Saturday, March 19, 2011

Of pseudo-environmentalist, Clare Brown, RPK, Sarawak's development, and failed British prime minister Gorgon (Medusa) Brown!

Gorgon Brown, failed British prime minister, has never been to Sarawak or Malaysia!

Clare Englishwoman with British values who has to go back to England and live under that drab and gray British weather, poor girl, miss Sarawak do you?! Well, you can't go back there now!!

News Update:

Some unseen hands are definitely at work here in so far as misreporting on Sarawak and its economic development.
Failed former British prime minister, Gorgon Brown, once suggested more bio-fuel to be used in the world and urged countries like Malaysia to cut down more trees to plant oil palm, but as for Malaysia we know better than how much jungle or forest to be utilised for farming and plantation purposes.
It was mentioned that Britain hundred years ago was 100 per cent forested but now less than 10 per cent is forest. More than 60 per cent is agriculture land. But Sarawak wants to turn only 25 per cent of its vast forest into agriculture land and yet they blame us for destroying our forest.
Remarks by Gorgon Brown (who has never been to Malaysia let alone Sarawak) and his armchair environmentalist sister-in-law Clare Brown, were out of sync with the real picture, but then if you are being paid, like former US Ambassador to Malaysia John Malott is, to write and to smear us, eventually, as they say, truth will prevail! Read more here to know more about the lies!!


There is this very interesting website called "Sarawak Reports" with an "s", about Raja Petra Kamaruddin's (RPK) relentless jibing at the Malaysian government.
This one is about the Reports' insinuation that RPK is really hoping to get a position if Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) gets to power.

The article in the Sarawak Reports (with an s) is critical of how foreign journalist and activist like Clare Brown, the sister-in-law of the failed British prime minister Gordon Brown, who consciously left out the development aspect of Sarawak under Chief Minister Taib Mahmud rules. Read more here.

The truth of the matter is bleeding heart liberals like Clare Brown, who loves to romanticize the glory of the "White Rajah of Sarawak", still wants to see Sarawakians to live on trees and to still wear loin cloth and to be half-naked! Read more here. and here!


Anonymous said...

Hei what do you expect from orang puteh, they would rather we keep the forest totally intact and people to just live by the river!

Have you see the forest that they felled down in America and Canada? They ever cut down the gigantic prehistoric red fine wood or what the North Indian called Sequoia!

not a pseudo environmentalist for sure!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11;12 PM. You have left out a very important point in your otherwise cogent argument.Please also refer to how the majority of people of US and Canada are living. Then let the people of Sarawak decide as to who they want to fell their forest. Thank You

Anonymous said...

I do not think that Malaysians are against the use of the forest.But it must be used to get us out of this 'kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang' syndrome faced by almost half the population.

Anonymous said...

And by the way I thought that you hade nude photos of Clare Brown. Please post them.