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Johns Hopkins' School of Advanced Terror..Anwar Ibrahim is one of the graduates!

Ilan Weinglass


by Ilan Weinglass

Johns Hopkins University is demonstrating a disturbing pattern of awarding fellowships to Islamists with an avowedly anti-Western agenda. Mustafa El Khalfi, the Moroccan Islamist who was recently awarded a fellowship[1] at the university's School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), is not the first. In March of 2005, SAIS granted a visiting fellowship to Anwar Ibrahim, a terror-supporting Malaysian Islamist whose Virginia-based organization apparently committed tax fraud in his benefit.

On March 30, 2005, SAIS announced[2] that Ibrahim, the former deputy prime minister of Malaysia, was joining the university's Foreign Policy Institute, as a visiting scholar. Ibrahim was to "present seminars[3] on contemporary Southeast Asian politics, economic reform, Islam and democracy... [and] join in SAIS activities." The announcement by SAIS said that Ibrahim would also be working on "a project examining democratization in the Muslim world." While SAIS described him "as a strong advocate for civil society, economic liberalization, moderate Islam and democratic governance," publicly available evidence shows the opposite. A quick glance at his website[4] reveals a prominently featured photo of Ibrahim together with Yusuf Qaradawi, a leading Islamist scholar who is associated[5] with the Muslim Brotherhood and supports HAMAS, and who recently issued a fatwa calling for the Islamic conquest of Europe.[6]

Anwar Ibrahim is a founder[7] and director of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT),[8] a think tank in Virginia that has alleged links to terrorism. IIIT's 2003 tax-exempt IRS filing[9] lists a $720 donation to the al-Haramain Islamic Foundation of Ashland, Oregon, which was designated[10] as a terrorist funding organization by the U.S. government in 2004. Among the Treasury Department's findings were that the Oregon branch of al-Haramain engaged in tax fraud, money laundering, supporting Chechen mujahideen affiliated with al Qaeda, and had "direct links between the U.S. branch and Usama bin Laden." In fact, many of al-Haramain's offices around the world were closed for supporting terrorism.

There is more evidence of IIIT's links to terrorism. A few examples: according to court documents[11], in the early 1990s IIIT donated at least $50,000 to a think tank run by Sami al-Arian, the World Islamic and Study Enterprise (WISE), that served as a front group for Palestinian Islamic Jihad. IIIT is also named as a defendant in two class-action lawsuits brought by victims of the 9/11 attacks. One alleges[12] that IIIT received the bulk of its operating expenses from the SAAR network,[13] whose component groups are accused in another class-action suit[14] of being "fronts for the sponsor of al Qaeda and international terror." The same suit lists IIIT as well as every officer of IIIT besides Anwar Ibrahim as a supporter of the SAAR network. This public information was available to SAIS, yet the school extended a fellowship to Ibrahim.

Ibrahim, along with three other IIIT directors, is also a trustee[15] of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY). According to congressional testimony[16] of testimony of Jonathan Winer, former Deputy Secretary of State for International Law Enforcement, in October 2002 WAMY made Hamas leader Khalid Mishal an "honored guest" at a conference held in Riyadh. A Saudi opposition group reports[17] that WAMY disseminates literature encouraging "religious hatred and violence against Jews, Christians, Shi'a and Ashaari Muslims." Evidently, as a trustee of this group, Anwar Ibrahim is far from advocating moderate Islam.

Ibrahim and his family were also the beneficiaries of an apparent tax fraud perpetrated by IIIT. The same tax filings showing a donation to the al-Haramian foundation show $92,200 in contributions to Ibrahim's daughter, Nurul Izzah. IIIT violated U.S. law when it wrote "none" under "Donee's relationship" when listing donations to Ibrahim's daughter. The group would have lost its tax-exempt status had it been known that it was sending money to the family member of a director. Ibrahim never disavowed this act when given the chance and even stated explicitly[18] that these contributions were made for the education of his six children.

Moreover, the International Free Anwar Campaign (IFAC), which was established when Ibrahim was in a Malaysian prison, has some apparent links to al Qaeda. Rahim Ghouse,[19] who was an IFAC leader based out of Melbourne, Australia, had business dealings with Yassin al-Qadi, who is on the Treasury Department's list of Specially Designated Terrorists for funding al Qaeda. While this alone is not conclusive, it should have raised a red flag. Instead, SAIS assigned Ibrahim to "counsel students[20] who wish to learn more about Southeast Asia and the Muslim world."

Perhaps most importantly, Ibrahim never disavowed IIIT's support of terrorism. On the contrary: in an October 25, 2003 response[21] to the broadcasting of terror-supporting charges against IIIT on Australian television, he effusively praised the organization and said that charges against it were politically motivated.

