Saturday, June 25, 2011

Let the people decide whether if it is Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim!

You decide if you are capable, eh!

Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak said the public can decide whether the man featured in a sex video clipping is indeed that of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.
"This is something they have to judge for themselves. The most important thing is to determine the authenticity and find the truth. It's up ton the people to decide," he said recently.
My only problem is if the video is authentic and the man may turned out to be the leader of the opposition, then the police report that he made to pronounce the video was doctored and the man featured in it was not him was false, shouldn't he then be also charged for making a false report? Isn't it against the law to do such thing?
Or may be he thinks the laws in this country is a joke!? He probably said to himself: "Hey I can fucked Malaysian judicial system and laws at any time to my liking and nobody can touch me-(sniggered)."
Well, as far as I am concerned the man feature in the sex video clipping is that man. There is no doubt in my mind that it is him! You decide then! Read further here....


Anonymous said...

3 cheers to Larry, Moe and Curly.

Malaysia Boleh!

A man who admitted being a porn star becomes a President of a BN party and is worshipped.

A man who does not admit is being crucified and ridiculed.

Only Zizah knows what everyone does not know and she is his wife and no experts in the world can challenge that.

Where is the China Doll? She seems to be the next best witness besides Zizah? Go get her whoever is interested in knowing the truth.

Anonymous said...

Third world countries redicule the US whenever they have an opportunity. And yet today our courts have accepted the finding by an American expert that the man ib the Tape is YAB anwar. Yes Anon 10;42 look for the China Doll she is the only person who can confirm that. Please do not bring the US into this argument President Obama has his hands full.
Over to you PDRM to show your mettal.

Ayah Man said...

Not about making a decision. Its about drawing a conclusion using your pair of eyes. Making objective and thruthful comparison. Looking at the differences, similarities and affirming all factual details.
A pseudo leader, a likely future PM of Malaysia then soon after shall turn into a pariah nation leading the rest of the world perhaps in PORN economy.

Anonymous said...

jijah knows it's her man - when she testify she should hold the Quran in both her hands

we then watch closely the beads of perspiration start flowing down her temples

Anak Jati Selangor said...

Come on guys, whats so great about
anwar? I dont undstand why PKR and PAS so defending of him. Move ahead on ur own strength, not this guy pls!

Anonymous said...

Why no one interested in the China Doll as witness?

For stealing an expensive and branded watch as reported, she won't easily forget the customer whoever it is.

Anyone tried reading her lips when she spoke to Eskay in the video shot? She seems to be saying "There is a camera in the bathroom".

bolehbird said...

where's the picture of the back of his head? side profile? stomach? other angles of his face? please la, kalau nak spin pun belajar dari abang Rocky engko sikit le, lebih pandai cover. Put a little bit balance to your spin, baru boleh win over the remaining 30%. As it stands, you look more like a blithering idiot with posting that set of pictures.

Anonymous said...

Are u sure u want people to decide.? Can we decide on the Mongolian murder too?

Anonymous said...

'Where is the china Doll? She is the only one who can say it was anwar besides Zizah.'
Don't forget that Dato' Eskay was there at that time and in fact he appeared in the video, and he said the person having sex(and oral sex) with cinadoll was anwar. That fact was 99.99% confirmed by the American experts.
Btw,zizah has denied it was anwar without even watching the video. It's not surprising because she is a politician and she and family have everything to lose by admitting to the truth.

Ghaf said...

The farther , mother and daughter love to spend time in their spaciously home built-in Jacuzzi at least once in a fortnight .

In the Jacuzzi , they are not allow to be totally naked . It is against the family rule if they do so . This Jacuzzi session is about the family being together and talk about the current issues and usually they will talk about their party activities of the day . At time , they will talk about things happen and stories of the previous days . More often , they will talk about their family matters . But today , the story is quite deferent in the Jacuzzi .

