Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I am MALAYsian! Nothing can change that!

The Malays are the most accommodating people on earth, to a point of stupidity!

I have always been a happy MALAYsian living in this country for most part of my life sharing it with others like Malaysians of Chinese descent, Malaysians of Indian descent and other Malaysians.
If you are born in this land called Malaysia you are officially and distinguishably a Malaysian and no one can tell you otherwise, and you, we, have to live by the system set up and agreed upon by our modern founding fathers.
Worth to remember that the Malay sultanate and the first Malay governance which governed this country since time immemorial have openly embrace others who came to settle here and decided to make this once called the Federation of Malaya, or Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, to be their home.
To make the non-Malaysians to be feeling more at home and more comfortable the system also decided to chance the name of the country to Malaysia, so every one now it happy or so it appears.
So today there are group or groups of the malcontent descendants or the original non-Malay Malayans or Malaysians that are bent to destroy what has been agreed upon by our forefathers.
This I, and many others, cannot just sit back idly watched a few descendant of the original inhabitants of this land now called MALAYsia try to shred this country apart.
For I am MALAYsian and I will be forced to do what ever I have in my power to stop this madness and those who feel the same way must do the same! Read more here!


Anonymous said...

actually malay is part of the race of malay.alees of whom mahathir is a descendant.....he he he

Anonymous said...

Well said moron I am one of your Hindu friends who agree with you more than one hundred percent! When we going again to Changkat BB, that night was great fun for us!


Wake UP! said...

Salam Bro. Anyone who wants to create chaos in this country, their nationality should be stripped off and they should be thrown into the sea full of sharks.

Anonymous said...

salam WAKE UP! hehe..i'm kinda agree with you by stripping off this fellas nationality,but to the extent by throwing them into da wide seas full of sharks..hmm..doubt those fish gonna eat this corpes..well.. i wud rather sent this so called MUTINY off to thier origins lands and see how they workout...oops!!..forgot bout our bro.ding-dongs mutineers malays..guess..let our softies/juicy KDN dealt with...ISA kut!!!

Anonymous said...

You're the decendent of morons who're the most racist in this planet.

Anonymous said...

What you have said was true in 1960. Today it is another matter. We are now living in the internet age.And it has become a wired world.With the growing internet and with it the social media reputations of governments are increasingly under attack particularly when they are perceived to be unfair in the consistant application of the rule of law.Governments should use the internet to communicate with the citizens based on the principles of accoutability and transparancy. Timely disclosure of information on issues is the key ingrediant in the building of trust. Understanding its reponsibility to all Malaysians and just not MALAYsians and the protections of our freedoms and basic human rights coupled with engaging the key stakeholders will keep this country stong internally and externally and reduce the reputational risks that are associated with the global nature of the internet.

Malaysia is a trading nation and our GDP depends substantially on external trade. Hence,like it or not, Malaysia must adhere to the principles of parliamentary democracy as understood by our major trading partners.Anything short of that will only increase our reputational risks that the internet will impose on us.

One word spoken at the negotiating table will bring more value than the threat of a thousand bullets.

Anonymous said...

anon @ July 08, 2011 9:57 AM

"understood by our major trading partners"

whoah hullo life is not just about trade lah dol samdol

theory macam bagus je - sekarang ni negeri yang banyak bikin duit adalah negeri yang original yang boleh menawarkan suasana tenang dan aman untuk pemulihan

tempat tempat saperti resort by the beach, up the cool mountains, by the deep rivers, down the challenging valleys

no more the factory-type of places

you know hah that resorts make more money than factories??

Anonymous said...

Anon 8;46. Ada resort bikin apa. Orang ta datang. SS only.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:45 AM

orang kiasu yg kerja kerja kerja dan kerja lagi yg nak pi holiday lah yg datang resort ooiii

orang kerja kat resort relaklah sepanjang tahun ooiii

Anonymous said...

Ia lah kalau ta ikut "understood by our major trading partners" warga negara asing yang kejar ke resort luar negeri akan di nasihat olih kerajaan mereka jangan pergi ke sana.

Anonymous said...

You are not a Malay, just an asshole.

Anonymous said...


dah kalah pas tu maki orang - bukti keturunan pendatang kiasu taraf cacat

nak ambik negeri orang pulak tu - pi bagi syarahan "intellectual" konon pada tok moyang original kat negeri PRC lah

habis tunggu aje kena steamroll

hahahahahaha cian dia

Anonymous said...

the mutha fucking immigrant chinese are totally ungrateful! they should be liwat and each one of them should be stick with stone up their ass!

Anonymous said...

anon July 12, 2011 5:23 PM

yeah agree

kakjah said...

a little to intense, no?

you're right about Malays being very kind, accommodating, and stupid.

I'm a chinese muslim (constitutionally malay) or so I thought.

I dare Malaysians to take a genetic heredetary test (they are affordable these days $100-200). Even though my ancestors up until my parents and grandparents are Chinese heritage, my genes show that I have more commonality with Semais and Temuans (ie Malays).

We can solve this race issue and dissolve it once and for all if our tests all reveal that... wait.. THERE IS NO MORE RACE IN MALAYSIA.

Sekian adanya.