Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CALLING THEIR BLUFF! Taib Mahmud will open Sarawak to independent inspection to disprove deforestation claims

Also the beauty of protected Sarawak riverine!

Chief Minister of Sarawak Taib Mahmud: Come and see it for yourselves we have nothing to hide about our management of our forest!

News update on Sarawak

Clare Rewcastle Brown’s Bluff is Called

By Christopher Badeux

Clare Rewcastle Brown,has made the health of the trees and bugs in the Malaysian state of Sarawak her Holy Grail.

Rewcastle Brown recently made the claim on her blog that only 3% of Sarawak’s rain forest remains. In no small part because Ms. Rewcastle Brown belongs to the clan of upper-class Brits who believe that one tree is worth hundreds of humans, this has distressed her to the point at which she is openly aiding the political opposition in Sarawak, who she for some reason imagines will stop the state’s drive from crushing poverty to gainful employment. (Her brother-in-law, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, helpfully chimes in with a claim that only 5% of the area’s rain forest remains. Click Here!


CALLING THEIR BLUFF! Chief Minister will open Sarawak to independent inspection to disprove deforestation claims.

Clare Rewcastle Brown, who is now actively trying to interfere in Malaysian politics by siding with Anwar Ibrahim in attacking the leaders of Sarawak, can no longer fake her claims that logging has caused massive deforestation of Sarawak.

In an interview with the website, Chief Minister Taib has called her bluff, and invited "independent and international inspectors" to come and see for themselves that contrary to Brown's claims, supported by her brother in law Gordon Brown, former PM, that 90% of Sarawak will soon be gone.

The truth is that more than 70% is still virgin rain forest. Clare Rewcastle Brown is also no angel when she was proven to have defended her brother-in-law, the failed prime minister of England's Gorgon (medusa) Brown, who cheated the taxpayers' money by inflating his house cleaning claims to the government, for a measly amount of pounds, when he was the prime minister by default! Read here for more on Clare the pseudo-environmentalist!


Anonymous said...

The Chief minster if living in a glass house and he should not walk around naked. And he should not invite people to throw stones. As I sais please be careful what you wish for because Allah in his moments of weakness may grant your wish.

Anonymous said...

Truth hurts, no one is responding to Taib's dare to come and see Sarawak and it "ravaged" rainforest!!

Iban Warrior!

Anonymous said...

I do not think that International NGOs want guided tours.In any case I would like to caution all Malaysians agasinst trying to get foreigners to validate your policies. Just get the support of the citizens that will sufice.Once you bring Foreign NGOS they will drive the agenda and you will be left high and dry.

I do not think that Malaysians are against using the forest for commercial gains. But what they would like to see is that the resources being used to grow their percapita income like that little dot south of the peninsular which did not even have water from s$400.00 in 1966 ( The time sarawak became independent within Malaysia)to S$ 44,000.00 todah. Or is that too much to ask of our leaders in Sarawak.

mohamed said...

"because Allah in his moments of weakness may grant your wish."

The ALLAH that Muslims prayed to has no moment of weakness. You must be talking about Christian allah..

I hope you understand why we Muslim object to your using the word Allah.

Anyway I think Pehin Seri is sincere to invite those people
to come to Serawak.

Anonymous said...

zarinah contract renewed. hahahw

Anonymous said...

WE understand it very well. But what we do not understand is why is that in our National Anthem and the Rukun Negara Allah is referred to as 'Tuhan'.
Well The Allah that Christians pray to Has not done that badly. Thank You.