Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How Love Corrupts: The Story of a Weiner, an Anwar, and a Frenchman

A Weiner!

A Frenchman!

And an Anwar...!

Surfing through the net and found this interesting article written by an American writer, Benjamin Domenech, who made a very interesting observation on world politics and of Malaysia especially and he has been writing quiet a bit on our Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim. Below is an excerpt...

I’ve made no secret of the fact of my distaste for Anwar Ibrahim, and not just because he’s the Muslim Brotherhood’s kept man, and not just because his choice of coalition partners includes a band of hardcore socialists and Islamists who regretted not being able to shoot Americans during the invasion of Afghanistan. But I will freely confess that he is a terribly interesting person — and one clearly suffering from the same encompassing wave of uncritical love that enabled Congressman Weiner to telegraph his eponymous body part to any woman he felt would want to see it.

In Anwar’s case, that love — from Western media and politicians who should know better, from Malaysian websites that uncritically regurgitate his talking points, from his bands of loyal followers — has at the very least deluded him into a sort of messianism, where the democratically elected government of Malaysia is Olympus to his Prometheus. At the worst, if the allegations against him are true, it has led him to believe that forced sodomy and infidelity are excusable for him.

Anwar is fascinating not for his apparent proclivity to do vile things — small men do small things, and there are many small men in the world — but for the uncritical love he inspires from men who should know better, and how he reinforces that love while allegedly doing terrible things; the reinforced love simply provides him another buffer to continue the range of behaviors that make him so vile. Like Dominique Strauss Kahn, whose alleged proclivities to serial infidelity and at times (still allegedly!) brutalization of women were quietly known and ignored or excused, Anwar has generated the sort of blind loyalty that leads men to suicide charges into set pike formations. Strauss-Kahn is a complete puzzle, a short, dumpy man possessed of neither good looks nor telegenic charm, who has nevertheless apparently managed to gain a reputation as a Lothario (a feat comparable Michael Moore winning acclaim as a dieting expert) and qho nearly rose to the highest levels of power in French politics. Anwar and Weiner at least know the value of making the cameraman feel like you’re smiling just for him. Read more here


Anonymous said...

"Keris soaking in Chinese blood", "Lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu"

How can such words mouth-shitting out by a leader of a multi racial country!!??

Anonymous said...

You cannot cowed us Malays into not being a racist but yet you can call us many names including insulting our Malay system and our king and throwing pigs heads I our mosque?

A kerisman!

Anonymous said...

Sex crimes are worse than crime related to corruption. Unfortunately evidence in the former is not protected bt the OSA while the volume of evidence in the latter is protected by the OSA. If something is not done you will see a rise in the exposure of sex crimes throughout the world to get rid of corrupt politicians.

Anonymous said...

Sex crimes!!! Does that mean the whole cabinet, half the MPs, and 3/4 of representatives of Tanah Melay are guilty as charged?

Anonymous said...

Why compare Anwar to them?
Anwar tu Melayu and agama Islam. They are bangsa lain and agama lain. A better example should be MCA's President.

Gajah didepan mata like Datuk Trio, Ministers, Ambassadors, MPs, State Assemblymen etc etc. also a good comparison.

Why compare only on sex? That is not the only evil in life, man. What about other criminal acts like corruption, bribery, abuse of powers, rascism, stealing etc etc

Homophobic said...

Hey fuckers,

Why the need of comparing Anwar with other Malaysian MPs? It is not about double standard, but it is an open secret that only one person have that grandiose ambition to be Prime Minister - that BABI Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim.. Chua Soi Lek can fu** as many mitresses he wants, because he will never be our PM. So let's just focus on BABI.

Most of his followers must be proud to have a bisexual who is able to screw both men and women as our PM, but I will be ashamed. I will be ashamed if such hypocrite, who's dick has been watched by many around the world, is to lead my country. "Hey look, that guy, the Malaysian leader visits our county. I watched his dick the other day on some porn site!"

And I won't be surprised that BABI will shag a donkey if that brings him the Putrajaya throne!

Anonymous said...

Homophobic! Ditto! Actually I am sick and tired of Stupid Malaysian who cannot see the forest for the tree! Homosapien!