Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Small Step for Najib, and a Giant Leap for Moderate Islam!

The fact of the matter is ...the world needs moderate leaders, like Najib!

Some one wrote that a "genuinely moderate Muslim leaders certainly exist, and there are good reasons why they do not ally themselves with the Muslim Brotherhood. In engaging with those friendly to the Brotherhood, administration officials risk missing the advice of actual moderates like Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak." Read more here!

For many of us here who believe BABI is a squeaky clean Islamic scholar, broadminded and a not-a-racist-politician should asked elders like S. Samy Vellu, Lim Keng Yaik, and Ling Liong Sik and they will tell you how difficult it was dealing with BABI when he was in power!

In Istanbul last week Najib told the press that the Muslim Brotherhood (in which many believed BABI is member/subscriber) “shouldn’t be part of the process as long as they don’t reject violence and extremism.” It was said that a statement by Najib is a significant statement, coming as it does from the leader of a Muslim-majority nation. Read some more here National Review reports.


Secularism and moderates said...

Moderates Islam or Chritians are those that dont believe something thought of by illiterate medieval people are still relevant today.

Catholic Christianity is responsible for the worst crimes against humanity with its Spanish Inquisition, the killing of the Aztech or Incas or the killing or Red Indians by bible carrying Europeans.

IT is only when scientific reasonings and understanding of the irrationality of religions that secular and humanistic worldview appears.

Maybe hippies are the best people.

Anonymous said...

The world needs more moderate leaders of any religious persuasion and the world also needs to use less fossil fuel! I have no problem with a Malay Najib as my prime minister because I know his late father looked after my family when my father worked for his father! Tun Razak treated my father like a human being and never for once made him feel like a Telugu-Tamil that he was, and I am, I also remember the young Najib asking me "how are you uncle" when I was at the official residence near Masjid Negara!
Orang Melayu dan Orang Malaysia masih tak sedar diri apa yang mereka di anugerahi oleh Tuhan!


Anonymous said...

yes..thumb up too for APCO, judi bola & hub hiburan malam.

Anonymous said...

It is no use to claim that you are a muslim, christian or hindu, if you are unable to use the powers that are given to you in a free aand fair manner.Just take one issue. All of us know that corruption is wrong because in keeping with the principles of all religions we do not tell all that we have accepted bribes. We do not tell anyone including our wives. But our wives and children know that we are living on corrupt money because they know how much you earn monthly either through your Tax Return or the monthly salary slip that leave showing in your drawer.

All people of all religions use religion as a lable. We put it on when we want to and take it off when we want to.Because we know that the little voice that sits on our right shoulder that tell us not to do it does not punish you immediately for making a wrong turn. And every time that little voice does not punish you you become emboldened and continue along the wrong path because you know that when you do something that is wrong you do not have to tell anybody.

That is why in any democracy or even dictatorships strong institutions of government are imperative to keep us all in line. That is why you will notice that when a leader has designs to become a dictator or rule for ever the first thing he does is to weaken the institutions of government through a combination of carrot and stick.And we poor employees of government who must keep up with the monthly bills and the desires of our wives for a car as big as the owned by our neighbours willing accept whatever we are told to do without question.Man is a very clever animal he knows when to say yes when it benefits him. In the end we all become like tha famous Yugoslav saying' Tie The Horse Where Your Boss Wants You To Tie It Even If You Know That It Will Be Found Dead At The Spot You Tied It.

Anonymous said...

To moderation and secularism: You make comments about Christianity because you are prejudiced. You read only what your prejudiced mind would want you to read. If you don't have a lop sided view, only then you can be unprejudiced. What you have commented was very shallow and childish. Not an expert but an amateur.