandalism or intimidation against any religion. This is the true spirit of 1Malaysia.

· AS THE PRIME MINISTERS STATED IN AN OPINION ARTICLE IN THE JANUARY 26TH EDITION OF THE WALL STREET JOURNAL ASIA: “Many measures have been taken to counter this violence. Muslim groups volunteered to safeguard churches in their towns. Muslim social activists have written petitions to oppose these senseless acts of vandalism. Muslim civic groups are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Christians, Hindus and Buddhists to ensure that all people can freely worship as they wish. Christian and civic leaders have urged calm and interfaith dialogue; they are fully aware that those who perpetrated these acts do not represent the Muslim majority in Malaysia.”

3) Mr. Anwar Ibrahim says recent incidents raise doubts as to the course of the country under the Prime Minister’s leadership and that the “vision of Malaysia as a peaceful and stable location for investment, tourism and migration is now in peril”.

Rebuttal: Malaysia’s overwhelming embrace of the respect, tolerance and community participation outlined in the 1Malaysia initiative prove Mr. Ibrahim wrong. A few despicable acts of cowardice can not derail our efforts, and the vision of Malaysia, and the social and economic progress it supports, remains sound.

· STRENGTHENING THE CONCEPT OF 1MALAYSIA. Over the past year, the government has implemented a number of reforms to increase opportunities for all Malaysians regardless of their ethnicity, including establishing scholarships and other programs to support Malaysia’s ethnic communities. Some have attacked 1Malaysia in the wake of these attacks, but the vast majority of Malaysians will continue to foster unity, tolerance, and understanding because of the shared belief that we are stronger together, and weaker divided.

We all know what Allah actually means in this country!

A Mosque, a Coptic church side by side in Lebanon!

And for which religion does the word Allah is referring to!
But suddenly Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) the most self-appointed rhetorical and semantically capable person on this planet earth, who uses Islam to pursue his political ambition, suddenly became so stupid as not to be able to explain to the international community why Malay-Muslim reject Catholic or any other Christian sect from using the word Allah to refer to their god.

We all know what Allah means but for the purpose of distinguishing between religious beliefs that only Muslim-Malay in this country can exclusively use the word Allah as in reference to their god.

For a quick social and political take: Malaysia has decided a long time ago to be a multi-racial country where all races of all creed, colour and religion can co-exist in peace. We have done so well until BABI decided to become stupid as not to understand why Malay-Muslims, including from his own Justice Party have protested and protested hard for the Catholic not to use Allah in their religion.

Why? This is my take. In a multi-racial conditions such as Malaysia we have to have a set of rules and in fact in any society there must be rules or there will be chaos.

In this instance and via a conventional wisdom we have already decided that Chinese is allowed to practice their custom and religion without hindrance and they can eat pork in a country of a majority Malay-Muslim, and Indian can also practice their custom and beliefs and Malays-Muslim can also practice their culture and religion and we all respect these luxuries where people from other countries can only dream of what we have.

In this country it has been conventionally decided that Allah is referred only to the Muslim-Malay god just to avoid confusion and this has been accepted so well by everyone until now?

BABI is out to create some no good notion saying that Malays have no exclusive rights to the word Allah. Maybe he is right to say so but there was no need for this issue to be allowed to become an issue. For BABI he has in the past been an ardent Muslim right winger in his belief of his religion. He has been known to vehemently defended the religion against anyone appears to besmirch the good name of Islam as we know it in this country.

What BABI said is right Muslim have no right over the word Allah, yes but as I said in this multi-racial dimension of multi-racial Malaysia we have accepted many conventional wisdom affecting the good standing of other races. One is for the Muslim-Malays to be allowed to use Allah as a reference to their god in Islam!

In Lebanon the Maronite Christian and their brother Muslim Lebanese both refer to Allah in reference to God Almighty, Christian Lebanese will say "Inshallah" for almost every second word in any normal conversation.

But then in Lebanon, unlike multi-racial Malaysia, all Lebanese, Muslim or Christian, are Arabs. The Christian Maronite for example have their sermon in Arabic. In Lebanon they are only one race people inhabiting the country THE Arabs. Unlike Malays, Chinese, Indians or Iban or others in this country! So there must be rules!

But suddenly out of the blue the Catholic decided to use Allah in their Malay version of their newsletter Herald!?! Come on man we are not stupid! If thing is done with malice intended then those affected have the right to get pissed off.

I am not even a great Muslim but I do know that simple decorum that we the people of Malaysia have been practising until one pig decided to pit us against one another, no way I will just sit back and watch. I urge the government to throw any dangerous rabble rouser in the dungeon and to throw away the key for the sake of peace for all!

Special prayer for Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim.....Good luck!

