Friday, April 01, 2011

This Karpal Singh is such a pathetic double standard and an unhappy hypocrite!

This man is too arrogant even for his own good!

Reprinted from the Star without permission and what the heck!

Wonder what happened to him during his early childhood. This is one anti-Everything Melayu Baie who is so very much taxing to my patient for a long time now. He is such a hypocritical person of a Sikh origin who wants nothing but bad things for this country. Read and judge for yourself:

Karpal reminded of stand on screening sex clips

PETALING JAYA: DAP national chairman Karpal Singh has been reminded that he once defended the screening of a blue tape and even invited MPs to view it.

Kita central committee member Muhammad Firdaus Christopher challenged Karpal to stick by the stand he took 22 years ago when he said the Home Minister could allow the viewing of sex videos.

Muhammad Firdaus reminded the Bukit Gelugor MP that he had made the statement when exposing the video implicating former Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker D.P. Vijandran in 1989.

“Karpal had even called on Barisan Nasional and Opposition reps to watch the sex video together to ascertain if the actor in the video was indeed the then MIC secretary-general,” he said, quoting a New Straits Times report on Dec 18, 1989.

The paper also reported Karpal as saying there was a provision in the Film (Censorship) Act 1952 for the Home Minister to allow viewing of obscene material.

“Therefore, Karpal should not retract what he had said 22 years ago just to protect a certain Pakatan Rakyat leader implicated in the latest sex video scandal,'' Muhammad Firdaus said.

Karpal recently called for the arrest of the so-called Datuk T trio after the three men screened to a selected audience a recording that showed a foreign woman, believed to be a prostitute, with a man said to resemble Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The three businessman Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, Perkasa treasurer-general Datuk Shuaib Lazim and former Malacca chief minister Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik surrendered the original footage to the police after Anwar lodged a police report to deny he was the man in the video.

Several politicians, including one-time ally Padang Serai MP N. Gobalakrishnan, have since taken Karpal and the DAP to task over their stand on the sex video scandal which the party had described as “gutter politics”.

Muhammad Firdaus said: “Karpal had exposed a sex video in the past.

“But now, he is asking the police to arrest the people who had also exposed a sex video although the group had claimed they were doing it in the interest of the nation.

“Such double standards and hypocrisy!''


Anonymous said...

The law is only interested in evidence. If morality is taken into account, then Karpal would have been out of business a long time ago.

matdeboq said...

Royal Commission..!!!
RC is only applicable to BNs, government agencies,pro-government organisations, any NGOs or individual's. Who ever just a little bit's seem to be anti-oppositions party.

RC are not mean for the PRs or their sympathiser. ..!!!

Anonymous said...

Lawyers are humans too. Sometimes they forget, and hope others forget too.

The important thing to note is the intention. Vijendran was an enemy, so he must be villified.

Anwar was an enemy but his sins have been washed away by joining the gang. He will be villified again if he leaves the gang.

Anonymous said...

Itu loyar burok stay in politik for survivality of their loyar burok business. Otherwise go kaput.This is another anak beranak business.

Anonymous said...

Karpal Singh, I salute you!

Tiunia Singh

Anonymous said...

This Bai'e is really hypocrite pundek...

KOLE AYAN said...

Tuan Editor, Harap dapat link kan ke website kami.
htpp:// Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

Putar belit macam ular...
Asalkan dapat menang di court..dia masyukkkkkk..
Peduli apa!!!
Malaysia ni bukan dia punya..

Anonymous said...

Karpal sudah jawab:
sekarang apa mau spin lagi?

Pasquale said...

Hei bodoh, patut dia lama Sudan jawab, lepas ken a public pressure baru in baie mengalah!

Anonymous said...

Biasalah Sikh pundek dia putar alam punya org lagi bangsat dari paraih. Dia punya anak-anak pun sama Sikh muntat pundek. Kapal is SIKH PUNDEK AND SIKH PARIAH REAL SIKHS ARE GOOD THEY WARE TURBAN THESE PUNDEK DON'T. THE WHOLE FAMILY IS A BUNCH OF PUNDEK.

Ghaf said...

What do you expect from an old goat Sikh who cuts his hair . He is not only an hypocrite but he is like the unbeliever , dog and Satanist who will find no place in the Court of his God .

He has made himself dishonorable , unshorn hair is one of the commandments of the Sikh religion . Karpal Singh is the living model of a Sikh who dishonored one of the four cardinal sins in the teaching of Guru Nanak . He had committed sinful act on the day he cut his hair which was told never to commit . Yet he did it .

If he could dishonored the fundamental teaching of Guru Nanak and did what his Guru told him not to do , you know what I mean and the person he his .