SAIS also recently announced a fellowship, funded by W.W. Norton & Company, for students with the "firm intention to pursue a career that promotes international understanding between the United States and other countries and works toward the goal of preventing terrorism." In light of fellowships granted to Mustafa El Khalfi and Anwar Ibrahim, it seems that SAIS, is doing the exact opposite.

SAIS, however, recently lost Ibrahim to the newly renamed Prince Alwaleed bin Talal[22] Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, at Georgetown University, where he lectures "on several topics."[23] It is ironic that this trustee of WAMY, which supports HAMAS and has been implicated[24] in funding al Qaeda and other Islamist organizations, has been assigned to teach Georgetown students "modernity in Islam, [and] interfaith understanding."


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Ilan Weinglass is a fellow at the American Center for Democracy and a business intelligence analyst in the private sector. He graduated from SAIS in 2005.

This article appeared in Front Page Magazine (, January 12, 2006.

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And now actress Noa Tishby also condemns Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim for being anti-Semitic!

Noa Tishby

Famous Israeli-Hollywood starlet Noa Tishby condemns Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim(BABI) in her blog for here..of course she said Israeli or the Jews do not control the world and quoted BABI as saying the man is anti-Semitic! Does this mean Hollywood will soon follow suit in condemning this despicable leader of the Malaysian opposition party as an untrusworthy AND a hypocrite and a dangerous person to be made friend of by anyone?!

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The end of an affection, Anwar Ibrahim's anti-Semitism alienates Americans.....!

Bye Bye! Babi!

By Joshua Trevino of Washington Times

America's allies in the Islamic world are too few, and of those few, even fewer are anything like friends. So when one of them attacks America as part of a long-standing anti-Semitic campaign, it's time to ask whether he was ever an ally - and still less a friend.

That's the situation in which U.S. policymakers find themselves with the chief of Malaysia's political opposition, Anwar Ibrahim. Once a favorite of American leaders of all ideological stripes, he earned plaudits over the past decade from eminences ranging from Al Gore to Condoleezza Rice to Amnesty International as an idealized democrat in the Islamic world. In this, his persecution at the hands of former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad - a genuinely malign figure who saw Mr. Ibrahim as a political rival - and a gift for engaging Western media were of tremendous help.

In the past two years, though, another side of Mr. Ibrahim has come to the fore. His use of anti-Semitic rhetoric in Malaysian politics has earned him a censure from B'nai B'rith, which on May 25 urged U.S. officials to cease contact with him. He also is notably one of the few Muslim politicians of global stature to use Israel's seizure of the Gaza-bound flotilla six weeks ago as a platform for attacking the United States.

The fate of that flotilla produced a sadly predictable outpouring of worldwide condemnation of the Jewish state. But allowing for the general outrage in the Muslim world, it's notable that among America's closest partners in the Middle East, the heads of state and major political leaders generally restricted themselves to statements of disapproval. (Turkey is the exception that proves the rule.) The kings of Jordan and Saudi Arabia, to pick just two examples, had strong words for Israel - but few expect lasting policy repercussions from either country.

Malaysia was no exception. Like every other majority-Islamic nation (though, unlike most, it boasts substantial and active religious minorities) it condemned Israel in resounding terms before the captured vessels made port in Ashdod, Israel.

Prime Minister Najib Razak - the man whom Mr. Ibrahim hopes to overthrow and replace - even hosted a reception for the dozen Malaysians who took part in the flotilla, at which he denounced Israeli action as "an impudent act of aggression and terrorism ... an act of cold-blooded murder committed by commandos on an order from the Tel Aviv regime."

This is strong stuff, and not a credit to its speaker. But without excusing it in the slightest, Americans may well note that it places Mr. Razak alongside every other Islamic leader in the world. Furthermore, Mr. Razak has also come under fire domestically for his cooperative stance toward the United States, particularly in the war on terror.

Following his meeting with President Obama at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington last April, Mr. Razak took two major steps toward a pro-American Malaysian foreign policy. He announced a willingness to have Malaysia contribute to "capacity building" in Afghanistan.

He furthermore directed the Malaysian national oil company, Petronas, to halt shipments of refined-petroleum products to Iran pending resolution of that country's nuclear crisis. (From a purely Israeli standpoint, this action against an actual existential threat arguably offsets and supersedes harsh rhetoric.)

The contrast with Mr. Ibrahim could not be greater. Where Mr. Razak denounced Israel, Mr. Ibrahim attacked Jews per se with all the tropes of classic anti-Semitism - and he attacked America as well.

Even before the flotilla incident, Mr. Ibrahim was seeking electoral advantage through demagoguery over what Europeans might uncomfortably recognize as "the Jewish question."

