Monday, June 20, 2011

Yours is big, and mine can be bigger....then what do we do!?!

Cairo's Tahrir Square street demo on 18th Dec 2010 that spelled the end of dictatorial Hosni Mubarak! For the uninitiated, the city of Cairo has a population of over 17 million, unemployment rate as stated in 1995 was at 7.6% and rising! Basically people are not all that happy with their lives!

Those were the exact sentence used by former prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, to stress a point to former MCA chief Neo Yee Pan when the latter tried to threaten a massive Chinese demonstration. Mahathir said if you think you can have a bigger demo we can even have bigger one.

"Yours can be big, but mine can be bigger," he told the belligerent Yee Pan. The Chinese demonstration did not take place since it was common sense that prevailed at the time.

So I hear there is this planned massive demonstration against the present government, what else can the demonstration be against right, by the opposition to force the government to accept its demands.

I was told the opposition under the control of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) has a hand in this dangerous manoeuvre to make the government of the day succumbed to its demands.

Well the bad new is this is not the Middle East where rampant street demonstrations, dubbed the Arab Spring protest and demonstration, have many repressive governments starting with Egypt's Hosni Mubarak being overthrown.

The good news is this is Malaysia, one of the most successful Asian countries in the region. Far from being a repressive country, even the leader of the planned massive demonstration led by a very vile and ugly man-looking Hindu Malaysian woman lawyer will go back to her luxurious home driving her expensive car after a hard days work demonstrating against the present government.

The good news is, Malaysia is nothing like any of the Arab Spring countries, like Egypt where unemployment rate is so high that people in Cairo is so poor that they have overtaken a cometary compound for a living space.

Malaysia is nothing like Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen and many more repressive and dictatorial governments!!

I will say this: If the Bar Council or any other group and association that have any misgiving about many things try to remove this government via a democratic ways but not through blood shed for all of us to regret later on!

Until then use you head guys!


Anonymous said...

Malaysia is nothing like Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen and many more repressive and dictatorial governments!!

True. But it can be 100 times better if the politics are more civil and good governance and justice prevail.

Don't you want that too or are you complacent enough to accept everything shoved down the throat.

kiasu said...

With the so Un-Bersih Anwar leading the Pakatan haprak, it can be 100 times worse.

We are not being complacent, in fact we are being critical of many Gomen policies. Surely, however, certainly not these group of oppositions to bring about betterment!!!

What more with the scandalous Anwar, the racist DAP Kit Siang and the OMG comedian Hadi???its absolute recipe for disaster.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what was happenning then but one thing for sure this Mamak's balls were definitely peanut because he knew he had the malay population. He's ayam and ball-less.

vinnan said...

Do not hide behind the skirts of the armed forces and police and I bet all I see will be a bunch of UMNO/Perkosa pondans masquerading as men. The popular vote in GE 12 showed that we are equal in strength. If you UMNO/Perkosa had the balls you people would have done your worse a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Please do not wish to have what Egypt had in its public square here in Putrajaya because God in his moment of weakness may grant it.

Anonymous said...

Tun would have another Operasi Lallang and put Ambiga and the rest of the rabble rousers under ISA for the sake of stability!

ex-ISA chap!

Anonymous said...

What an ABSOLUTE ASSHOLE you are BarkingMagpie.

What on earth has this comment of yours " even the leader of the planned massive demonstration led by a very vile and ugly man-looking Hindu Malaysian woman lawyer" got to do with the issue.

First and foremost YOU don't have the BALLS to name her. Then you turn out to be a BLOODY RACIST by having her religion and race mentioned.

Well intellectually No DOUBT shes way ahead of you. I don't have to pen her achievements and positioned held .

Well what have you achieved you FAGGOT who claims to be 'SON OF THE SOIL". You live your life out on HANDOUTS PAID by those not entitled to the policies of Affirimative Action of Malaysia

Its COPULATING Faggots like you who stir up trouble in Malaysia. We DON"T need UGLY FAGGOTS like you around!!!!!

Wake UP! said...

Salam. I don't trust those BerSHIT illegal rallies.

Paria cannot be trusted. Remember during the glory of Malacca, they are the ones who put the poison into the wells to poison the people.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1;17Pm

ISA is a good umbralla but will make a poor roof to build this nation.

arcadia said...

vinnan, Popular vote in GE 12 showed that we are equal in strength? are u an idiot or what? what happened during GE 12 was protest against old sleepy slumberjack. Its not that we like PR. we jz wanna show that slumberjack how much we hate him. Even if u an idiot please dun show it ^^

Anonymous said...

All you write about is "I hear", "he told me" about this and that. As a matter of fact, more than a million Malaysians have voted on this Bersih rally and there all are very clear about the objectives of this noble and democratic cause. Free and fair election is one of pillar's of democracy. stop propagating that this rally is against the Malaysian goverment. In fact this Bersih rally is support the Malaysian government to peir duties as perfom their democratic duties as elected representatives of the people.
So if you have nothing intelligent to bark, "shut the hell up"

Pasquale said...

How I wish the BN would have Cheated in Penang and deny DAP the state, how I wish the government would have cheated in Selangor and Kelantan and Kedah but that would not have been a democratic system being practiced!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:17,

(1) For someone who has balls, you not leaving your name is a grand way of showing it I'm sure.

(2) Why is mentioning one's race and religion racist?

(3) If you happen to be female, sorry for the sexist 'balls' remark in (1). I didn't mean it.


Anonymous said...

Now calling a hindu..a hindu is a racist remark..what an asshole. Since we are at let's redo the words..why not" the barua ambiguous krishna worshipping woman who practised cheatings in courts..." hmm i think that is more damaging, better dont use these new words. Lets call a hindu a hindu...lest they are embarassed about being a hindu.

On handouts, if that guy who claimed that malays are on handouts but he got born in a hospital, studied in a gov school, eat rice and food that was subsidized as well as used fuel...than he only know too much about what he is taking.