Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birds of a feather......flock together!

Malott demonstrating wearin g a KKK garb!

A good friend of you know who!

A friend said when John R Malott speaks rest assured Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) is in trouble.

I had the misfortune of interacting with this racist foul-mouth Malott when he was a US ambassador to Malaysia in the late nineties. He bashed and slashed at the then prime minister Tun Mahathir, and his hatred for the Malaysian government was and still is evident. Many at the US embassy people then did not like him, basically he was not a nice person.

He was part of the then US administration that was sent to Malaysia to assist BABI in turning Malaysia into the 54th states of the USA. Sex offender Al Gore was sent to insult Malaysian leadership at an Apec meeting in KL, while BABI was smirking thinking he would be the next US-sponsored prime minister of Malaysia. Well, it didn't happen!

You see we have just found out Malott is also a member of the racist organisation called the Ku Klux Klan and together with BABI, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, they are out to spread more lies and chaos.

Being married to a Japanese was just a big cover for his racist tendency, said an American friend once.

Well, we cannot be fooled and we have picture of Malott demonstrating on the street of the USA wearing the KKK garb. Hey Malaysians wake up and reject those who spread lies for their own evil reasons! Reject the likes of Malott and BABI...and have a healthy stress free living!


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RakyatShahAlam said...

I've been following your blogs and you seems so critical of Anwar Ibrahim, I think you should consider change your blog to BarkingBABI, how's that sounds to you?

Anonymous said...

I prefer barking magpie! Stick to it!

Very anti- Babi!

ayah said...


It's his blog, he can do what he likes with it.

If you don't like it, just go. Don't visit, don't read. Must be something about this blog that makes you want to follow it?

Keep it up BarkingMagpie. Lots of people out here simply love you.

Anonymous said...


Malays, especially, are those who are easily influenced, by anyone including the false prophet Anwar!
They have to start thinking critically or otherwise the Chinese and Indians will take over, like Singapore and Penang and Selangor!!!

Ex-Bernama Guy!

matdeboq said...

Salam Si-Murai,
Your Magpie Barking is very melodies. The tone too hits the right note's..!!

It's your 'cage' !! You wanna to shout sing or what ever .Why should they be bothered.

You must be doing or hitting some thing right thats angered them..!!

Keep on the good work..!!

Anonymous said...

What a sad fate to be so beholden to one's lust, so much so that honourable values like patriotism becomes an obstacle to one' dreams of more lustful satisfaction

Anonymous said...

We are all influenced by the last person who makes a comment. That means that we are not thinking. We must attack the message instead of the messenger if we are to make any headway in this globalised world.

Anonymous said... looking deeper inside(GAMBAR KAT ATAS TU)WELL..i wud say they r both identical in many ways..hehe..

Anonymous said...

Is it really Mallot in KKK garb?

Since small I have never able to erase the images I saw, those KKK IDIOTS lynching The BLACKS to the trees to hang, some burning them alive.

The prisoners in Guatamala Bay, even their women without shame, took part in torturing their captives?

Goodness and
this Mallot dare open his mouth about racism? SHAMEFUL OLD MAN!


Anonymous said...

Is that really Mallot using KKK garb? Goodness, since small I had been following any news coming out from this this KKK activities..

For years, even as a Malaysian, never could clear these images from my mind, pictures of them dragging out Negros, hanged by the tree and burning them alive...

And this idiot Mallot, so conveniently forget, than blabbers his filthy mouth on others? STUPID MAN..


Anonymous said...

You seem to hate the Muslim Brotherhood. Why?

Pasquale said...

The name sounds very attractive for ignorant moron like you but for your short history lesson, Muslim Brotherhood has been responsible in destroying legitimate governments in the past and today and in the Middle east, killing many heads of states including Royalty, and each over thrown governments in this pathetic part of the world were replaced by much worse dictators, like in Iran, Yemen, Egypt, and Tunisia, Algeria to name a few!
Muslim Brotherhood seems to hate the west but their members and leaders, like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim like to wear expensive Armani suit and have expensive taste! In Malaysia, Muslim Brotherhood under the guise of Abim, International Islamic Youth Movement are all sponsored by Muslim Brotherhood's money. Here in Malaysia they are trying to Arabised the Malays, and want the Muslim women here to be covered from head to toes, and pretty soon women will not be allowed to vote, in spite of woman being the majority in this country!
Those are some of the reasons above as to why I hate Muslim Brotherhood and that they must be checked!
BTW the non-Malays should dtop the idea of supporting a Malay-based opposition parties they are being set up with Muslim Brotherhood's money! So there!

Anonymous said...

The Ambassador has given a warning of what is to come when the some 900 cables sent by the US Mission in KL to Washington is made known at the appropriate time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your history lesson. I learnt a lot, esp that you are rude and agressive.Was there any necessity for name calling and to be rude??? I just asked a question.
You are assuming things by thinking the name sounds attractive to me.

Ignorant Moron