As early as 2008, with elections then looming, he stated in an interview with IslamOnline, "I have evidence proving that the government is backing the Jewish lobby in the U.S. and some parties inside Israel."

More recently, having seized upon the prime minister's hire of an American public-relations firm with interests in Israel, Mr. Ibrahim spent much of the spring alleging Jewish penetration and control of Malaysia's government and security services. At one point, his personal Twitter feed declared that there are "Israeli intelligence personnel in the Police IT unit.

" When Mr. Razak announced Malaysia's petroleum cutoff to the Iranian mullahs, Mr. Ibrahim told the Malaysian parliament that it was proof of "how weak we are" that Jewish interests could control Malaysian policy thus.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Mr. Ibrahim's major partner in Malaysia's opposition coalition is an Islamist party best known in the West for soliciting volunteers to defend the Taliban from America after Sept. 11, 2001.

With this background, it's no surprise that the likes of B'nai B'rith declared Mr. Ibrahim persona non grata for U.S. policymakers. It's also no surprise that after the Gaza flotilla, Mr. Ibrahim was found leading a chanting mob of thousands before the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur on June 4.

He declared, "Israelis are able to continue with their aggression because of the soft position taken by the [American] president." Three days later, in the Malaysian Parliament, he said, "Israel wouldn't dare to attack the flotilla and set up blockades in Gaza without the support of America."

Anti-Israel sentiment becomes anti-Semitic sentiment becomes anti-American sentiment: It's a depressingly familiar formula in the Muslim world, and one Americans need not tolerate. On June 7, the Wall Street Journal's editors wrote that "it's disappointing to see [Mr. Ibrahim] jump on the anti-Israel populist bandwagon." Disappointing, yes - but if you've been watching Mr. Ibrahim lately, not surprising.

The sad fact is that if Anwar Ibrahim once commanded the respect of Americans as a friend and potential ally, that day is gone. A decade ago, reasoned and informed Western opinion believed him a harbinger of enlightened and tolerant Muslim democracy. Now he is just another Islamic-world peddler of Jew-baiting and anti-Americanism. Both America and the Islamic world, and certainly Malaysia, deserve better.

Joshua Trevino is a longtime observer of Malaysian affairs and runs Trevino Strategies and Media. He served as a speechwriter in President George W. Bush's Department of Health and Human Services from 2001-2004.
© Copyright 2010 The Washington Times, LLC.

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Anwar Ibrahim and the Bush Neo-cons......Washington DC NGO bares some awkward questions for Malaysia's opposition leader!

Anwar Ibrahim and his Jewish-Zionist master Paul Wolfowitz!, between them they probably absconded with millions of dollars of FFF fund!

If Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is an American politician he will most certainly subscribed to the extreme right-wing most politic of the Republican party political spectrum.

He fits in well with George Bush, Dick Cheney, Wolfowitz, Condoleeza Rice and other right winger fascist members of these neo-conservative, which I believe to be one of the most scary and evil capitalist I have ever been made aware of.

For our purpose let us just concentrate on one of the most despicable Malaysian politician I have ever know, who will do anything, literally anything, to be the country's prime minister, even by betraying and forsaking the country of his birth.

He almost sold Malaysia to the World Bank and to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) during one of Malaysia's darkest hour, during the Asian financial crisis in 1997.
For that I am glad the country was saved by the nationalistic economic and financial policy of the then prime minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Thank you Tun!

His involvement with the American Republican neo-conservatism is well illustrated by virtue of his close relationship with Paul Wolfowitz, the former president of the World Bank, and it is well recorded. Wolfowitz was also responsible in making this man a president of a thinly veiled "CIA operation", in a form of an NGO calling itself Foundation for the Future (FFF).

Today, FFF is being investigate for its financial irregularity and this man is also named in this investigation. Please more here.

Who is this man?! He is none other that our home grown traitor to the country Anwar Ibrahim! A man who made no qualm about lying. He has cheated Malaysians, tricking Malaysians into believing he is in fact a good man, a good religious man and a good family man and a natural born great leader, a great baloney of course!

The fact of the matter is he only loves himself and his habitual despicable habit that he grew to like since graduating from a prestigious Malay College Kuala Kangsar.

Finally all thinking Malaysians must make an effort to find out more about this man who is about to wreck our country once again by creating despicable havoc and spreading lies and mayhem, dividing the country and people! For his crime now our government must have a strong resolve to take away his passport and arrest him and take away his titles and then charge him for being a traitor and for betraying his country of birth!

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He put his foot in his mouth big time so he had to apologise to his Zionist friends?!

