Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim's wife and Anwar's latest sex scandals...an American perspective!

Clinton, Wan Azizah and Monica Lewinski!

It is a staple of American politics, when American politicians can be bothered to notice Malaysia, to sing the praises of Anwar Ibrahim, the more-or-less permanent opposition leader of that state. It is to the Obama Administration’s rare credit that it has started to distance itself from Anwar, recognizing that Malaysia’s government has made serious strides in the last several years, and that Ibrahim’s unsavory past and ties do not make him a good partner in the region.

The Administration is so very bad at so much foreign policy, that we should actually take the opportunity to praise them when they do something right.

Anwar faces a crisis of his own making, distracting from his latest, quixotic attempt to move from opposition leader into government. In what was initially portrayed as a replay of his famous turn-of-the-millennium sodomy trial, he once again faces a sex scandal and trial. This time, however, there is video. And more importantly, there is the matter of the dynasty he is trying to create.

Here in the U.S., we are well-used to the scene of the politician’s fall from grace via video and photograph, with infidelities real and imagined making their grainy way onto the evening news.

Sometimes the “evidence” is a set-up, and sometimes it is not. But the pattern is usually the same: First the politician and his wife go through a period of denial, then the politician’s wife goes on national TV and (as we saw with Eliot Spitzer, all too literally) stands by her man, defends him, and forgives him for his alleged sin.

This is even truer when the wife has political experience or political ambitions, as was the case with Hillary Clinton or (at first) Elizabeth Edwards, to cite two of our better-known, recent political sex scandals.

It was even true in the case of former Senator Larry Craig, whose wife defended him when he was arrested for allegedly trying to have gay sex in a public restroom at Minneapolis-St. Paul International.

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Anonymous said...

What ever you said, UMNO's dirty tactics won't help to bring in more votes/supports in coming GE.

Anonymous said...

I won't admit I'm neutral, as I go on the issue raise. But I do admit I'm non-partisan. UMNO definite will not gain in this game,that tells me it ain't UMNO. Who then?

Pasquale said...

Hello anonymous morons above! Did it ever occur to you guys that Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim has been doing its since Yayasan Anda and that he needs to be exposed?! It has nothing to do with Umno, I am very sure of it!

Anonymous said...

Agree, own wrong doing but why must blame UMNO? If your son (example) wear make-up & baju kurung is also UMNO to be blame? If your daughter is tomboy or penkid is also UMNO to be blame?

Orang yg kena liwat pun tak meroyan dan mcm burung terkukur inikan pula Orang Kena Tuduh menjaja diri bahawa dia itu baik dan maksum.

Orang Biasa (rakyat bawahan) dgn orang Luarbiasa (terkenal) ini adalah berbeza. Sepatutnya tumpuan, pembelaan, pertolongan, etc pada orang biasa bukan pada Orang Luar Biasa, mereka salah atau tidak, baik atau tidak akan membawa apa makna kerana wang serta pengaruh menguasai mereka. Paling tidak pun mereka akan keluar dari bumi M'sia menghilang buat sementara (mungkin) contoh terdekat Raja Petra, orang dah senyap, tiada berbicara walaupun dia bersalah dan ada orang membantu beliau keluar secara haram dan dibayar.

anonybrahim said...

Those anonymous moros could be godless chinese who dont care anyway. look at chua so thats why they support someone who has sexual mores are very loose.

Good for the Chinese if malays have these kind of lying and hypocritical leaders.

Easy to buy over and bribe

Anonymous said...

Supporters of Anwar have been let down time and again. Its difficult to stomach simple and plain truth.Anwar is a liability to all and more so to his family members.
It is an extreme ambarrassmnent for the oppositions. But what have you got?. Nothing tangible nor substantial. The fight must go on, however, regardless of who and what actually leads.You are in the world of spitefulness.
BN pls continue to correct past weaknesses, bring about change and political innovativeness, thus help build and govern a united society of Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

i think where leadership is concerned, moral credibility is crucial. especially one that choses to portray an islamic image. i for one, will not support anwar until he gives the dna.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know you have scanned across the oceans to get an article about Anwar.

But very queer indeed that you have not read the editorial of Jakarta Post and balance up your thoughts in this blog! Maybe its your choice, as its your blog?

Anyway, the editorial is at the following link:

But to short circuit, here is the text in full. Read and relish about how our big brother next door thinks about our mainstream media and the way they have failed!
Editorial: A new low for Malaysian politics

Malaysia’s dirty politics reached a nadir last week when the local media reported on a new video featuring a man who looked like former deputy prime minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim having sex with a prostitute in a hotel room.

