Saturday, February 05, 2011

A poem about BABI everyone must read!

For you idiots out there who still support this man..just take a moment to study this facial expression!!

(I took the liberty in reproducing this poem, sent as a comment on my blogsite by some one named Pak Hak, which is very telling about a very bdangerous politician consumed by his obsession to destroy the system and a country called Malaysia)


God Sent Anwar Ibrahim To Malaysia
(Anwar Ibrahim – Anugerah Tuhan Kepada Malaysia)

By Pak Hak

At this juncture of our beloved country’s history,
God tested our people with His creature called Anwar bin Ibrahim,
He causes havoc and animosity in this once peace-loving country,
Just because all he dream about day and night is power and fame .

He’s a chameleon whose ends justify the means.
So he changes colour so often at his whims and fancy,
He would not blink an eye to cheat or to lie,
To him power and glory is his life’s aim and philosophy.

Using people to meet his aspiration is another of his trait,
So friends and supporters of Anwar Ibrahim beware,
‘Cause when he finds your “sell-by date” is long expired,
He won’t hesitate to toss you away like some old underwear!

He spent seventeen long years in the government,
From Minister of Youth, Education to Finance and PM’s Deputy,
Ask any Malaysian if they can remember what he did or achieve,
The answer is blank as he spent most office time plotting against his adversary.

His academic qualification is only a degree in Malay Studies,
But then he was made in charge of the economy,
So he swallowed IMF prescription lock stock and barrel,
Raised interest rate, shorten NPL and almost bankrupt the country.

You will be mesmerized when you hear his speech,
He’s gifted with great skill in public speaking and oratory,
In the class of Sukarno, Chairman Mao, Hitler and Mussolini,
The masses will listen to them and even forgot they are hungry!

Friends, countrymen this man can only talk but cannot work,
Al l he does is fire your emotion with hatred, finger-pointing and accusation,
Our beloved land of Malaysia is too precious to be made a pawn,
Can we trust this man to lead the nation and the future of our children?

[Anda semua diberi izin untuk menciplak atau mencitakrompak puisi ini]

February 03, 2011 4:21 PM



Anonymous said...

And who is this Pak Hak?

Is he claiming to be another God Sent also or is it Magpie?

How does he know that God sent AI to Malaysia?

Is he claiming to be God?

Why use God's name sesuka hati in his poem?
He could be Satan for all I know.

Anonymous said...

I like Anwar's poems better. They sound more gay than this one.

Pasquale said...

Anonymous bodoh, it was meant to be in tongue in cheek what Pak Hak said was to quote BABI's wife Wan Azizah who said her husband is God sent! Kalau take pandai dan paham, baca Harian Metro la!

Anonymous said...

Every single thing is God-sent. If you believe in God lah.

Anonymous said...

GOD will also like this poem IF he benefited from government contracts. Forget about YAB Anwar. Till today the Governor of Bank Negara has not made a repot on our 5th Placing in the List of Countries for Illegal Outflow of Foreign Excange. And that is after YAB Perdana Menteri had ordered to the Governor to do so.

You may be right about YAB Anwar but surely you do not want this country to slide like Zimbabwe.

Pasquale said...

Anonymous at 1:48am!
Not only Bank Negara is impertinent not listening to the PM's advise, but it appears Zeti is just a pretty face there and not dong her job, I was told due to one stringent female pro-Anwar deputy Governor is giving our local insurance companies a hard time. And was also told a lot of foreign investment banks want to leave Labuan because of this and the PM should look into this serious matter! Najib please look into this matter as this will have bearing to the coming general elections!

Anonymous said...


Some of your commenters are either brainwashed due to low IQ, stubborn due to inherent genetic overinflated ego or agent provocateurs like anon February 06, 2011 1:48 AM.

This anon browses all day long pro-govt blogs and copy paste SAME theme like zimbabwe, govt contracts and illegal outflow of FE - typical of paid runners.

TQ Pak Hak for a very shrewd and concerned poem.

I knew long ago that this ai is untrustworthy coz he started the riots for his own benefit at the expense of his OWN negara, agama dan bangsa.

It is also due to my belief in Tun Dr M, the great statesman, who brought this nobody into the halls of power.

Alas for power, he betrays the very hand that feeds him.

Anonymous said...

The doctor was operating Anwar's Brain Tumor problems.Suddenly,the Doctor was amaze and shock while he open up the skull to see the shining word 'PM'in his brain.
He announce to all operating staff and ask to take a look.
Anwar heard that and he wakes up from the operation bed and put on his coat,without realizing the brain is on the table.
The doctor ask him "where are you going DSAI?
He answers in a happy mode..I am rushing to Putra Jaya now to take over Najibs office.
but but but.."the doctor was trying to tell something and shivering'..
Your your your brain DSAI...we still haven't complete the operation yet!!!!
he rushed out and leaving the brains behind..

Homophobic said...

All these fuckers who like to quote Zimbabwe in their comments are either delusional or retarded..

Anonymous said...

Feb 6 @ 1;35pm,

You are mking sweeping statements without attacking the message. What we did yesteday and what we are going to do tomorrow does not matter. We live in the present and if we stop climbing we will remain where we are and others will overtake us. in the 60s Malaya was the only place in South East Asia where foreign investors could put their money. But since then many more countries have emerged as compatitors. If we do not benchmark our developemnt against that of what the investors are used to even the domestic investors, as they are already doing now, will take their money out of the country. As a nation we cannot rest on out laurels because that means you are waring it the wrong way and it is only a matter of time before you begin to rust on your laurels.

We will always give the devil its due. But times are changing and if we do not change then change itself will change us.And we do not want that or do we.

Anonymous said...

This poetry lacks savoir-fare, craft and gab. It is not a real poetry: just a long prose chopped up at certain strategic points to make them appear as sonnetical strophes with some end-line phrases replaced to match in rhyme. The grammatical errors prevalent in each quatrain suggest a non-expert user of the English language, though its long-windedness suggests that the writer has been in that predicament for quite a long time.

One way to know the true worth of a poem is by deleting the stanza form of the composition and make them appear as one long sentence or paragraph. A well-written poem will lose its lustre and purport if done so, but this one right here smacks of something out of a BTN attendee’s final day essay on “List 10 reasons why you hate Anwar Ibrahim”.

Our relinquishment of Penang to Francis Light, our loss of Batu Putih to Singapore and other political defeats: could it be, could it JUST be that... the loss was really due to some bad grammars used by the championing personalities?

Geez I hate it when I THINK too much!

R.L. Stevenson

Anonymous said...

Nak percaya Pak Hak tu orang mamak (bukan Melayu tulin)bertopengkan Islam ke, atau Tok Guru dan AI (Melayu ori dan yang berugama Islam)?
Magpie ni orang mamak juga ke?

L_J said...

Ini kah puisi!


Anonymous said...

Dear Homophobic,

In my religion when you give a present to a person or or use foul language against him and if the person does not accept the present or the foul language then the present belong to the person who gave it and the fouul language belongs and applies to the person who made it in the first place.

arabmalaysia said...

Ada yag bertanya MAgpie tu sapa. Dia tu keturunan Minang tapi ada darah jahudi. Islam dia macam ayam bertelur - bermusim - hari raya dia islam bulan puasa dia hindu. Tu nak buat camno, banyak orang cam tu.