Reproduced below without permission from this blogger, such an interesting write up and so refreshing to know to whom and to what group in the US did chameleon Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim seeks for forgiveness over his anti-Semitic remarks:

By Shukor Idrose

A New York blogger, Elaine Meinel Supkis wrote that CIA and Mossad want Anwar Ibrahim assassinated. Sounds like a movie? Think again.

Anwar has been groomed by the west to become the next puppet leader of Malaysia. Anwar was ‘designed’ to be not only a leader of Malaysia but also an influential figure in the South East Asia.

It may be news to some that Anwar is suspected to be an agent of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of America. But, for those who have been digging and reading Anwar’s background since his fall in 1998, the suspicion is really nothing new.

The thought of a ‘real-life’ CIA agent in Malaysia may seem very fiction-like, almost a wild imagination. When we mention CIA, almost automatically a character like Jason Bourne would come into the picture.

For those who are not familiar with American spy movies, would almost immediately brushed off the idea of real-life CIA agents all over the world doing spying jobs for America. A friend of mine once said that I just have a too high an imagination when I explain the modus operandi of the CIA and how our own people could be one of the agents.

I told her that imagination is the reason why America rules the world, and not us.

In the simplest words for people who aren’t very keen of spy movies, allow me to explain that Anwar’s link to CIA may not be the kind of link that ‘Jason Bourne’ may have. CIA agents don’t really need to be a real spy. They could be in the form of informers who merely inform everything that happens or puppets who would do anything for the benefit of their masters (America/Jews).

His recent apology tour raised more suspicion as Anwar’s connections with organizations which are under strong or direct influence of Zionists becomes more apparent:


20 June: Arrival at JFK Airport New York

21 June: 3.00 pm: Meeting with Malcolm Hoenlein at Third Avenue New York.
Who is Hoenlein?
1. Deputy Executive Chairman of Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
2. Executive Director of Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater New York

22 June: Light lunch Meeting with Bret Stephens, Wall Steet Journa at Avenue of the Americas, 47/48th Street.
Who is Stephens?
1. A pro-Israel Jewish columnist.
2. An ex-Editor in Chief for Jurusalem Post in 2002 – 2004.

3.00 pm: Interview with Farid Zakaria at CNN Office, Time Warner on 58th Street.
Who is Zakaria?
1. A muslim reporter married to a Jewish woman

7.00 pm: York Forum “In Pursuit of a New Economic Paradigm”.

23 June: 11.00 am: Meeting with Carl Gershman in DC
Who Is Gershman?
1. A Jew
2. President of National Endowment for Democracy (NED) since 1984. NED is a CIA sponsored organization set up to promote ‘democracy’ to the world.
Gershman is known to be in close relation with Neo-Conservative leaders such as Richard Perle, Frank Gaffney, dan Elliott Abrams. During the Bush administration, Gershman was known to support Doctrin Bush to force democracy in the Middle East especially by promoting liberal reformation ideas, freedom and containing Islamization influence as it is seen as anti-democracy.

2.00 pm: Apology meeting with Howard Berman in Rayburn House of Office Building.
Who is Berman?
1. One of the most influential figure in the US’s foreign relation through Brooking Institute, a pro-Jewish organization which also acts as Anwar’s lobbyist. A close friend and lobbyist for Israel in the US.
2. Born in Israel and a supporter of Likud Party of Israel under Ariel Sharon.
3. Often seen at events organized by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), a pro-Israel Lobbyist and contributor for America’s election campaigns.

3.30 pm: Meeting with America’s Defence Secretary, William Cohen, a Jew at Daniel Piper’s office.
Who is Cohen?
1. a Pro-Zionist
2. An Obama’s advisor
3. Anwar’s Godfather who is responsible to build Anwar’s image while he was the Deputy PM and after his release from jail.

4.30 pm: Apology Meeting with Danel Mariashchin
Who is Mariashchin?
1. An Executive Vice President of B’nai Birth International, a Zionist’s organization which on the last 25th May had criticized Anwar for making anti-semitic’s statements.

6:30 pm: Meeting with Dr Jamal Barzinji and Yakub Mirza in Sterling, Virginia.
Who are they?
1. Member of Institute of International Islamic Thought (IIIT) founded by Prof. Ismail Faruqi but was ‘penetrated’ and funded by CIA. IIIT is one of Anwar’s lobbyist in America.

11.00 pm: Meeting with Muslim Leaders in Washington.

24 June 11.00 am: Meeting with Fred Hiatt of Washington Post
Who is Hiatt?
1. A Washington Post reporter. The Washington Post is owned by a Jewish family, Katherine Graham. Hiat was once a moderator in a conference organized by Foreign Policy Initiative, a Neo-Conservative’s think tank.
2. A pro-zionist reporter who once suggested and lobbied for the attack on Iran.