Sources very deep inside Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's camp told me a special prayer was conducted at his house in Bukit Segambut on the 24th of January. The prayer was headed by Ustaz Shamsul, the second Imam of the Saidina Abu Bakar mosque of Bukit Damansara.
About twenty people attended this special prayer and among them were Shamsul Iskandar, Mat Zaman Mat Tasi, Nurul Ezzah and her husband, Datin Azizah and Syed Husin Ali.
The prayer was probably meant to ask Allah to keep Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim from harm's way, but knowing Allah he will have nothing to do with those who have committed a serious crime or any un-pardonable activity deems unnatural!
To this guy, I hope for his family sake will be found innocent, but with the insurmountable evidence stacked against him for his upcoming trial I think he will be found guilty as charged.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DAP = Middle Malaysia = Middle Kingdom = Chinese Domination!

Emperor Lim Guan Eng of Malaysia who will replace the Yang Di Periuan Agung!!

And yet again the Malays, under the influence of BABI and PAS, are still so stupid as not to see i
this coming their way!!
I happen to agree with the "Thirteen Million Plus Ringgit Guy" who started his blog with this statement: "It seems that the Chinese Chauvinist DAP is changing its tone of ’Malaysian, Malaysia’ to woo the ’silent majority’ for votes, which rest in the hands of the Malay majority. They are now promoting ‘Middle Malaysia’, as a new battle-cry in the hope that the Malays are now felt being championed by the Chinese Chauvinist DAP, which in the over 40 years tried very hard to undermine the needs of the majority." Read more here if you want!!! I fully agree with him, and all like minded Malays should too!

It appears the Malays of this great country are easily taken in by such great foibles and lies and history has shown how they were easily cheated by con-men such as Stanford Raffles, Birch many others British spies-cum-missionaries who came to colonise, as the famous regret among the South Pacific islander, Hawaii included, that " we got their religion and they got our country" .
Not only that, the once exotic islanders now have to make do with the proverbial "missionary position" when the priest taught the "semi naked" native women on how to fu*k the Christian way!

Well, again the Malays, with the help of BABI and other pseudo ulamak and part time sarong clad paedophile Pas leaders, agreed with the DAP's "Middle Malaysia" concept and here is what is baffling, the DAP spoke as though the Chinese are the majority of this country! They are not!

When another of the DAP's lies, the Malaysian Malaysia concept, faltered these chauvinist Chinese based party again came out with another "humdinger" of a concept to "unite" the country, that is by propagating its Middle Malaysia concept or what ever that means.
I can just see these DAP leaders who will be speaking Bahasa Melayu at a press conference to convince Malays the new concept will be good for the country and Malay's ought to support the party and the idea. DAP is actually trying to con Malays into thinking that they are actually good Chinese-Malaysian that they can rule the majority Malays better than Umno+BN under Najib Tun Razak?!
There is this very funny Lat's cartoon showing a cartoon likeness of Ustaz Hadi, Nik Aziz, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim and potential Malay leader Lim Guan Eng eating Duck Shit Cookie, or in Malay, Kuih Tahi Itek! So people of this great country, the Malays especially, just go figure!

BTW the term Middle as in reference to the Middle Kingdom has always been fondly used by the Chinese Empire, Middle Kingdom according to the Wikipedia is a term "referred to the Chinese name for China. It dates from c.1000 B.C., when it designated the Chou empire situated on the North China Plain. The Chou people, unaware of high civilizations in the West, believed their empire occupied the middle of the earth, surrounded by barbarians. Since 1949, when the Communists took power, the official name for China has been Zhonghua renmin gongheguo [middle glorious people's republican country] or, in English, the People's Republic of China. !

So I believe DAP is cunningly aware that the only way to achieve Middle Malaysia is to use Morons like those from PAS and Pakatan Rakyat under BABI! To this I will say good luck!

Middle Malaysians are not easily taken in by ruse and trickery!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BABI steals UMNO sign, a desperate tactic?

That's Zorro!, No that's Scaramouche! no that's.....what? Thats BABI!

I saw this really funny cartoon in a website showing someone resembling someone we know stealing UMNO sign on top of the PWTC, remember when only the NO was seen from afar while the UM was stolen? Well this cartoon appeared in this more here if you want!
On other note I will not let it pass by me thinking the recent torching of churches and the issue on the word ALLAH to be used by a Catholic newsletter is being fanned by one and only BABI, an man who is so consumed by wanting to be the prime minister of thus great multi-racial country called Malaysia that will do anything to achieve that!
This is a man who was against building of more Hindu temple in the country, who once convincingly told a BTN audience that Stamford Raffles asked Munshi Abdullah to translate the Bible into Jawi so Malays will be converted to Christian and that would make it easier for the colonialist to subvert the system of the Malay kingdom.
He said it because he believes in Umno or the Malay struggle then, so now he does bot believe in that anymore. I was told by someone close to the party that for now he would sing the Chinese or the Indian songs so that he will get support, but " I will revert to the Malay struggle once I am in charge" he was quoted as saying in front of his Malay supporter.
If that is true I would say he is one hell of a chameleon! Meanwhile non-Malays in the opposition know his game but they are also using him to break up what the non-Malays saw as a country controlled by Malays, and will do anything to destroy that, and using BABI is one of the strategies!