The named Anwar , the farther , began to tell about his air trip from Germany ,

" You know Zah , I had the opportunity to be at the cockpit with the pilot , you know , while we were flying over the Himalayas , I could see the sky was very clear and blue , it was just beautiful up there , you know and at that very moment I was really thinking of you Zah "

" Really ! Betul ke ni Bang ! are you really sure Bang ? The wife replied with her pursy face .

" of course lah Zah , I swear and I meant sincerely what I said " The husband solemnly answered .
" If you can swear then , and why can't you swear as requested before the Quran " Zah returned words to her husband . The wife continued , " I am tired Bang of defending you and I don't really believe what people said about you Bang , because I don't see it myself " .
" Why are you so upset and what are you talking about Zah ? " , he responded with a little cricking voice . " you know Zah if you mean that " , he continued with softer tone , " all you hear are defamations and I don't stand to swear because I do not do it , swear Zah " The husband trying to cool his wife .
" Do I look upset , of cause I look upset and I am very upset , I am upset because I saw the video tape , and IT IS YOU " The wife declared her frustration .
" It cannot be me , Zah , Johari tells that the tammy is not mine , my nose is dent , my hair is not styled crew cut , my breasts are not that floppy , and Johari says my bum is not like Jennifer Lopes's bum and I don't have that broad shoulders either " Anwar tried to convince his wife grieved and troubled .
" Nuar , you must be kidding , how in the hell Johari knows your physical feature well , you know how long we being married , I am your wife ! don't you know that I know you from top to tail , I know every spots marked on your body even with your holy robe on , do you know that ? the ways you did to that perempuan Sial , you also did it to me same same , oh God ! , I am lucky I don't do to you that ice cream act , I don't think I be abled to eat solid food again and I be ending up living on liquid food spooning through using straws .

The daughter who was all along keeping herself quite , suddenly voiced out , " Please you guys , stop bickering and I already lost my mode to be around you guys "

" By the way Mami , while you were arguing , I saw these jelly like Ameba floating , what is that Mami ? "

" Ahh ! Itu lah ! Bapak kau , baru KENTUT dalam air lah tuuuu " there was paused . " Patut lah Nurul dan betul lah tuuu , tadi Mami dengar bunyi kereta Bapak kau jam 4 tapi Tak nampak muka , Bapak kau tak naik atas pon , apa dia buat dalam bilik bawah lama lama ? entah lah "

Anonymous said...

The doctors who did medical check up could also be called to testify if the genital in the video looked the same or has been tampered ...

Anonymous said...

I am still confused. If the evidence is so clear whay has the AG not prosecuted YAB Anwar. In the other case also MSM also says eveidence claer. If so YAB Anwar should be in jail now.

And this may after all may not be a bad thing for PR.

Anonymous said...

If the evidence is so clear why wait for so long to prosecute him?

In the other case also they say eveidence is so clear. Then he should be sent to jail or are we finding it difcult to convince the Judge that the evidence is so clear.

Anonymous said...

If the evidence on YAB Anwar is so claear on this and other issues please take action on him now

Anonymous said...

You want to let the people to decide but you do not want the people to talk.

Wake UP! said...

Salam. If there are other alternatives which are more peaceful such as meeting up with the Election Commission and they choose the illegal demonstration way, this is a deliberate act to cause chaos in the country.

Anonymous said...

1 anwar is frustrating his sponsors
2 he still has NOT delivered his assignment
3 his ratings start to plunge
4 the foreign agents still NEED to destroy Malaysia
5 bodowi and kj failed big time
6 so ambiga conveniently fall into plan
7 clinton-michelle award the aci with women of courage title
8 so got a bit of "power" to launch an attack on Malaysia
9 since BN leaders are not dictators, war is impossible
10 so launch a psy-war to DISCOURAGE investors
11 this means neighbour down south is panicking
12 coz Najib doing a great job
13 in the footsteps of Tun Dr M
14 investors will bypass the red dot
15 and hence the special status of bumis will stay cemented in the constitution