Tuesday, March 22, 2011

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!

Clare, a paid foreign poodle!

It was reported in the Time magazine and a UK tabloid that Clare Rewcastle Brown and her brother-in-law Gordon Brown, the former Labour Prime Minister of Britain, have made a series of allegations about Sarawak, but there's an old saying, that "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."Read here!

Then again this self-declared protector of Sarawak rainforest, Clare Rewcastle Brown, defended his brother-in-law, the former failed British prime minister, Gorgon (medusa) Brown, who cheated the British government over a measly few thousands pound house cleaning claim.

So a cheat like Gorgon (medusa) Brown and paid pseudo environmentalist like Clare should come out clean and not allowed themselves to be made use of and paid by unscrupulous people to lie about Malaysia, namely Sarawak!

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