2.00 pm: Discussion on Islam and Democrcy in Southeast Asia at Wilson Center, Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Pennsylvania Ave. near the White House.

5.30 pm: Meeting (lobbying) with Kurt Campbell, Assistant Secretary of East Asia Relations, US State Department.

AFP then reported that Anwar told Obama to be careful with Najib. Anwar stressed that he is more pro-America than Najib is.

Who is Campbell?
1. A member of Council of Foreign Relations where Anwar was involved in the signing of Annapolis Summit which declared the state of Israel.

Anwar was also arranged by Kazi Ahmad to meet with Chuck Allers, a PhD researcher and the medias namely, Fox News, Bloomberg and Charlie Rose.

9.00 pm Depart from Washington via Qatar Airways.

The itinerary shows that Anwar’s involvement with the Zionists are serious and Anwar may be having a hard time convincing them that he really is a loyal puppet and never in his life an anti-semitic. Anwar’s desperation is obvious when he had to pay the CNN to grant him an interview in order to ‘clear’ his name in the US, as exposed by President of Trevino Strategies and Media Inc., Joshua Trevino.

But I guess, a spy movie is not a good movie unless there’s a twist here and there.

We have reasons to be worried with the word assassination used by the blogger and with Wolfowitz’s words when he came to Anwar’s defence, saying that Anwar’s life, physically and politically is in danger. The blogger warned that Anwar is under threat of being assassinated by the Mossad and CIA, but Wolfowitz's words almost suggested that Anwar’s life maybe under threat by the Malaysian government.

May I remind our government, especially our PM to catch up with the imagination of the CIA and be prepared for any twists and turns in their plans.

Again, this may sound like a movie but movies are made from imagination and imagination is what makes things happen.

The Hollywood spy movies show us how spies are recruited and how puppet leaders are selected all over the world and how they are eliminated when they are no longer needed, but we failed to see that it is all true. We failed because we have such limited imagination. We looked at all the hi-tech gadgets in the movies in awe but that’s just it. We thought of them as only exist in movies or may not even have any thought about them at all.

Remember how our people who were caught by the Zionists while on aid-mission to Gaza on Mavi Marmara? Remember how the activists were surprised that the Zionists knew in detail the background of each and everybody on board? Even if you are not a big reader of Zionism but if you are a spy movie fan, you would not be surprised at all at the level of intelligence and information that the Zionists are able to access.

For the Jews or the Americans, nothing is impossible, a characteristic that we don’t really have much thought about. This is why we are thousands of steps behind the Jews whom the Quran had long warned us about. For the Quran had also reminded us that the most important thing in life is to read and to learn from the universe. The Jews did just that and that is why they are the Khalifahs of the world, (admit it or not), and not us Muslims.

Whatever it is, what is more important now is that if this agent thing is true, then Anwar could not be the only agent in Malaysia. The only way to expose these enemies is to think like them. Therefore, never hesitate to use imagination in order to expose the highest CIA conspiracy of all time.

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A Tale of Two Anwars.....Or from a moderate to a terrorist?

The top picture is of Anwar al Awlaki

This is a story of another Anwar, to be specific Anwar al Awlaki. He is an American-born in New Mexico of a Yemeni descent. Read more here.
He was a popular Muslim cleric who preaches moderation in Islam, then one day he disappeared and suddenly a video clips of him preaching to a bunch of fanatical Taliban that all American soldiers and Jews must be killed, appeared.
A bit extreme in his views, initially the American administration thought he was a moderate Muslim that can help the war on terror, then he did a 360 degree turn.
He started his jingoistic Jewish bashing by first saying the Jews are the cause of everything.
Just like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, whom the US State Department considered as a moderate Muslim, Anwar al Awlaki now has a price on his head dead or alive.
I guess American has to be very careful when making friend with a Muslim figure such as the Anwars. Guess what! Sources (I trust my source) told me they know each other!

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CNN, bad journalism, and Anwar’s apology tour.

Below is a news article which appear on an influential US online news portal The New Ledger written by Joshua Trevino on Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's (BABI) apology on CNN on his Jew-bashing. According to The New Ledger, CNN was so tame in questioning BABI's anti- Semitic rhetoric that it was almost as though CNN also subscribe to BABI's anti-semiticism stance, read the real article here if you wish!
by Joshua TreviƱo

Following up on my piece a few days back on Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim, CNN International’s Connect the World program featured Anwar this past Friday. The interview, apparently taped as part of his U.S. apology tour for whipping up anti-Semitism back home, nicely encapsulates everything that’s wrong with Western media coverage of Anwar — and indeed, of problems in journalism at large. This much softball usually involves 18 women, underhand pitching, and the NCAA.

