Sunday, January 02, 2011

Tiger Woods (and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim): The Rise and Fall of a Billion Dollar Brand!

Director of CBC's The Passionate Eye, Jacques Peretti, interviewing Hollywood madam Michelle Braun, who admitted on record to supplying Tiger with high class and expensive call girl!

Malaysian most normal and perfect couple!?

The world was led to believe these two were a perfect couple!

There is this uncanny resemblance to a recent Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) investigative program called The Passionate Eye, read here, in which the private story of Tiger Wood and how his sex-ploits were exposed, and that the story of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, and his private life.
It appears Tiger Woods the celebrity, a billion dollar brand name, is apparently not the same as the "other" Tiger who would prowled sleazy joints, greasy diners and high class brothels looking for a women who would have sex with him.
In that program, CBC interviewed a journalist from the National Enquirer, and found out the tabloid had the story of Tiger's philandering life way before his "famous" accident, but was dictated by Tiger's powerful publicity outfit to kill the story! The Enquirer agreed the story be "killed" if it agrees to a quid pro quo where Tiger would appear on the front page of the Enquirer sister's magazine.
Two things here, one Tiger Woods life as a billion dollar brand man is carefully dictated and crafted by his very powerful publicity company. Two, come what may, Tiger's name and reputation must be protected at all cost in view of billions being invested in his name by big companies.
Like our Brother Anwar, he can also be called a billion dollar man, when he was in power and when he is now not in power. Somehow his life is also being carefully dictated, guarded, and crafted by a group of "powerful' people that came complete with their own personal agenda.
For Brother Anwar's persona, we Malaysians then knew him only as a suave politician and government official that, looking back, can lie to us through his teeth without us realising it. He was a seductive politician that can charmed even the most venomous king cobra to submission.
Like Tiger Woods, golfers around the world idolise and adulate him. Now we all know that like Brother Anwar Ibrahim, he is in fact a dud of a human being and that very dark side of the both of them made me squirm with disgust.
Don't get me wrong here, I have nothing against these two if they just your ordinary Joe Blow,who cares! But both portray themselves as a squeaky clean normal human being when they are fraught with lies and abnormal deviant behaviors!
I used to love watching Tiger and idolised him as a golfer, but now whenever I see him all I can see is that waitress at the sleazy diner he had sex with, and a pole dancer woman who was with him for three years and had one miscarriage and an abortion with Tiger's child.
CBC announced that it will continue with another story when the time is right, about Tiger Woods' love child!
If you ask me personally I believe his career as a golfer is not all that interesting anymore, and that Brother Anwar had better come out clean for you really cannot run away from it forever, for eventually the law will get you.


Anonymous said...

Well Magpie you may be right after all! But people with vested interest will keep Tiger and Anwar afloat, but for how long?!

Handicap 18!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir, I am strictly apolitical and just another poor Joe Blow trying to earn a living. You reasoned that that this BABI is no ordinary Joe Blow and thus deserve the attention of his dark side.

The veil of hypocrisy to me is how men failed to be objective and fair to all subjects. There are also many other politicians out there with dark and corrupt morals, but where is the enthusiasm to expose them all?

So if someone is one our side, then he/she has no dark side?

Why can't men have two balls, after all at the end of the day we report to the AlMighty?

p.s. I am no fan of BABI; all politicians are pigs to me.

Pasquale said...

Anon at 11.08am, there are BABIs and there are babiS. If you dark side does not include selling you race religion and country to me what the heck eh! But when you crossed the line it is outright war to me!But I am glad you are no fan of BABI!

Anonymous said...

Tiger also have love child and now I learn Anwar Ibrahim also have a love child named Afifa?

Curious George!

Anonymous said...

Well I hate to admit this but my family and I do believe Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is not what hbe appears to be. My husband also knows him, MCKK Old Boy, Anwar tu memang dari dulu macam tu!


Anonymous said...

Hello, you are comparing apples and durians. Their were eating them in different ways..

yeop said...

yeah!..still u have to stick them in your mouth..dont u !!..hihihi..dont see other means...