Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I am very sure BABI will be found guilty...and we will move on!

Two great leaders: Some are born with good class and from good breeding and some just do not make the cut! You figure it out!!

This was sent to my blogsite, a typical comment from a "moronic believer" of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI), and in reference to what that obnoxious former US ambassador to Malaysia Malott, have said recently in defence of BABI: "The Ambassador has given a warning of what is to come when the some 900 cables sent by the US Mission in KL to Washington is made known at the appropriate time."

Well, to the anonymous I will say bring them on, all those 900 cables and made them known! I want to know! But am very sure the comment is one in a series of many attempts to insult Malaysians intelligence again!?

Thus far many paid bloggers have tried to destroyed Prime Minister Najib Razak, and the PM was accused of many from murder, of dabbling in a black magic, and being a closet Hindu priest, and that his wife is like Imelda Marcos (buying many shoes) so people will hate her, that Najib's wife supervise the killing of another human being (mashallah!), did anyone know that on the said date and time that she was accused of supervising the killing that she was at Tabung Haji attending a function??! Well nobody wants to know, why! Because that is how half-brain moronic behavior will led you to be, not able to think critically!

I am still waiting for amorous pictures of Najib and his lovers, whom he will kill when she is done! I am still waiting for a picture of Najib's illegitimate son with Altantuya, actually I am still waiting for all the proof that Najib the Prime Minister is guilty of!!

But the truth of the matter is, it is BABI who is guilty of many things that he has managed to tell his half brain supporters that he is still an angel and a good Muslim, when we know that he is guilty of charges being laid on him. Including having an illegitimate son borne by a wife of his very close associate! But do you really want to know about that, I guess not! You half-brain nitwit would rather see this country being ruled by a sodomite supported by the enemies of the Malays who is controlled by the super power!

Here is a piece of snippet from Ankara, Turkey, where Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyep Erdogan told Najib that Malaysia is well managed under the present leadership and in not so many word Erdogan told Najib not to worry about the ranting of any desperate man.
I am just wondering what Erdogan meant by that!

P/S I am still wondering why many well connected Americans like Gore, Wolfowitz, Cohen and Clinton are all in awe over BABI. Obama especially should take a cue from Canada Prime Minister Steven Harper who said the world must not allowed more Holocaust to be committed against one race or another. These American must be aware that BABI is well connected with the Muslim Brotherhood whose raiso'n detre is the extermination of the Jewish people and the state of Israel, read more here! On what Seth Mandel has to say!


man on da street said...

Dajjal can come in many forms and in many ways.It takes several Dajjal's to be in every country till their super Dajjal show itself.Malaysia has many Dajjal's, i.e Nicky Ajis who is always contravening the islamics teachings.Words thats comes from his mouth is always contradicting to Kuran's teaching, yet there are dumb fools who is ever willing to back him up ? Isnt that Dajjal's followers? Believe in thee n shall be protected ? Dajjal no:1, Dajjal no:2 BABI who always misleads the malay/muslims , bent on leaning to sodomite lifestyle, yet always pretending to be a pious muslims giving sermons and spurts koranic verses till the dumb followers thinks he is just another ularmaks! Dajjal no:3 , the PUSS fanatics, let it be their MP's ADUN'S ,their party presidents as well as all the office bearers. What islamic gospels that they preach, war against fellow muslims?Dajjal no:4, the turncoats in BN itself, what to say lah bro? The worst of the kepala Dajjal's is the DAP, "OVER MY DEAD BODY" yet that dunnggu of a party who calls itself islamic party of malaysia licking the DAP's butts and feets. Memalukan sungguh untuk saya mengaku masih ada melayu di malaysia ni untuk bersekongkol dengan parti yang terang terang memusnahkan bangsa melayu di malaysia! Ini membuktikan mereka ni ada lah Dajjal sebenar nya, tak payah nak tunggu hari menanti kiamat, mereka ni lah Dajjal semasa ,senantiasa!Final Dajjal is that, BABI brings in the biggest Dajjal of all, the YAHUDI, BABI is the the one who opens the floodgates for the YAHUDI to infiltrate into MALAYSIA!

Anonymous said...

Then where does APCO fit into the picture?

Pasquale said...

We are well capable of dealing with our own problem buddy, and you have to sing a different song rather than singing the Apco song! There is no Apco to begin with!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but your head is firmly in the concrete of Putrajaya.Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for because GOD is his moment of weakness may grant it. If you keep up your act you may make a contribution to making Malaysia a Pariah State.

Anonymous said...

Walau-A, u jacking up Najib's balls high high like nobody business. Banyak tera lah!

Pasquale said...

"Walau-A, u jacking up Najib's balls high high like nobody business. Banyak tera lah!"

Hei idiots, BABI cyber trooper, this is not about sucking Najib's balls this is about saving this country from being sold to the highest bidder by known hypocrite, a Wahabbist and a sodomite! You must have this clear in your mind!

Anonymous said...

Magpie, I think you may be right let him rot in jail for trying to sell this country and Malays to the opposition!

Salam Mesra dari Kota Baru!

Anonymous said...

At the by election campaign Umi Hafilda called Anwar Ibrahim Al-Juburi everyone laugh!

A Melayu!

Anonymous said...

You slant is so dumb. I doubt I can't freely comment here.