Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unfounded and baseless accusations by a desperate man!

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim and his buddy Al Gore, the guy who came here once as a guest and insulted the host country in front of our previous PM!!

In fact it is Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) who has strong connection with the Jews...he is a board member and an adviser to a US-based Israeli organisation, Greenroad....and he should be charged for treason and for conduct unbecoming of a Malaysian politician...the word to describe such treachery committed by him is TRAITOR!

And he accused Datuk Tengku Sariffudin an Israeli spy?!

First he made a very serious baseless and an unfounded accusation that a Malaysian government-hired international communications consultancy APCO Worldwide had worked for the Israeli government before being hired by Malaysia.
Then when he started naming Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Razak's 's press secretary, Datuk Tengku Sariffudin Ahmad, and two other person, Omar Mustapha and Khairy Jamaluddin, as Israeli spies then I am convinced opposition leader Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) has truly outdone himself and that he has gone totally wacko and bonkers.
I cannot vouch in all certainty about the other two names mentioned by BABI, but I know Tengku Sariffuddin, and if he is indeed an Israeli spy then I am a Jesuit working for the Vatican.
He is Najib's loyalist and one of the few prime minister's men that I can readily discuss anything sensitive and secret to without having fear of being compromised.
But what we do know is that BABI is indeed the one who has a very strong Jewish/Zionist connection read here.
APCO in a press statement issued to Bernama, said: "The allegations repeated against APCO Worldwide this morning in the Malaysian Parliament are are false. APCO Worldwide is not working for the government of Israel. We did not devise the 1 Malaysia concept."
Frankly we are all tired of writing about an ex-convict who, in his mind, thought he almost made it to becoming a prime minister of Malaysia and later jailed for serious crime committed and now going around the world saying bad and nasty things about his country?! Frankly speaking I think he is a classic case of a man with a very serious psychological problem, what he needs is a good psychiatrist.
BABI reminds me of that character in a Hollywood movie Shutter Island, about a delusional policeman who cannot tell between reality and a delusion!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Once upon a time, a very beautiful woman was murdered........!

I don't believe our First Couple IS a murderer, but if you do that is your own mental problem!

I saw this comment in Rockybru (below) by an anonymous and I though I would re-publish with or without permission, and I thought when you read this you must use your God-given ability to think, to really think!

"Once upon a time, a very beautiful woman was murdered and since then PM has been implicated to her death.

But does everyone stop to think that, this is not the case. Let me just share my version of the story...While Pak Lah was still the PM, there were many who had anticipated that the next person in line would be PM ( My comment: I presume he meant Najib. )

There was this particular group of people who knew PM must be overthrown in order to take over the country. So, the plan was set in motion. The ploy was simple, to disgrace PM and his wife. So, they tracked Najib every moves, possibly looking for ways to topple him before he even made it to the PM position.

Until one day, they found out about Altantuya (My comment: Altantuya, who knew Razak Baginda, whom everybody also knows he is/was a friend of Najib) and this would be a perfect bait to incriminate PM. And so, Altantuya was lured to Malaysia, killed, and this group of people made sure that PM would be linked to her."

So that is how the anonymous commented in Rockybru that I used without permission! Just think about it!

If you are a true muslim then you too, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, should ask for forgiveness!

Zulkifli Noordin, an MP with a conscience!

Finally someone with a clear conscience is letting the cat out of the bag when he revealed that someone, a "third party", had wanted to pay him an exorbitant sum of money that can "shake his faith" to say that Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak and his wife Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor, were involved in a murder of a foreign national. Well, well!
Kulim Bandar Baru member of parliament, Zulkifli Noordin, told reporters at parliament that he would seek an appointment to see Najib to apologise, read here, for the proposed slander, in which, he said a fellow Muslim should not do unto other fellow Muslim, or to anybody. Read more here if you wish!
I was watching Malaysiakini u-tube on Zulkifli when he gave a press conference and his body language and facial expression showed me he was telling the truth. The best give away, as one psychologist friend told me, was when a person's eyebrows that would goes up and down if he was lying. That would bring to my attention of a CERTAIN leader of the opposition's eyebrows would go up and down when he speaks.
On the same note I would suggest that Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim should also seek an appointment to see Najib and beg for his forgiveness, that is if he is a true Muslim! Which I doubt very much. If he is, he should have made a confession at a mosque or on the Holy Koran that he was not involved in any reviled act such as sodomy or even murder! (For the record Najib did swear on the Holy Koran that he was never involved in any murder)
As the saying goes that " truth will prevail" I believe more will now come out vindicating our prime minister, and his wife, from being involved in any more despicable acts or lies and from unfounded accusations.

