Monday, April 25, 2011

PM: Net Freedom is pledged and guaranteed! But where is Rais!

Asean and local participants of MARBC..

It was a great and significant event last week when Malaysian bloggers, headed by Blog House (BHM) Malaysia, to successfully organised the first ever two-day 1st Malaysian-ASEAN Regional Bloggers Conference at Intercontinental Hotel, a former Nikko Hotel. (I love it when I can mentioned a hotel name in this write up, I remember as a journalist we were told not to mention hotel names and we always say a "leading hoooootel in Kuala Lupur" when we report events.

Blogging is so refreshing, now that our Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak promised to keep the government's word that it will not censor the Internet, even though some countries have called for such control.

The prime minister, and his wife, was accompanied by former prime minister Tun Mahathir and his wife. The speeches were great too.

My only question to the organiser, and to BHM advisor Datuk Rockybru is how come the Information Minister Rais Yatim was not there after all he is in charge of monitoring the blogosphere?

I was told that Prime Minister Najib asked him how come Rais was not there, and I was told that Rocky said he forgot?! Regardless Datuk Rocky it is your house you can invite or not invite anyone that you like or not like. Anyway with or without the Information Minister the event went very smoothly.

Anyway well done and I was told Najib was very happy with your event, and I have never seen Rosmah to be very happy throughout, with or without Rais!

PS. As for you Rosmah you must always be like that at every event that you and your husband will be attending form now on!! Cheers!


L Lim said...

Still crazy, still racist, hiding behind the skirts of a foreign wife, a pariah-wannabee-sophisticate. A lunatic asylum is where you belong. There you can rave and rant long in your strait jacket and nobody will hear or care. Ptui!

Ruby Bakar said...

Hi pariah, you really need your head examined lah. You are so barking mad. Only a lunatic asylum can contain your madness so do yourself a favour and check in lah.

Noor Islam said...

Dear dear dear! Cowardly as well. It's all right to lambast and accuse people but cannot take your own medicine. Truly a person or rather specie which is deluded. Gila lah. Masok tanjung rambutan cepat cepat. Gila babi. Makan babi ke?

Anonymous said...

Utusan is Muhyiddin’s voice against Najib

Correct, correct, correct. Itu muka nantang is also the voice of Mother of all Racism MAHAthir against present administration.


Anonymous said...

Magpie just write how you feel I am with you!


Anonymous said...

Pasquale lets move on lets not talk about the has been Rais there morento life than him!


Anonymous said...

Pasquale lets move on lets not talk about the has been Rais there morento life than him!


Anonymous said...

Off Subject. It is ironic that DAP which is a multi-racial pary by constitution is being branded as racist!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, in thE Federal Socialist republic of Yugoslavia they also had freedom of religion. But the chairs were removed from all churches by the authorities..