Thursday, February 03, 2011

BABI! Your convincing lying capability does not work anymore on Malaysians!

Had not for his abnormal sex life, Anwar'splan was so meticulous, from day one, that he almost succeeded in turning Malaysia into another Arab state and he the first pseudo-Arab to be the head of state! We must constantly thank Tun Mahathir for this!

A strong "futile" attempt was made by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) and his cohort to claim CNN report on BABI's activity vis a vis with the Muslim Brotherhood was a made up story, well the truth of the matter is CNN got its info from the Saudi authority itself.

In his trade mark lying capability BABI once again tried to fool Malaysians that he was again maligned by the Malaysian government or in fact suddenly he wants Malaysians to believe the whole world has been bought over, including the CNN and the Saudi government, by Najib to lie for him (Najib)!. Read Big Dog here.. and Hantulaut here! And scroll down here!
And Tony Yew's Can you see it! Here!

As a Malay adage goes "pandai pandai tupai melompat......", or crudely translated "now matter how agile and adept the squirrel may be from jumping from one branch of the tree to another, ah, and surely one day it will slip and fall to the ground hard!!!", or something like that.

Now the whole world knows BABI is, and still is, a strong member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and a closet anti-American, anti-Jews, anti-Umno, anti-establishment, anti-monarchy, anti-Malay and possibly, deep inside his heart, an anti-female, as much as he is hoping Malaysia would turn the way of Tunisia, Egypt and other failed countries in the middle-east right now, unfortunately for him this is not going to happen! Why? Because Malaysia is far from being a failed society unlike Egypt, where millions are living way below the poverty line!!

Overheard a conversation at the Concorde Hotel coffee house : "Don't worry Anwar can say anything to the Malays they will believe him!" In reference to CNN and its reports of his involvement with terrorist group! BABI....I don't think so...not anymore!

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Anonymous said...

Tajuk best juga. Pakai nama Malaysians juga.
Tukarlah nama Babi tu ke Magpie. Baru tepat dan betul.
Hang ni ingat semua rakyat kaki ampu dan spin macam kau ke?

Anonymous said...

Kalau tak pasal BABI Penang tak jatuh pada Cina dan empat lagi states tak jatuh pada pembangkang yang sial, Anwar ni kita tau dia pun kalau boleh nak jadi Agong, pundek, over my dead body! Keep it up Magpie!


Anonymous said...

Selagi ada Melayu yang confused dengan fakta...selagi itulah DSAI akan gunakan golongan ini untuk kepentingan diri dan kroninya.

Kalaulah golongan yang sesat ini berfikir gunakan akal, pasti orang Melayu tak akan tertindas dan kekuatan orang Melayu tak dapat digugat.

Pak Hak said...

God Sent Anwar Ibrahim To Malaysia
(Anwar Ibrahim – Anugerah Tuhan Kepada Malaysia)

By Pak Hak

At this juncture of our beloved country’s history,
God tested our people with His creature called Anwar bin Ibrahim,
He causes havoc and animosity in this once peace-loving country,
Just because all he dream about day and night is power and fame .

He’s a chameleon whose ends justify the means.
So he changes colour so often at his whims and fancy,
He would not blink an eye to cheat or to lie,
To him power and glory is his life’s aim and philosophy.

Using people to meet his aspiration is another of his trait,
So friends and supporters of Anwar Ibrahim beware,
‘Cause when he finds your “sell-by date” is long expired,
He won’t hesitate to toss you away like some old underwear!

He spent seventeen long years in the government,
From Minister of Youth, Education to Finance and PM’s Deputy,
Ask any Malaysian if they can remember what he did or achieve,
The answer is blank as he spent most office time plotting against his adversary.

His academic qualification is only a degree in Malay Studies,
But then he was made in charge of the economy,
So he swallowed IMF prescription lock stock and barrel,
Raised interest rate, shorten NPL and almost bankrupt the country.

You will be mesmerized when you hear his speech,
He’s gifted with great skill in public speaking and oratory,
In the class of Sukarno, Chairman Mao, Hitler and Mussolini,
The masses will listen to them and even forgot they are hungry!

Friends, countrymen this man can only talk but cannot work,
Al l he does is fire your emotion with hatred, finger-pointing and accusation,
Our beloved land of Malaysia is too precious to be made a pawn,
Can we trust this man to lead the nation and the future of our children?

[Anda semua diberi izin untuk menciplak atau mencitakrompak puisi ini]

Anonymous said...

This person Anwar is humiliating himself and family and he still doesn't get it that the era of his silly "reformasi" is over. But he wants to salvage whatever maruah left of him.

And the best part of it there are silly malays who still "layan" his paranoia. Pls get serious this person by the acronym BABI is nothing but a deluded individual who will even sell his country just to be the PM of Malaysia.
He will not succeed no matter how hard his effort be.

The malays in Malaysia do not even understand the precious political power they have in UMNO. Maybe they can experience to live in a chinese majority like Singapore.

Be patient UMNO is changing to get rid of the bad eggs. But to lose the malay political power is a suicide scenario. Don't the malays understand when you have DAP,PKR & PAS fighting to grab power, in the name of greater democracy it is just a "pembohongan"?. It is a time to change the political landscape of the majority malays into a political style of Singapore where the emphasis of meritocracy is applied. And even that is a "false" one.

Being a malay Singaporean,I would advise my brethren across the causeway that BABI is a fake. And the sooner they realised the better Malaysia be at the hands of Najib. When you have to choose between two evil;the lesser one will always be given the chance to lead. Forget about BABI. He's irrelevant and obsolete.

Anonymous said...

you can always bark like a dog. you are just another fanatic supporter of mahashit which are well known as the biggest liar of msian history. another brainwashed unlucky dog is the Anon so called ex mcoba, since when penang ruled by Malay? This unlucky chap will even eat shit when are told by Mahashit.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

YAB Anwar is the creation of Yang Amat Ariff Tun. The latter just did not know how to handle the former. All the power was in his hands and he failed.

Anonymous said...

I don't support any politician but what's wrong with being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood???