Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim even uses the US for his dark and somewhat evil purposes...with a bit of help from the Muslim Brotherhood!

BABI with Qardawi, a very prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood!

Mallot, an honourary member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and his handler!

Other esteemed members of the Muslim Brotherhood!

The name Muslim Brotherhood to some of the ignoramus may sound very attractive, but then there is more to it then meets the eyes. Read Seth Mandel here for some comprehensive insight on what Muslim Brotherhood really is all about!
For those who are spellbound by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's (BABI) suave and charismatic ways may think that he is a friend of the United States of America please read on BABI and his connection with the Georgetown University, please read Claire Berlinski here for more understanding on the subject.
And the present US administration must beware and to think more than twice before embracing BABI, thinking that he is the archetypical of a perfect moderate Muslim. Read Benjamin Domenech here!
But here in Malaysia, for a very short history lesson to the ignoramus, Muslim Brotherhood has been responsible in destroying legitimate governments in the past and today and in the Middle east, responsible in planing and assassinating many heads of states including, such as Egypt's Anwar Sadat, and members of the Arab royalty.
Overthrown governments by the Muslim Brotherhood in the middle east were replaced by much worse dictators, like in Iran, Yemen, Egypt, and Tunisia, Algeria to name a few!
Muslim Brotherhood seems to hate the west but their members and leaders, like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim like to wear expensive Armani suit and have expensive taste! In Malaysia, Muslim Brotherhood under the guise of Abim, International Islamic Youth Movement are all sponsored by Muslim Brotherhood's money. Here in Malaysia they are trying to Arabised the Malays, and want the Muslim women here to be covered from head to toes, and pretty soon women will not be allowed to vote, in spite of woman being the majority in this country!
Those are some of the reasons why we, the real moderate Muslims must be weary of Muslim Brotherhood and why they must be checked!
BTW the non-Malays should stop the idea of supporting a Malay-based opposition parties they are being set up with Muslim Brotherhood's money! So there!


Anonymous said...

go for it magpie this rot must be stop or the Malays will be on the losing end and no one will help them. Can you imagine if we were the boat people fleeing the country do you think Singapore will accept us, the Australian, the New Zealander, the Canadians? So make sure we are well entrenched in this country of our birth and destroy traitors like An-war Ibrahim!

A very serious man!

man on da street said...

Whatever that is associated with BABI is cosidered HARAM to me, I'm not pro PUSS neither I'm a fan of the pakatans. He is not worth the salt to support.. Fight clean, fight internally, no need to bad rapped our country externally. Jikalau ada bola cakap terang terang lah BABI!We have laws governing this country, but sadfully, the person who holds the portfolio, refuses to implement it, I wonder why? There are extreme cases whereby some idiotic fools just flaunt the law and challenge the Raja's, the constituitions, and continuosly spread lies, yet nothing happens. Maybe we should abolish the postal votes and see wether some politicians really gets the supports from thier constituence. Look at Penang, they implement laws which is lopsided, so can BN , but why bagi muka sangat, jikalau orang lain dah tak mau undi sama lu, gunakan undang undang yang sedia ada. . Kadang Kadang , naik menyampah juga kalau terlalu berlembut.

Anonymous said...

We watched Anwar Ibrahim on CNN recently condemning Malaysia equating our country like Egypt in shocked, and he has nothing good to say about his own country my question is why are we allowing him to say that about Malaysia and Najib, and Najib you better wake up, while we support you we want you to take action against this mamak traitor!

Sleepless (now fed up) in Shah Alam!

Anonymous said...

All cockroaches i see here in this blog!
Anwar is God sent to kick your pea brains corrupted souls to heaven!Malays should not professed the islamic faith if corruption is their lifeline!Tell you i can't find any honest malay today!

matdeboq said...

What ever it is !!This BABI fella is doom.
Karpal Singh and associates is doing the damage right now under a fault pretext of favouring him..!!

As long as Karpal and his associates are around .This BABI would never ever be near the foot steps of Putra Jaya.

Thank you Karpal and the gang you are doing the BNs a geat favour. Keep on mislead them..!

Mazlan said...

My confusion here is this:
Here you state that Anwar is a 'stealth terrorist' sympathizer in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood and out to destroy the west and all it stands for.
However your 'brother' UMNO bloggers like ABIW claim that Anwar is in cahoots with the Zionist Lobby via 'friends' like Paul Wolfowitz and John Mallot.

Which is it????

Pasquale said...

Mazlan if you are a Malay, by your name, you are easily confused, if so please do not come and visit me again!!
In real time BABI is a full fledged member of Muslim Brotherhood (MB)out to destroy what he perceive as Western values and instill a strict Wahabist Arab culture to Malaysia, a man like him is a chameleon that will do what it takes to succeed, he wail not, and he will sleep with anyone to achieve this purpose. All in all BABI is a subscriber of MB!

Anonymous said...

"The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of dounby, what is laid before him." Leo Tolstoy. 1897