Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is not well and his family must tell him so!

The man snigger when a Malay members of the opposition gives a press conference!

I am convinced that it is him on the video take!

What I find so tragic is to see a picture of desperate Malays - Wan Azizah, Nurul Izzah and that stuttering Malay turncoat of a traitor Khalid Ibrahim - trying desperately to defend Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI), caught in a sex video which is now being viewed by the whole wide world!

I also find it more tragic to see how these four desperate Melayus still being advised by this one very smug and arrogant Baie lawyer, who snigger every time a press conference is given out by members of the Malay opposition party condemning the ruling party.

This baie would love to see the Malays confused and scattered politically so that they,, the DAP/PAP, can take over!

For the record let me say it now or forever I shall hold my piece (not peace), that I loath this BABI not because he is a homo-heterosexual serial sex offender-type, that is his business, but because of what he really is! The biggest hypocrite this country has ever known!!

I loath him because he tried to sell this - during an economic crunch -to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, I loath him for being the greatest hypocrite that this century have ever known, especially to the Malays and Malaysians who feel the same as I do.

I loath him because he uses Islam, a great religion, to manipulate the masses for his own personal gain. This BABI has no compunction in setting this multi-racial country to flame as long as he can achieve his ambition of becoming a prime minister.

Unfortunately for this bastard, God is even greater that at long last we are getting a real glimpse of what this man really is made out of.

I have no doubt in my mind and convinced that the man shown in the one minute video clip on You Tube is non other than him. For a man who constantly in his arrogant streak mode saying "catch me if you can" has actually been caught and on tape!

I implore on those who support him to think again and again that this man is a sick man and a serial sex addict who needs serious treatment! However, his family must not be in a denial mode thinking the husband and father they love is a normal person!

He is so truly not well, and in dire need of your help!

Having said that I must say my prayer goes to the family who has to endure so much hardship for one man madness, just not fair!


dawai koko+ said...

kepala bapak hang!

Anonymous said...


Spot on there ! The world's biggest hypocrite + the arguably as Dato'Nalla his erstwhile tennis buddy & pimp said, "greatest actor of all times, besting even the late great P Ramlee"

A serial unrepentant liar,a perpetual hypocrite & a conniving show-man, being all talk & noise, but ZERO substance & delivery like him, must NEVER be allowed to lead this promising multi-racial nation. HABIS TERBAKAQ NANTI



Anonymous said...

Bro, luckily I don't believe in this fellow since his stint as the education minister. I have no sympathy for his family and all his diehard followers,just feeling sorry for their stupidity and denial, while they should know better and can change the situation.

Anonymous said...

well said bro

Anonymous said...

Your photograph looks a photograph like being photoshoped with Anwar's head !

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you....


Anonymous said...

wow nobody ever had sex with another women besides their wives ever,must be living in gaga land.

Pasquale said...

Anonymous you will be surprise that many men remain loyal to one partner! But if you need to do it I hope it is not with a prostitute, imAgine if Anwar had contracted hiv positive he could give it to his wife and to all of his other sleeping g partners men and women!

Pasquale said...

The picture that appears in my blog was taken from the video clip posted and it is definitely not photoshopped, you moron!!

Anonymous said...

A set-up and Anwar walked right into it. It is positively Anwar but his fan club still does not believed it's him. What do you do with people who are obsessed with Anwar? offer their backsides to him maybe. Anwar would not refused anything depan or belakang.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:01am is a real moron for putting such a statement. Pity on you dude...tsk,tsk,tsk...
Now why don't they just show to public that damn Omega watch if they have it??!!!

Anonymous said...

I was not surprise when Azizah said the guy in the video was not Anwar.
That was expected.
What if she had said that she was the lady in the video.
I won't be surprise either.

Mat Cendana said...

I used to be one of his ultra zealots since 1998... and right until October 2008 (due to the `bad influence' of KijangMas).

What I loath most about him is this: the willingness to sell out Malay rights as specified under Article 153 of the Constitution... just so he'd get the non-Malay votes, and fulfill his desire to be the Prime Minister. Because of this, he (and whoever who try to rescind or dilute Article 153) becomes my enemy... and I have no sympathies toward those who try to mess around with Article 153.

