Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim speaks with forked tongue!!


News update!

Fresh off his latest round of two-faced campaigning, Anwar Ibrahim faces a different crisis apparently of his own making: One of the most prominent Malaysian bloggers, a huge supporter of the opposition and an avowed friend of batty left-winger Clare Rewcastle Brown, Raja Petra Kamaruddin has recanted a sworn statement he made some years ago, and implicated Anwar in what appears to be his perjury. Read Anwar Ibrahim's Web Begins to Unravel: Prominent Allied Blogger Breaks Ranks!

News update!

Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan of PBS also told the people of Ba' klalan in Sarawak not to trust the leader of the opposition Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, he said Anwar is not to be trusted as he is a pathological liar and will always be one. Read more here...

Pairin also said in the issues of the word "Allah" BN tried to resolve the problem amicably and this was not mentioned by Anwar during his campaign trail.

Meanwhile as far back as 1986 when Anwar was in power as an education minister with the BN government, he has decided the word Allah could not be use by in the Bahasa version bible "Al kitab" and today, as any convincing pathological would do, tries to be a hero in championing the use of the word Allah in the Bible just to get political support. Read here for more his lies...

When Anwar visits with PAS strongholds in peninsular Malaysia, he is clear to take credit for bringing the Islamic extremists into his coalition; when he visits the Chinese communities in Sarawak, he is not quite so clear that he supports a party that wants to make alcohol illegal, make the murder of a non-Muslim by a Muslim less of an offense than the murder of a Muslim by a non-Muslim, and, oh yes, supports turning Malaysia into an Islamic state.

The Chinese community here is one of, if not the greatest, driver of entrepreneurialism and private wealth creation, and private Catholic and Protestant Christian schools are a source of great pride. It is terribly unlikely that they would roar with approval if they knew that Anwar was helping advance the end of those things.

So Anwar plays a double game. Before Islamist constituencies on the peninsula, he is a man who supports the imposition of sh’ria. Before Chinese Christians and moderates in Sarawak, he is a man more sinned against than sinning, a man whose only crime is bringing together an opposition to face off against a governing coalition that is transforming Malaysia into a developed state.

The Sarawak state elections conclude on Saturday. It will be interesting to see if Anwar can keep the dirty side of his past out of the spotlight a little longer. Hey! Read more here!


Anonymous said...

Whatever sins committed by Anwar is only a kacang putih if compared to Taib Mahmud. This king of corruption is going to lose ALL his pants down in the coming Sarawak state election.

Anonymous said...

Even the snakes & biawaks will give BABI a wide berth.

However, sad to say S’wakians may be willing to live with two-legged snakes than another day with the real beast of Sarawak and I’m not talking of the carcass of Bujang Senang here. It’s TM, who has been “rapaciously devouring” S’wak for the past 3 decades.

DS Najib tak baca SB report ka? I’m afraid BN’s in for a mauling here. And if he doesn’t wanna go P Lah’s way, then he better not follow sleepy head’s habit of disregarding any view which runs contrary to his beliefs.

Jack Welch, the successful GE CEO, was known for starting all key business meetings with the phrase: “What’s the reality here?” One wins by Reality Planning and is bound to be crushed by Wishful Thinking.


Pasquale said...

Lock, good day to you in Vancouver, but we will just have to wait and see, I think BN will get the 2/3 majority ++ and then I am sure TM will announce his retirement!

But to make Anwar (third generations Muslim whose grandfather Rama Iyer was a Brahmin) to win this elections has got to be the biggest sin Malaysians or Sarawakians can ever commit! Let common sense prevails and according to RPK Anwar is the biggest liar that this country ever produced!

Anonymous said...


I'm praying for that too. Amin.

Enjoy VanKong Bro !


Anonymous said...

TM the tribe king suddenly disappears from all election campaigns in Sarawak. Why ah, Fat Bird?

Pasquale said...

"TM the tribe king suddenly disappears from all election campaigns in Sarawak. Why ah, Fat Bird? April 15, 2011 9:28 AM'"

Hei every now and then I will pick and choose who should be given and deserve the Moron of the Month award, you are the lucky one!
My thought on you is just be a man and clear your mind of any bad thought, TM is still in the campaigns in Sarawak it is just that your heart and eyes are actually blind to see and feel!

A.John said...

anwar is not a liar. he makes use of everyone for his gain. This has been the way since his campus days. Only after one has been made use of and thrown aside, he is branded a liar by the " victims ' of his charade. But then mahathir also made use of " Anwar of Abim" to shore up his Islamic credentials!; only later to fall apart ! Politics !

Anonymous said...

Moron, I just can't wait to see your beloved corrupt nepotist TM drops his pants tonight. Hehehe!

Pasquale said...

"Moron, I just can't wait to see your beloved corrupt nepotist TM drops his pants tonight. Hehehe!

April 16, 2011 11:24 AM"

You know what moron he still got his pants on!

Anonymous said...

"What TM was doing, paying ALL in order to win. He even paid RPK, PKR, PR, makcik, tok, nenek...semua....."
apa bodoh punya statement.
Asal BEnd buat baik je...'mesti ada org yg bayar', '..berapa dapat bayaran'...suma bodoh punya statement. Kata supporters BN buta duit...Wei Bro, lu sudah lupa ka?

Anonymous said...

DAP is a real moron..
Cina tak sedar diri..
bagi betis nak paha..
U can use PKR and PAS as your horse..
Ride them to your destination..
Shoot them once you have reach your destination..