Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is employing foreigners to destroy Malaysia! Stop him!

Gorgon "Medusa" Brown a failed British prime minister employed by BABI to destroy Malaysia!

Foreign whore also hired by BABI to destroy my kampong!

Lecherous and traitorous man who should be stopped at all cost!

First he employed many "high powered" Americans - like Wolfowitz, Cohen, Gore and finally that despicable former US ambassador to Malaysia, Malott - to do his dirty job of smudging Malaysia for him, and now he is employing a former failed British prime minister Gorgon (medusa) Brown and his sister in law Clare Rewcastle Brown, to spread lies about Sarawak. Read here!
Never before in the history of this nation that one man can get away with so much including to have illicit sex even while his sodomy trial is ongoing!
It's like saying to the government of Malaysia to "catch me if you can"!
May be something can be done, I tend to agree with former opposition youth chief Ezam Mohd Noor who said the government of the day must impound BABI's international passport and do not let him out of the country until his trial is over.
I have no doubt in my mind that he will be found guilty with all the proof is stacked against him.
But to employ Gorgon (medusa) Brown and his sis-in-law Clare to do his dirty bidding against Sarawak is treacherous and it is straw that has finally breaks the camel's back.
Impound his passport before he does more damage to the reputation of my kampong of multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and multi-cultural Malaysia! More on Gorgon Brown's hypocrisy!


Anonymous said...

Canada is a option.

Tam Dalyell said...

Stop him?

Now, who, which mortal dares to do that.

Anonymous said...

"anwar is a gift from god"..who can stop him?

Anonymous said...


I'm really stumped by all these --- where & WTF was our SB doing??

Isn't it a SOP to put a "tail" / shadow suspicious, if not subversive characters?

Raja Petra -- escaped without passport overseas ( so did that PI Bala ). Till this day, they had a field day maligning PM & this country.

But their "shadowing" of AI --- the most diabolical demagogue in this country -- is the most pathetic of all. Sempat main lagi tu.

It's either PDRM or PM's cousin's is pathetic & incompetent. Heads must roll regardless of family ties or sentiments. This country can't afford F##k-ups like them.

Jangan Bro said...

Both sides will go to great lengths to win more seats, or should i say, "more control". But any attempt to tarnish YOUR OWN countrys' image and to gain more power, is the most degrading thing to do. It's like cursing you own family. I'll just sum it up in one word...."AssHole"..!

Anonymous said...

BABI & Keri: toys frm SmallPork Island..dream of bigger Pork in SEA.
So the sport car could be drive into 200KMh.

of course..Bible is another Toy to gain Western money, to reduce sentiment of anti-hidden dragon.

PAP said...

If u believed!!!

Anonymous said...

In Isalm the right of association also icludes the right to non association with a certain group. We must allow the people to associate or not to associate with a certain person or association. Allah wil e or final judge.

MunafikBN said...

You are talkative just like the Magpies.
Sarawak has been SODOMISED by BN cronies for all these years.Heck malaysia has been sodomised by BN for all these years. Itu tak nampak tak mau tau.
Hypocrite/ Munafik of the first order.