The clip in question is embedded here. Keep in mind, as you watch this, that the entire reason Anwar Ibrahim is making this media appearance is that he’s spent all of 2010 attacking Jews. Count the number of times CNN mentions this, that right: zero. The interview in its entirety mentioned the major news about Anwar Ibrahim exactly zero times.

I’ll be blunt: this is what a good rolling of a major media outlet looks like. Whomever Anwar has hired to do his U.S. public relations clearly has solid media contacts, particularly in CNN proper. The charade doesn’t just extend to omitting Anwar’s excursion into Jew-baiting — it permeates the entire piece, from the narrator declaring that the politician “Fight[s] on no matter what the odds,” to a narrow focus on the martyr-narrative surrounding his sodomy trials, to ludicrous revisionism on the 2008 Malaysian elections. On the latter, CNN’s narrator intones, “Most believed Ibrahim’s political career was over, but in the 2008 elections, he led Malaysian opposition parties to historic gains.” Of course, inside Malaysia itself, the ‘08 elections were widely regarded as a tremendous failure for Anwar, after he publicly guaranteed he would form a government, and then did not. (It was also during these elections, the reader must be reminded — as CNN won’t do it — that Anwar told Islam Online that he had “evidence proving that the government is backing the Jewish lobby in the U.S. and some parties inside Israel.”)

To top it all off, CNN’s interviewer spent several minutes lobbing easy hits at Anwar, mostly along the lines of, “Are you in favor of good things, and opposed to bad things?” Does Anwar like racial tolerance? Yes. Is he against corruption? Yes. Is he for a fair judiciary? Yes. Edward Murrow this is not. It’s not even Perez Hilton.

But the interviewer did come within a hair’s breadth of doing his job, and making news, when he asked Anwar whether he supported the dual system of shari’a (Islamic) and civil law in Malaysia, or whether he believed all Malaysians should live under one legal code. The politician’s answer is almost incomprehensible, and worth reprinting in full:

“One must not assume that once we believe in some aspects of the shari’a law to be implemented that it will be adjudicated fairly and justly. Therefore, we must have adequate reforms. Sure, there is just administration of these laws. But the way we draw the line is we — is not to allow in any way that these application of the shari’a laws to either compel or force onto the rights of non-Muslims in Malaysia.”

Well. That doesn’t answer the question. Almost certainly by accident, CNN’s man caught Anwar Ibrahim in a tight spot. Of course he can’t be seen endorsing shari’a law in front of a Western audience. And of course, his major coalition partner, the hard-line Islamist PAS party, won’t countenance anything but exactly that. The interviewer wasn’t interested in committing journalism, of course, so Anwar wriggled away in a cloud of platitudes.

But he won’t always be so lucky

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Birds of a feather stick together!

Or like sticks with like! Or it does not matter what you are as long as you have one goal and one goal only, that is to condemn, to say bad thing about your country and to actually believe that one day you will rule the Malaysia?

Seeing a picture sent to me of a motley crew of people that have been so cocksure about trying to defeat the government of the day and I just want to tell them good luck, it is not as easy as you think.

By dear boy Zaid Ibrahim, as for you money alone cannot guarantee you to join the "club" youtried your best but you simply cannot fit in. As for you RPK my friend you have yet to convince me of all the stuff you have been writing about our prime minister.

As for you my ex-private investigator friend I hope you have a clear conscience about your admission, and that you will one day tell your children what you did was for patriotism or for money?

Monday, July 05, 2010

Anwar Like A Political Chameleon - Najib

JERANTUT, July 3 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said on Saturdaty Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is like a 'political chameleon' who is willing to do anything to achieve his personal ambition.

The Prime Minister said Anwar's willingness to go to the United States to apologise to the Jewish leaders there for his outspokenness in criticising the Zionists earlier, appeared to be an effort to achieve his ambition to become prime minister in this country with support from these leaders.

"When I went to the United States (US) to meet with the president of that country, Barack Obama to discuss national interest, I was accused by Anwar of being subservient to the major powers.

"I discussed in the interest of Malaysia because we want to see Malaysians being capable of achieving success at the international level.

"I had never uttered the word 'sorry' but he had personally gone to the US to tender his apology in the interest of that country because he was afraid that his friends there would be angry," said Najib when opening the Jerantut Umno division meeting, here.

The prime Minister said Anwar had to do so because of his earlier action in criticising the Jews in the issue over the 'Zionist aggression' and raising the issue on Apco Worldwide (Apco).

Najib said the PKR advisor had to meet the Jewish leaders in that country who were angry over his strong criticism of the Zionists earlier.

According to a press report, a right-wing website, The Evangelical Outpost, which quoted the views of a capitalist and conservative, Rachel Motte, described Anwar as an ungrateful leader.