Anonymous said...

Nothing's wrong to have ambition to be PM, moron!

Ghaf said...

"If the actions contradict the words, then the words mean nothing."
— Crimson D. Rose

Pictures tell stories . One minute and forty seven seconds clip tell action . The twenty minutes will tell us action movies .

With all the pictures posted in the media telling words of defense . I am not convinced .

The words of defense amplify by the family , still I am not convinced .

Even the words from the main actor telling us that he is not the one .

Further , I am still not convinced because ;

"I always tell the truth. Even when I lie."
— Al Pacino

Anonymous said...

Salam obersi,
Wan Azizah can't even answer that one question on her own, her dad Datuk Wan Ismail even wrote something on a piece of small paper and gave it to her, must be to help her to answer that question. I sympathyzed with him for being dragged into so much controversy which are not of his own doing. Pak Wan is a true Malay gentleman and a nice person, we know him and his family personally.
Blogger without a Blog site,


Pasquale said...

There is nothing wrong in. having an ambition to want to be a prime minister, but one must have a realistic ambition that is, moron!

Black said...

Dari Sayyidina Ali ;
"Penghancur punggungku di dunia ini ada dua orang, iaitu orang yang pandai berbicara namun dirinya seorang yg fasik dan orang yg bodoh namun selalu tekun beribadah. Yang seorang akan membela kefasikan dgn lidahnya sedangkan yg seorang lagi akan membela kebodohan dgn ibadahnya. Berhati-hatilah dari para cerdik pandai yg fasik dan para ahli ibadah yg bodoh. Kerana mereka adalah sebesar-besar fitnah bagi setiap orang yg mudah terpedaya."

Sekoq BABI....sekoq lagi???

Anonymous said...

I'm sure his supporters know anwar well, but for political reasons felt compelled to protect him.

Only zizah and izzah can bring him to his knees but that would mean their family will collapse.

Karpal who loudly claim to the world that anwar harus bertaubat is now defending him against immoral act.

So much circus and the world is kept entertained by anwar who is hell bent on fulfilling his lust to the detriment of his family, his country, his race, his religion and most of all himself.

Anonymous said...

to all anwarista morons out there!

who is the other guy in the video? is not him the same "whistleblower" that gave the PC recently.

what does that tell you all morons. if he was there when all this happened, does not that testified that it indeed had taken place.

common sense will tell you that.

-pak moi.

Anonymous said...

to all anwarista morons out there!

who is the other guy in the video? is not him the same "whistleblower" that gave the PC recently.

what does that tell you all morons. if he was there when all this happened, does not that testified that it indeed had taken place.

common sense will tell you that.

-pak moi.

Freddie Kevin said...

Mr Pasquale,

You are not quite right,

"I loath him for being the greatest hypocrite that this century have ever known"

..this century and the last!

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Well at least look for those people in power. Are they clean,honest and responsible people? How bout corruption,greed,malpractices,cronyism etc etc etc. Rich become richer...poor become poorer.Anwar might be guilty but others in power? think......

Anonymous said...

believe in karma
it will come back to haunt you & your family
either anwarista or umnoese

goof luck you all

kassim ahmed

Anonymous said...

Sebagai seorang yang bergelar isteri, saya bersimpati dengan Wan Azizah. Dalam situasi beliau, saya juga akan membela suami dan menutup aib suami. Selagi saya bergelar isteri, saya akan merasakan satu kewajipan untuk memberi sokongan moral kepada suami, selagi dia tidak menduakan Tuhan. Dan saya rasa apa yang Anwar Ibrahim lakukan tidak sampai ke tahap syirik.

Tapi berbeza antara saya dengan Wan Azizah (mungkin), saya tak akan membiarkan diri terus menjadi sebahagian daripada satu perkongsian hidup yang tidak bahagia, kerana saya menganggap diri saya seorang isteri yang baik, oleh itu berhak mendapat kebahagiaan dalam perkahwinan. Dan saya yakin, Wan Azizah juga seorang isteri yang baik.

A good wife does not deserve to be part of an unhappy marriage, and being in a marriage which is rife with scandalous allegations is certainly a sad thing and a bad marriage.

