Wednesday, July 20, 2011

KuLi for PM, again??!!...Give me a bweak, eh!

Dawn of a new era yes, but not at the expense of breaking Malay unity!

Syed Akbar’s blog headline should have read “Ku Li for PM, again??!!” With lots of question and exclamation marks! I’ll get back to that later.

I have always enjoyed reading the Outsyed The Box(OTB) columns which are always funny, witty and like Russell Peters jokes, full of deep and well entrenched meaning. You will laugh at it and later on you will start thinking, “What a profound “joke” that was.” I have made it a routine every morning to switch on Russell Peters YouTube, and then to OTB, with my cup of coffee before I face the day (Gordon Lightfoot!)

I read OTB with so much consternation on mentioning that Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, or KuLI, is said to still harbor thoughts of becoming a prime minister. Well, as they say, it is good to dream of something, but then that dream must be a realistic one. Lest we forget it was KuLi who mangled and skinned and mutilated Umno when he lost to Tun Mahathir Mohamad, by forming Semangat 46 (S46).

We were lead to believe that Mahathir had cheated at the leadership convention by stuffing party elections ballot boxes to ensure his winning as Umno president. For a party president who “cheated at ballot boxes” Mahathir brought Malaysia to the world stage and made our country to what it is today.

When he lost the party elections, like a spoil brat, I was told he was and still is, he threw a tantrum and convinced other Umno leaders like Rais Yatim, Shabery Cheek and many more Umno stalwarts to join S46.

I don’t know, but I am from a generation who grew up with only two Malay political parties – Umno and PMIP, later called PAS. My late father was an Umno member, together with the late Tan Sri Samad Idris, but later joined PMIP when he thought Umno had strayed from its original path of what he believed in.

At that point in time if you were unhappy you just quit and joined the other party and the Malay voters will still be intact. It did not matter if you were Umno or PMIP (Pas now).

My late father was a good friend of Dato Mohamad Asri Muda, the most illustrious leader of the PMIP. I still remember when Asri came to our house in Kampung Baru, together with Burhanuddin Helmy, Lebai Majid from Seri Menanti and they chatted and laughed until the wee hours of the morning.

I also remember when our convoy of many cars on the way to attend a funeral of another PMIP stalwart Dr Dzulkifli died in a car crash and my father was driving a Borgward, when we stopped by the roadside near Kuantan for a pit stop. My late father, Asri Muda and few PMIP members and some Umno stalwarts stood by the road side to pee. The point is here, I believe, neither Umno nor PMIP (which is Pas now) consciously tried to break the Malay unity. You know the saying right; a united race is the one that laughs, and pees together!

Back to KuLi; his obsession to become the prime minister is beyond funny, it’s hilarious. Like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI), he wanted so badly to become a prime minister that he was willing to sell his soul to the Chinese opposition party, or to the Devil.

Already the Malay unity had been traditionally split up between Umno and Pas, but surely the Malays can see that they are being further eroded by parvenu Malay organizations and parties such as Pakatan Rakyat, Pas, Kita, Perkasa and now Amanah to be lead by KuLi?

If only the Malays are truly united and aware and realise where they are heading for right now? But as it is, they are expressing that typical Malay amok syndrome of cutting off your nose to spite your face, then regretting it later on when it was too late.

The only vehicle for the Malays to be a master in their own home and to determine their future is by giving full support for Umno which needs to be reformed. Yes, I agree that changes are needed within Umno. To do this, people like KuLi must be sincere and not clamour for that coveted leadership post. They must help the existing leadership to ensure Malays will be still relevant from now until forever.

As it is now, the way I see it, Umno as it is can never be truly invincible with still people within the party, some holding cabinet posts, who are still not sincere and committed to the leadership of Najib Tun Razak.


Anonymous said...

Worried Mat Sembab may not have a chance, kut?

Why ahli-ahli UMNO BARU cannot resign and join PAS?

What's the difference?

Takut hilang gula-gula UMNO BARU?

Anonymous said...

Confession before baptism or the other way round?

Drought and hunger (Muslims) in the Horn of Africa is irrelevant.

Billions for ETP, Iskandar are blind (/elitist).

A sinking ship wait for no man.


Pasquale said...

Can you people not speak in cypher just get to the point, who is Mat Sembab, or whether you are talking about which sinking ship! Don't be a moron!

Anonymous said...

Bro Anwar BABI ? Really? .... Mengucaplah! Dia pun tak pernah panggil you BABI..

Pasquale said...

Nasib baik I panggil dia BABI itu ringan, orang Melayu yang cuba menjual dan cuba menggadai bangsa dan negeri sendiri harus di panggil lebih dari itu!BTW BABI is short for his full name, as he always wants to be called Brother among his Muslim Brotherhood friends!

Anonymous said...

Bravo, bro. Well written. Far-sighted just like your late father. He'd be proud of you.
The malays are not only so divided, but they hated each other's gut to the core. Sanggup bunuh bangsa sendiri. In the end, siapa yg menang? The malays are the new minority in this country.

Anonymous said...

Don't know just Google la for the answer.

Eg. Who is Barking Magpie?

Answer: You won't find any. These species don't exists cos Magpies don't Bark like a dog.

Suggest use Big Dog or Barking Dog. It's more suitable otherwise whoever listens get more confuse.

Anonymous said...

Anon July 21, 2011 10:10am -
If you dont have anything intelligent to say, then just shut up. The minute you open your mouth, or write something, it shows off your stupidity. If you dont like what was written, why read it in the first place? Go somewhere...the toilet maybe and talk shit.


BIGCAT said...

Posting yang bagus. Aku setuju sangat dengan apa yang engkau tulis. Kepada Anon yang bodoh tahap cipan suruh melayu semua join Pas/PKR tu, lu pegi mampus la. Tak ada hal aku nak jadi lembu dalam kandang DAP tu. Yang kat situ semua Melayu bengap yang tak boleh berpikir. Ada ke dia orang boleh ikut buntut hitam manusia macam Ambiga tu. Perjuangan konon. Kena jual dengan Lim Kit Siang dengan anak dia Lim Guan Eng yang terlebih minyak rambut tu ada la. Aku pun bukan sokong Umno buta-buta tau. Haramjadah -haramjadah yang perosak Umno dari dalam tu pun kena buang sekali. Magpie, engkau bagi tau boss engkau Najib tu, kasi repair la sikit Umno tu. Si badut Ahmad Maslan tu tukar lah. Nazri, Nor Yaakob dan yang seangkatan dengan dia orang tu pun kasi terajang keluar sekali lah. Aku yg bukan orang Umno ni dah meluat la tengok muka-muka tu.

Anonymous said...

TRH is history. Please do not give him the opportunity to return to ppower and take what he forgot to take ihe first time.