Motte was reported as saying that Anwar was a leader who put up a pro-western image when travelling outside Malaysia but in order to gain the support of the Malays, he would adopt the anti-Jewish and Anti-American image.

Najib had cynically said that Anwar's ambition of 'extremely wanting' to be prime minister had brought much problems to him.

Meanwhile in PENANG, Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir demanded that Anwar explained his statement that he regretted using the term 'Zionist aggression' as reported in the US newspaper, Washington Post, recently.

He said that if Anwar's explanation was not consistent with his action earlier, then he should apologise to the people of Malaysia.

"His explanation on this matter is necessary to clear whatever doubts there are on his earlier action that also criticised the acts committed by the Zionist regime," he told reporters after opening the delegates meeting of the Balik Pulau Umno division, here today.

In JELEBU, Negeri Sembilan, Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said opposition leaders, especially PAS which is purportedly championing Islam, must give an explanation after Anwar was seen to be subservient to the US and the Jews.

Rais said this was the dilemma faced by the opposition parties that had made Anwar as their leader.

"It's up to the rakyat to choose who is suitable, who should actually be elected as a genuine leader," he told reporters after a gathering with the people at Kampung Gagu, here.

He said Anwar was like a chameleon that could change colour according to the prevailing situation.


Thursday, July 01, 2010

The New Ledger says Anwar In Bad Decline!

Below is what The New Ledger wrote, read the real article here:

Renowned Malaysian “democrat” and perennial prime ministerial aspirant Anwar Ibrahim has been on a sort of Washington, D.C., apology tour in the past week.

He’s got a lot to apologize for: having been a longtime darling of American policymakers of both parties — all eager to identify a moderate Muslim with whom we can do business — he’s embarrassed those friends and mentors with his recent descent into crass anti-Semitism.

Dark references to Jewish influence are, unfortunately, something of a staple of Malaysian domestic politics: and it’s troubling to see a putative liberal like Anwar engage in it with apparent enthusiasm — and worse, conviction.

The proximate cause of Anwar Ibrahim’s invocation of anti-Semitic tropes is his own flagging political fortune. For the past decade, he’s been the heir apparent to the Malaysian Prime Ministerial office as leader of the opposition — and for that same period of time, he’s fallen short.

In 2008, he even guaranteed, Namath-style, that he would form a government by September 16th. When that date came and went, Anwar was left explaining his failure much in the manner of Millerites after the Great Disappointment. Not coincidentally, that was concurrent with his first major public outburst of anti-Semitism, in which he told Islam Online that he had “evidence proving that the [Malaysian] government is backing the Jewish lobby in the US and some parties inside Israel.”

Fast forward two years, to Anwar Ibrahim’s present political troubles. He still hasn’t taken power, and he is undergoing yet another prosecution for sodomy — a crime in Malaysia. (This trial, which began in February, stems from allegations made in 2008.)

His last sodomy trial in 1998, for which he was convicted and jailed, was widely seen as a politically motivated farce — an act of persecution by his former mentor, then-Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad. The present case is less clear, especially given the definitive break between Mahathir and his two successors.

Whatever the case’s merits or lack thereof, the fact is that Anwar Ibrahim and his allies have responded with the predictable tactic of Islamic-world demagogues: anti-Semitism.

Rachel Motte at The New Ledger covered it last month: “[Anwar has spun] a dark conspiracy theory of Jewish control, Zionist plots, and subversion … including publicly alleging that there are ‘Israeli intelligence personnel in the Police IT unit.’” Anwar even told a press conference at the London School of Economics that “[The Malaysian ruling coalition] befriends nasty Jews and some of them are Zionists.”

Perhaps worst from an American perspective — though not necessarily from a moral perspective — he turned his rhetorical guns on the U.S., too. When Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak met with President Barack Obama and agreed to U.S.-Malaysian collaboration on Iran and Afghanistan, Anwar even took to the parliamentary floor to declare that this was evidence of Jewish influence on Malaysian policymaking.

That “the Jews” would manipulate events in America’s favor will be unsurprising to observers of global anti-Semitism, which readily becomes anti-Americanism as it suits the perpetrator. In that vein, after the Israeli seizure of the “Gaza flotilla,” Anwar was found leading a chanting mob of thousands before the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

There, on June 4th, Anwar declared, “Israelis are able to continue with their aggression because of the soft position taken by the [American] President.” Three days later, in the Malaysian parliament, he said, “Israel wouldn’t dare to attack the flotilla and set up blockades in Gaza without the support of America.”