P/S. Unlike those who have probably been paid millions of ringgit and bought over to write frivolous and vicious and untrue statutory declarations to frame Najib, and his wife, in a murder, well it is refreshing to know there are still many like Zulkifli that cannot be bought with money!

My take is, what if Altantuya Shaaribu's murder was planned and executed by SOMEONE who will do anything to become prime minister of the country at all cost?! By someone who has no conscience and desperate enough to do so? Well I bet you people whose minds that have been brainwashed by this desperate person is not capable of thinking this way!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Astro Awani needs to clean up its act or else......!

Astro Awani is creating a perception that Pakatan Rakyat's crossover made by Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim as a sham. It appears for the last 48 hrs the ticker continuously projecting Ku Li as saying and alleging Zahrain lied by saying he was one of the MPs joining Pakatan Rakyat. Instead Astro Awani should be exposing Anwar Ibrahim not trying to paint Zahrain as a liar.
The onus is on Anwar to prove he is not lying and not Zahrain. Zahrain may be telling the truth, and Astro Awani should get its act together or someone there has to answer to the fu*k up journalism it is practising.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Both Christian Science Monitor and The Economist wrote favourably of Najib's administration!

Eat your heart out Anwar, Najib is not all that bad after all!

And both Christian Science Moinitor (CSM) and The Economist article have indirectly admonished Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's for being a rabble rousing and bitter politician using tactics best described as counter productive to peace and stability.
Both have indirectly acknowledged that Anwar's obsession with trying to be a prime minister and along the way disrupt multi-racial Malaysia, as frivolous and dangerous

The myth of Anwar controlling the western media and having strong political connections, namely in the West, has been beautifully busted. His attempt to derail a closed-door seminar in Washington recently in which Malaysian politicians had a chance to meet with about 50 American decision makers to discuss bilateral issues, failed.

He even tried to used his paid American spin-doctor including a former American diplomat once served Malaysia, to blatantly disregard American freedom of expression by disrupting that meeting. For the record the organiser of that meeting, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), told Anwar's cohort "no can do (read fuck off)! This is America".

Another blow came to crack the myth of Anwar's political invincibility was when two very influential western media organisation -- the CSM and The Economist read here and here-- wrote quite favourably of Najib Tun Razak's administration.

So it is fair to say that the Western media is not as gullible as Anwar would like to think. For like they say you can only fool some people some of the time, eh!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rosmah just like to sing there is nothing wrong with that!

Yes she CAN sing, including Mandarin songs!

Below is what I 'd term as a sad journalistic commentary about how everything - read non-issue- is desperately being turned into an "issue" hoping its readers, I am referring to Malaysiakini, taking real material and making feeble attempts to discredit the ruling party under Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak.

Malaysiakini, make no mistake for come the general elections I believe the Malaysian-Chinese community votes will see Barisan Nasional (BN) be given a two-thirds or more majority for average Malaysian -Chinese, Malays or Indians and others - are just fed-up of constantly having their common sense insulted by the ilk of Anwar Ibrahim and his band of desperate followers.

The fact that Rosmah and their son Mohd Ashman were singing Mandarin songs had nothing to do with fishing for Chinese votes, and this is a good example of how an opposition website, probably funded by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, insults the Malaysian-Chinese community implying that the fact that the prime minister's wife and son were singing Mandarin songs can turn the Chinese votes to the BN?

Malaysiakini! It only shows Rosmah can sing Chinese songs and any other songs, that is all, and plus the fact that the wife of out prime minister can actually sing! No more no less, morons!

Below is what Malaysiakini's column VOX POPULI can come out with in the website by insulting the intelligence of average Malaysians as a whole:

vox populi big thumbnail'The PM has turned to his family to help woo the Chinese back. Desperate times calls for desperate measures but getting his family to do a 'Sound of Music' number is pathetic.' Rosmah and son serenade Chinese business do Doc: Times are really bad for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. He needs the Chinese votes more then ever in view of the dissipating Indian and Malay voters if he and BN are to scrape through the next general elections. MCA's never-ending squabbles and Umno's ultra-Malay stance have alienated the Chinese from BN. Getting no support from MCA and even his Umno party, he has turned to his family to help woo the Chinese back. Desperate times calls for desperate measures but getting his family to do a 'Sound of Music' number is pathetic. Teh: Someone should tell Norashman that this song has already been taken up by PAS. The 'Moon Represents My Heart' is actually the PAS moon symbol and not Umno's 'keris'. Najib and Rosmah Mansor should try singing some other song. Be more creative and innovative. Don't just copy other people's ideas. By the way the Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCIM) and MCA do not represent the Chinese community comprising the hawkers, the factory workers and other ordinary citizens whose votes will matter most to Umno. So pandering to them is barking at the wrong tree (or moon in this case). Foo Wy Len: Ma'am and Junior, a nice try and I thank you for trying but what about Umno's 'Ketuanan Melayu' and the ranting by Perkasa and its ilk?

You may sing the same song 1,000 times or 1,000 other Mandarin songs but one thing for certain - MCA and ACCIM may represent themselves but definitely not the ordinary/simple Chinese like me who just want to be treated as a Malaysian and have a better tomorrow for my children. There must be more Chinese like me than all the Chinese in MCA/ACCIM/Gerakan/Supp combined. Gk: Najib is still living in a denial mode when he says 'The Chinese community needs your (I presume MCA and Gerakan's) leadership'. The fact is that the Chinese community has already abandoned the whole of the BN and not just MCA and Gerakan. All right-thinking Malaysians irrespective of our colour and beliefs are favouring fair play, natural justice for all, meritocracy, institutions of integrity with the high morals and diversity that we find in Pakatan Rakyat. As long as you choose to stick to your idea of Malay supremacy and supporting the racist Perkasa, your propaganda of a '1Malaysia' alone will not be able to win you back support from right-thinking Malaysians. Sedarlah kamu dari keangkuhan. Yang kami idamkan dari Umno and BN ialah apa yang dapat kami cari pada Pakatan Rakyat. Kalau anda dapat membuat demikian, alangkah lebih bagus bagi rakyat? Rakyat ada lebih pilihan, bukan setakat Pakatan Rakyat saja. Insaflah kamu.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Australian High Commission only responded to Makkal Sakti?

Penny Williams

The Star reported: "Shah Alam: The Australian government does not intend to prejudge the legal proceedings in the sodomy trial involving Parti Keadilan Rakyat advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia Penny Williams said.........Williams was responding to a memorandum submitted by Makkal Sakti to the Australian Embassy on Feb 17 to protest against the call made by more than 50 Australian lawmakers urging Malaysia to drop the charge against Anwar."

Good news from our Asian neighbour Australia about not interfering with our business. My question is why did Penny Williams responded with an explanation only to Makkal Sakti? My other question is did Williams also responded to memos submitted by the Umno Youth movement and the National Alloiance of Bloggers (All-Blogs)? If not, why? Is she snubbing these other two organisations? If she did reply to them, then I apologise! If not we would like an answer!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Brother Anwar Bin can lie most of the time ....but!

Suave and articulate Nazri Aziz manage to get the message across to the Americans!

Ernest Bower, CSIS's Senior Adviser and Director South East Asia Program.

It does not matter where you are nowadays, Uruguay, Chile or the USA, news on anything will reach you in such a jiffy that anything happening in this world will and can inform you in relatively real time.

Immediately after a seminar organised by the Center or International and International Studies (CSIS) titled “On Governance & Rule of Law in Malaysia & Malaysian Legislative Initiatives”, held in Washington DC, the United States on 24th February, 2010, I received an e-mail summary of the conference and I pretty much understood the ramifications of the respectable CSIS sponsored seminar attended by Malaysian politicians from both the opposition and the ruling parties members of parliament.

The communication I received via e-mail stated that the conference, chaired by a respectable no-nonsense CSIS’ Southeast Asian studies director Ernest Bower, was a meeting described as a window of opportunity for at least 50 influential Americans to hear information on Malaysia’s legal reform programs, the Rule of Law in Malaysia and on how the Malaysian government is combating corruption and graft, and the method used to counter this scourge.

Unfortunately for me, I noticed a name that leaves a bad taste in my mouth; the name is Malott, John Malott. He was one cantankerous and one of the most un-diplomatic US Ambassador to Malaysia, under the Bill Clinton administration, tha I have ever met. I had the misfortune to attend one of his press conferences at the US Embassy in which he lambasted the Malaysian government under Tun Mahathir without compunction.

