Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood mourns the death of Osama!

Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead (sorry Jen to use your phrase)

Birds of a feather flock together! Qaradawi of the Muslim Brotherhood and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim!

Really, the bad news is, did it occur to everyone that Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim never really condemns the 9/11 attacks on New York about 10 years ago where about 3,000 people died? And yet he was proclaimed by neo-conservative stiff like Wolfowitz, Al Gore and Cohen as friend of the United States of America?

The good news for pro-life citizens of the world is that Osama Bin Laden, the chief architect of the 9/11, is now dead killed in Abbottabad, in Pakistan, by the US combined forces.

We do know now that Osama was THE main patron of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and a close friend of another prominent MB Egyptian Yusuf al Qaradawi. Qaradawi as we now know is also a close friend and associate of Brother Anwar!!! So Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is saddened by Osama's here on what he is really made out of!!
MB in Egypt is now referring and calling Osama a saint and it this is not a moderate group as they have claimed themselves to here!

As said by Prime Minister Najib Razak that violence begets violence and that is why the leader of Al Qaeda is now dead.

He said while it took the US ten years to track and hunt down Osama, they did it because "when you use violence to kill civilians, the side that feels victimised will retaliate" no matter how long it will take.

It is as though Najib is saying that the same applies to those who spread lies and mayhem in this country will be dealt with accordingly, no matter how long it will take!

P/S. All these while NATO and the US forces have been fighting and occupying a wrong country to get rid of extremism and Osama. They should have invaded Pakistan instead of Afghanistan! I was in Afghanistan in the late sixties and I found the people of Afghanistan were peace loving and friendly, unlike the belligerent Pakistanis at that time!


Anonymous said...


From what I've read, one can infer that the Yanks are actually trepidating over Pakistan, the one with the nuclear trigger.

But as you say, Pakis are by nature fanatical & belligerent people so the US have to tread a fine line there, what with the Indians breathing down on American necks for the perceived support of Pakistan.

I think the next surgical strike will be on Pakistani nuclear sites coz if those Taleban-loving Paki generals seize the trigger....God help us all.



Anonymous said...

He is long dead, it's just that the US needed him to be the bogeyman.

Anonymous said...

Two wrongs do not a right make.

freemalaysiakini said...

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Anonymous said...

Malays cannot compete in the world arena and then turned to religion for comfort, then follow this fella Anwar who has the gift for gabbing in religion!


bumi-non-malay said...

Itu Sultan Kelantan Derharka curi tahkta Bapak...Memalukan sungguh Kalau begini mitos Sultan "Defender of Islam Malaysia".... apa pendapat awak??? Suka2 boleh derhaka bapak...bangsa lain tak nak pakai songkok kata Derharka....Yang mana lebih Serius?? Bukalah mata oh orang melayu Islam yang sering menghina Allah......Kalau boleh cuba agama lain yang tak Hina Allah macam kamu...jenis melayu Islam UMNO.... Nak Khawin baru pulak....nak cahaya mata anak lelaki...takut adik curi thakta dari dia.... Osama dah mati...Hari Baik untuk Dunia...