Friday, January 08, 2010

They Shoot Horses Don't They!

Sometimes it is humane to put an injured horse to sleep!

Let me ask you this: If you want to commit an act adultery or buggery would you want four witnesses to witness your act, I wouldn't, if I were to do it, that is.
If it serves his purposes he will use the Civil court or if he wants to deceive more people he will sing the Syariah court tune.
I am talking about BABI on how he wants his accuser in a buggery case to be put on trial since the accuser failed to provide four male witnesses to witness the act. So therefore the accuser is then lying.
Well and fine, for a man who does not have any faith in the Malaysian judicial system but still use the system to sue people millions of ringgit. His so called "untrustworthy" judicial system made him richer when he was awarded a large sum over a case that he won against the NST much for an untrustworthy and biased system, eh!
Back to his buggery case, he accused his accuser of qazaf or false accusation.
Frankly am sure we are all fed up with his antic and manipulation and I am pretty sure he will be found guilty as charged and sentenced once and for all.
BABI has become a destructive and deadly virus that is slowly eating this country apart and after all as they say in English: "They shoot horses don't they"? For this country to bounce back "a horse with a broken leg" has to be put down to put it out of its misery so we can get back to normal!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lies and more lies by the desperate opposition, and weak minds will succumb!

Add ImageDr Zambry: They are a bunch of liars somebody got to stop them!

I am talking about how an opposition newspaper Suara Keadilan, lied to the readers about Perak Mentri Besar Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir being denied entry into the United States by the US homeland security for suspected of being a terrorist and told to go back to Malaysia!! If indeed that happened as claimed by Suara Keadilan then please read the report below by Bernama:-


By Kamarul Ariffin Md Yasin

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 9 (NNN-BERNAMA) — The drive by the government of the northern Malaysian state of perak to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) is being focused on two main sectors — renewable energy and biotechnology — with the aim of directing its economic activity towards high technology, says Perak Chief Minister Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.

The state government was in discussion with several parties in the United States and the potential investors were being briefed on the advantages and facilities offered by Perak for foreign investors, he told journalists here following a meeting with representatives of Crosslink Capital, a venture capital company here Monday.

“We no longer want to depend on the traditional economic activities and want to move to new economic activities. We are also looking at making products not only for the Perak or the Malaysian market but for the South East Asian market which has a population of about 500 million people,” he added.

Zambry, who is on leading a state investment mission on a five-day visit to the US, said the meeting with Crosslink, a renowned venture capital company, had already brought in some investments into Malaysia, with discussions now moving into plans to bring investments in solar energy into the state via san Jose, california-based Twin Creeks Technologies Inc (TCTI).

“We have already reached the stage of memorandum of agreement (MoA) which we hope to be made into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) soon,” he said.

He said TCTI was also made aware of the state’s edge in terms of human capital and its abundant natural resources, especially forests.

“Our government is also carrying out the green technology campaign. This is the economic field of the future with the potential of generating the state’s economy which in the past depended on tin mining which no longer brings in much revenue,” he said.

Zambry said during the discussions, he had also explained the many benefits provided by Perak for potential investors.

Referring to the solar energy project, he said there were already such projects in Perak but they were small and concentrated in the interior areas especially in the villages of aborinal groups and now he wanted them to be expanded so that they could become alternative energy sources.

“That is why I have come to San Francisco to discuss solar energy as there are parties interested and many developed countries use this form of energy which brings down the cost of energy rather than when depending on a sole source,” he said. — NNN-BERNAM


I am glad Dr Zambry is suing the opposition newspaper for RM100 millions because someone from Umno has to do it to counter to lies spread by BABI and his gang of Keystone Cops led by Tian Chua..I was reported by the Malaysian Insider that Dr Zambry, and Umno man, cannot take these lies lying down anymore, kudos on him,. and Umno man, for having the chutzpah, or balls, to catch the bull by the horns and to destroy the more here if you want!

Friday, January 01, 2010

May the year 2010 be more prosperous and exciting and peaceful!

To everyone I wish for greater happiness and good fortune and may we all live in peace, I mean it!