He accused the Mahathir administration of trying to victimize former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and also claimed a “Malaysian citizen “ sent a bomb threats to the US Embassy, to which I asked: “How did you know that they were Malaysian, sir?” To which he replied: “By his accent.” And I said: “You are kidding me right, because anybody can fake an accent!” and to which he relented by saying “I supposed you are right….” Malott was so anti-Malaysia I was wondering why he was even an ambassador to Malaysia with his belligerent stance and all.

On February 24th 2010, in Washington DC this moron was at it again defending a man who was charged with sodomy that has nothing to do with the government. I was told a Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz handled the event impressively and did not lose his head with irrelevant questions about the issue of the word “Allah” by Catholics, and comparisons between Anwar Ibrahim and Ang Sang Syu Kyi?? No sir there is no any comparison to be made.

Anwar Ibrahim is being charged with sodomy, a charge brought about by another private citizen and thus the due process of the law has to take over. If it didn’t, that would be corrupt. Syu Kyi IS a political prisoner in her own country! Apart from Malott, other hostile questions also came from representatives of Amnesty International, but Nazri took them on with a stride and finesse.

An example of Nazri’s responses to hostile questions was when he stated the fact of the matter in Anwar’s case was no one from the government was looking forward to it, or desired or needed to prosecute his case was in response to a complaint brought by a victim, thus setting into motion a process that had to be respected.

In answering on the “Allah” issue, Nazri described the background history of the Malays and their relationship with Islam and logically brought the argument forward to the current insistence of the Catholics use of the word Allah in its newsletter, and the reasons for the government’s appeal on the usage of the word. I was also told that a Malaysiakini reporter was at the meeting and took photographs and then was told the conference was off the record, but the story came out in another news portal namely Malaysia Today.

The Malaysian Ambassador to the US Datuk Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis also took the opportunity to say that the conference was a fantastic opportunity for the American audience to hear Malaysian officials’ point of view, for far too long many have heard half truths or lies told about Malaysia. It was also mentioned that the seminar was a testament to the fact of strong bilateral relations between the US and Malaysia, that have been in existence in recent history, and no lies and misinformation can change that fact.

I was informed that there were no rebuttals or criticisms from the presentation made by Nazi, except one participant asked whether the Malaysian government would prosecute UMNO leaders for corruption; however the MACC commissioner furnished the participant with numbers of UMNO related prosecutions in 2009, the enquirer was stumped by the figures.

On the sidelines and prior to the conference, Malott wanted to have the event cancelled arguing the representatives of the government weren’t legitimate, but was shot down by CSIS as improper for they concluded that Americans have the right to be exposed to alternative views from Malaysia, and not just from the opposition.

It was widely believed that attempt to cancel the event was the result of a request from the “leader of the opposition”, which fears that Washington policy makers should not to be directly exposed to alternative views, or THE real view borne out by those from the Malaysian government officials.

It was also agreed that continuing high-level government officials meetings such as this one must be made more frequent between the two countries in order to reduce unnecessary misunderstanding.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Melayu, beware of the Lim Dynasty!

It happened down south across the causeway and it can happen here if we allow it!

If the Malays under the influence of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) still cannot see where their evil leader is planning to take them and the country to, I will say they deserve to get what we will get especially for the future of the Malays in this country.

BABI has helped to establish that initial step to secure a Chinese chauvinist dynasty in Penang , by supporting Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng. (As how PAP tricked, connived, and basically duped many Malay leaders in Singapore to vote for the PAP, ergo a Chinese dynasty there).

Both of these chauvinist DAP leaders from Penang employed the same tactic to dupe, connive, and trick the not-so-bright leader of this de facto opposition leader, to ask for the Malay support for the opposition during the last general elections. Today many opposition leaders have quit to go back to the right path, the right thing for them to do.

Now many Malay political leaders from all parities are suddenly being hit by the reality of DAP's dirty chauvinist and dangerous political game that they are retreating and realising that they (the Malay leaders) have been made use of by the DAP/PAP old tricks. The question is when do we, the Malays, learn?!

I know I will get a lot of equally chauvinist comments especially from people from a very special nondescript building somewhere in Singapore whose job is mainly to act as agent provocateur via the cyberspace.

They will sign their comments by a simple and benign signature such as "Pak Ali" or "Disgruntled Malay" but in real effect they are very, very scary non-Malay people who are acting on behalf of their masters who are focus on disrupting the multi-racial concept of Malaysia, and hopefully one day Malaysia will not just be a hinterland for this little red-dot down south but part and parcel of it. But only if the Malays up here are still open to being duped and tricked and connived!