In that light, it’s no surprise that B’nai B’rith International last month issued a public call for U.S. policymakers and elected officials to shun Anwar Ibrahim. And it’s no further surprise that Anwar promptlyblamed it on Jewish influence — technically correct, for once — and then flew to Washington, D.C., to conduct damage control.

Jackson Diehl at the Washington Post summed up the purpose and tenor of Anwar’s D.C. excusion rather well:

Anwar … spent a lot of time offering explanations to old friends, not to mention House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman and a Jewish leader or two. He said he regretted using terms such as “Zionist aggression,” which are common coin for demagogues like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. “Why do I need to use it if it causes so much misunderstanding?” he said. “I need to be more careful.”

That’s one way to put it. Just a bit of carelessness, and suddenly you find you’ve spent months invoking anti-Semitic imagery in public appearances all across a southeast Asian nation. Who hasn’t been there?

WaPo’s Diehl also quotes longtime Anwar associate Paul Wolfowitz as saying, “What Anwar did was wrong, but considering that he’s literally fighting for his life … one should cut him some slack.”

Well, no: Anwar isn’t “literally fighting for his life,” unless Wolfowitz is aware of a threat to his physical survival that no one else is — in which case, the person to inform ought to be Anwar Ibrahim. Furthermore, it’s a curious argument that danger of any sort somehow demands, or justifies, plain Jew-baiting. (Interesting and possibly explanatory: when Wolfowitz’s paramour Shaha Ali Riza had to leave the World Bank, she eventually landed at theFoundation for the Future, then headed by none other than Anwar Ibrahim.)

The D.C. consensus on Anwar, following his anti-Semitic antics, following B’nai B’rith’s declaration, and following his fence-mending visit, is aptly summed up by Jay Nordlinger at NRO: “[I]t helps that Ibrahim has been repentant, at least in talking to Americans.

And, in Malaysia, he is about as good as it gets. We shouldn’t hold our breath for anyone better.” Nordlinger’s sentiment is understandable — and he’s one of the few major opinionmakers who has actually paid meaningful attention to Malaysia of late — but if that’s the outcome of Anwar’s visit, things have gone wrong.

On a moral level, American policy doesn’t have to choose the lesser of two evils in Malaysia: our relations with that country, and its strategic role, are such that we are under no compulsion to affiliate ourselves with a known purveyor of anti-Semitism.

On a pragmatic level, the fact is that the man whom Anwar seeks to replace, Prime Minister Najib Razak, is far more friendly to American policy goals than is Anwar himself. (We’ll leave aside here that Anwar’s opposition-coalition partner is the Islamist PAS, which solicited volunteers for the Taliban after 9/11.)

Anwar explicitly referred to Najib’s amenability to American policy goals in an ill-advised conversation with an AFP reporter during his D.C. trip, in which he quipped, “[W]e have a prime minister coming here and agreeing with whatever Obama wants.”

Accepting that characterization for the sake of argument, that’s pretty much exactly what we’d hope for in a foreign leader. If Anwar Ibrahim sets himself against it, what is the American interest-driven case for supporting him?

Anwar Ibrahim used to be the shining archetype of a Muslim democrat and a figurative martyr for liberty. That was before he showed himself just another demagogue, willing to promulgate and exploit conspiracy theories not considered polite in the West since V-E Day.

Now, the best argument for him is that he’s the least worst. He’s not even that, of course — but it’s still a remarkable fall. Anwar Ibrahim may wish to blame the Jews for it, but the sad truth is that he did it all to himself.

The Evangelical Outpost: Anwar Ibrahim, not the Bright Spot We’d Hoped For

The Evangelical Outpost wrote while Israel struggles to defend itself, Islamist voices around the world still stridently condemn the Jewish state for stopping the flotilla bringing aid to Hamas. Shockingly, one of those voices is Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim — the former media darling and favorite of the foreign-policy teams of...
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Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is a serial liar!

We all know that he will make a pact with the devil if it suits his purpose, so this man Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI)I am not at all surprise that he flew to Washington to publicly apologised to the Jewish community, to his Jewish friends and to the state of Israel via Washington that he is not anti-Semitic.

Well it is just like Hannibal Lecter saying that if he is released he will not eat human brain anymore. You know what they say once you have tasted blood it is pretty hard to change into being normal again.

And we also know that BABI is anti-Semitic, unless the American and the Jews are really stupid enough not to know!

It is like being a serial rapist you can swear to almighty God but in the end it is an inbred thing you know, that there is something in your DNA or Chromosome or in you brain that says you simply cannot change.

BABI apologise to the Jews, read more here, and yet he is ready to betray his people and his country just so he can become a prime minister.

The American must also know that BABI is also a good friend of Turkish PM Tayeep Erdogan who has appeared to be the new hero of the Muslim world now, surpassing saudi Arabia!