Sunday, April 10, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim: An international chameleon, but in Sarawak it is not so easy

By Sarawak Reports

Anwar Ibrahim is a man of many resources. He is also an excellent communicator.

He has spent years building an international network of friends and allies in Washington, London, Canberra and Hong Kong in political, media, and in think tank circles, and he behaves like a man who has a large team of international advisers working for him, whether he does or not.

Outside of Sarawak and outside of Malaysia, Anwar has a wonderful tool kit of messages and sound-bites that he deploys from time to time. He uses them where and when he needs them, and always with a single and overpowering opportunistic goal in mind: of trying to poison the reputation of his domestic rivals, and of trying to find a way to unseat the democratically elected Government of Malaysia and get the job of prime minister for himself, a job that he was once promised by his mentor, Tun Mahathir Mohamed, back in the 1990s (before Anwar made the mistake of trying to unseat Tun M and trying to launch a palace coup that ended up with him losing the battle). Read further here!

Or you can read the Mandarin version here: 安华·依布拉欣:一条国际变色龙,然而在砂拉越却不那么容易!


Anonymous said...


I hope you're right here.

But the Chinese votes - as in Peninsular - are as good as gone. Lets not mince words about that fact.

Funny though, coz I've always thought that Chinese were people with long-term view of things, a stable biz. environment in particular.

Maybe pure greed have gotten the better of them, not contented with just dominating this country's economy, but also wanting its political mantle too.

So they've decided to throw their lot behind Liwath the Judas, DAP & co.Sadly, it WILL inevitably be to their detriment to think that the Malay majority are a bunch of pussies.



Anonymous said...

Lock, how I wish all of these stupid Malays are as aware as you. They think by giving up their rights will make them a better citizen in a country that will be ruled by the likes of DAP, and PAP!?
As it is now they ARE a bunch of pussies that cannot think for themselves and to be constantly tricked by people like Anwar Ibrahim who is going to gadai this country to Lim Kit Siang and Co!!!

A non-pussy Melayu!

Anonymous said...

Long live, Anwar, the future PM of Malaysia

Anonymous said...

"Long live, Anwar, the future PM of Malaysia

April 12, 2011 6:33 PM"

Over our dead bodies that he will!!

Anak Patriot Melayu!