Coming at a time when Anwar is battling sodomy charges in court, it makes you wonder just really how low can it go.

The video was shown to a few journalists from the mainstream media who were selected and screened in a fashion worthy of a cloak-and-dagger novel.

The government-controlled media, which have played a key role in previous campaigns to discredit Anwar, violated every known ethical practice of journalism by providing graphic reports of the alleged “sex sojourn” without verifying the identities of the video’s subjects.

Typically, the source of the video was not disclosed, evoking the popular Indonesian (and Malay) saying lempar batu sembunyi tangan, which means “throw the rock, hide your hand”. No one took responsibility for screening the video, but the mainstream media played along and reported what their journalists saw.

Ever willing accomplices, the media broke one of the credos of journalism: Identify your sources, especially when making allegations as serious as this.

The Malaysian media did not bother to identify the man in the video. The mere suggestion that man looked like Anwar Ibrahim was enough to cast doubt on Anwar’s credibility and integrity in the supposedly puritan yet hypocritical society. Truth and verification go out window when you are part of a propaganda machine.

The media placed the onus on Anwar to disprove the claim, something which would likely keep him busy for the next several months or even years, certainly until the next general election.

We have seen this before when Anwar was first sentenced to prison for sodomy, only to have the Supreme Court to overturn his conviction in 2004.

Subsequently, new sodomy charges appeared and Anwar has been busy going to and from the courtroom.

Sex, media and video conspiracies define Malaysian politics today. It gets dirtier all the time.


Anonymous said...

In the eyes of the world except for opportunist, Anwar was a goner soon as his Sept 16 did not materialise.

He even had no shame trying to fool foreign medias with his JUMPING FROGS fantasies!


Pasquale said...


I have published what you believe everyone should believe what Jakarta Post(JP) has written. BTW JP is one of Jakarta (not Indonesia ya) newspapers whose owner has been bought by BABI a long time ago, so I am not surprise b y its comments.I published your fanatical belief about BABI because I do know Umno or Najib are not involved in exposing your idol....BABI!

Anonymous said...

Hello Pasquale,in Malaysia Islam is the religion of the country and I hope that both muslims and non muslims will observe the protection of honour of all peoples living in such a country.Islam lays down:

a) do not let one set of people make fun of another set;

b) do not define one another;

c) do not insult by using nicknames: and

d)do not backbite or speak ill of others.

When we open minded we can understand the most difficults concepts when it is explained to us but when we have made up or minds even the simplest concepts are beyond or understanding. I think Leo Tolstoy said something to that effect. Thank you

Pasquale said...

I wished someone would stop referring to Leo Tolstoy, a 19th century Russian, depicting a 19th century racist attitudes toward the world...Tolstoy has nothing to do with the price of salted fish in this country so there...any reference to Tolstoy from now on will be deleted...this is my site!!

Ghaf said...


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Anonymous said...


With all due respect I think that it is also our site. Just think about it if no one visits your site.......?

Pasquale said...

With due respect while it is a public site also, if no one visit my site I will still write, the thing is you are one of those missing the point..if your comment smacks mumbling and erratic nonsense, quoting Leo Tolstoy (At University English Lit 101, I hate his book) which is always about European superiority..always the theme of his thick and boring books...you almost have to scan through thousands of pages to know what the book is all about...yes if you bore me don't just as well you don't visit!

Anonymous said...

Cerita saya: Minggu lalu saya pergi ke Petaling Street.Saya di datangi oleh pemuda China."Bos, lu mahu cd baik punya cerita anuwar dengan amoi" Saya Jawab" betul ke?.. mana ada itu CD ada jual" Pemuda Cina" aayaa betul Bos,ini CD tatak mahal RM 20 saja, kalau tatak clear boleh kasi balik.itu gambar macam anuwar"
saya pun beli dengan rasa ingin tahu.
sampai di rumah saya terus load dilaptop . memang tajuk nya Skandal SEX macam Anuwar. setelah beberapa minit saya lihat, wahhhh. saya kena tipu dengan pemuda cina .
Morale of the story: make money when the demand is there and will be cheated if you don't use you brain.

Ahmadi Hassan

Anonymous said...

Dear BM,

I am sorry if I had offended you and that was not my intention. But I used that bit form LS because I thought that it had some relavence to the political debate in Malaysia Today. May be we in UM at the same time. Thank You