From the point of political survival, perhaps Wan Azizah (using her female brain) feels that it's worth sacrificing her happiness and wellbeing for the sake of the party and her husband's continued political relevance. Memang fikrah wanita sentiasa bersedia berkorban demi anak, demi suami, walaupun memakan diri. Dalam hal ini, Wan Azizah memang seorang wanita yang mempunyai ciri-ciri seumpama itu. Beliau seorang yang mudah disenangi. She has a pleasant personality. If you ask me, Anwar needs her more than she needs him. I think many remain with the party because of her - she endears herself to them because of her personality. They are fond of their Kak Wan, and they also respect Pak Wan.

This is for Wan Azizah - from a woman to another (if she ever gets to read this): Sometimes we "...have to be cruel only to be kind". As a wife, not defending her husband is cruel, because there is also the self-esteem of the children to think of. But in the long run, that would be the kindest cut, because then, she will inadvertently force her sick husband (whom I believe is a "sexacoholic" - if such a term can be coined to describe someone who is addicted to sex) to repent and return to the right path.

After all, we are all beholden to the Creator. Even our own body, our heart and our soul, are on loan from the Creator. Malu kita sepatutnya kepada Tuhan, bukan kepada manusia. Malu kita sepatutnya kerana tidak mengikut perintah Tuhan (untuk tidak melindungi yang salah, dan menidakkan yang benar). Mungkin sudah tiba masanya Wan Azizah memulakan kehidupan baru tanpa Anwar Ibrahim. Only then, can she release herself from the obligation a wife has to fulfil in defence of the husband - however heavy the burden.

Saya doakan semoga Wan Azizah akan terbuka hati untuk mencari kebenaran dan kuatkan semangat untuk memperjuangkan kebenaran lillahi ta'ala, dalam sisa-sisa hidupnya sebagai khalifah Allah di muka bumi. Lantaran, bila dalam kubur nanti, tak akan ada Anwar akan membela dia, tak akan ada anak yang boleh membantu kecuali anak-anak yang soleh dan solehah, tak akan ada ahli parti yang dapat membantu melapangkan liang lahad.

Just another wife

Anonymous said...

Mr Pasquale,

For your eyes only (if you haven't already known) - don't want to mess up with any legal proceedings. The video was planted by the owner of the hotel - only the Chinaman knows what for, but certainly not to trap Anwar.

It seems that Dato' Eskay felt a strong urge to repent and not be proxy to some sinful act. Mungkin kalau Anwar diberi hidayah, dia pun akan terbuka hati nak bertaubat, macam Eskay.

Unfortunately for Eskay, help was sought from Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik - who lost his credibility long time ago in the case involving the pregnant underaged girl. Eskay should have sought some credible personality to help with the expose.

Anyway, although it's true that the man in the video is Anwar, and it's true that the Omega watch is Anwar's (with inscription from some Arab king), its now a question of managing public perception and winning over their confidence.

Sebab, sekarang ni, masyarakat umum, khususnya masyarakat Melayu, rasa kurang senang keaiban orang yang sama dijaja untuk kali kedua. UMNO is losing credibility because of Rahim Thamby Chik _ who should have been wise enough to help Eskay find a better solution than what he had done. Eskay is definitely not a politician... he is just a repentant Muslim who is sick of being made use of by Anwar to arrange for women.

I am a government servant who is loyal to the government of the day. But sometimes showing our support by smearing the reputation of the other side should be the last MO to gain more support for the ruling party. Why not use some psy-war strategies?

Where I work, people are just fed-up with news on Anwar's video on tele and in the papers. Could you not use your political thinking cap, for now?

Anonymous said...

I am still puzzled how they are still die hard fans of anwar after the exposure of his sex video. I think only the learned knows whether the video is superimposed or not. The not so learned one will continue to deny the truth.

Anonymous said...


You must be the biggest moron to believe that it is Anwar. All who claims it is Anwar are those intending to bury him because they are so afraid of him becoming the next PM. Only the Al Mighty knows why they are afraid. Members of UMNO for sure are his worst enemies because they are afraid they will miss their soru.....if Anwar becomes the next PM