Friday, July 01, 2011

Malays are easily taken in by simple Chinese lies and chicanery!

Lee Kuan Yew campaigning in Malay areas wearing songkok and the Malays were flattered then it was too late!!! Guess what the DAP is doing the same!!

When Lee Kuan Yew was campaigning to take over Singapore from the Malay he went about campaigning in Malay areas even wearing songkok, a Malay hat!
Malays in Singapore at that time was so taken in by Lee's smile plus his songkok. Lee Kuan Yew even succeeded in convincing the Malay politicians from various Malay political spectrum in Singapore - from the far left to far right and the centrist - to support him for, they did, and you know the rest of the story.
Lee Kuan Yew and his PAP won. Guess what, all of his staunch Malay supporters were left in a lurch and later when they complaint Lee Kuan Yew jailed and exiled them.
You see, PAP like the DAP (actually they are one and the same) have only one goal in mind to make Singapore and now the Malay peninsula a Chinese dominated country.
Like PAP, the DAP is using desperate politician like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) and paedophile Nik Ajis of Kelantan, and serial polygamist Hadi Awang to help it win that goal.
The sad part is the Malays led by BABI, as I have said above, are easily taken in by sweet talk and lies and chicanery of the Chinese-led opposition party.
Unless the Malays are united they will risk living under Chinese rule ala Singapore.
As for BABI he does give a damn about anything else for this man is fighting to be a prime minister in which he is not qualified to be be and failing that he will do anything to convince his family that he is not a sodomite!
Either way he is dangerous and ought to be put away! You know the saying: "They shoot horses, don't they!"


Anonymous said...

So? Don't wear Songkok also spin as not respecting the Rulers. Wear the songkok and it is chicinary and out to cheat the Malays.

Better wear Serban or Ketayap! Will that means chicinary also to the Jews and Moslems?

Anonymous said...

Tarak tipu tarak Cina....

Anonymous said...

Cina kalau tak tipu...berdosa

Anonymous said...

Cari makan maa ..

Anonymous said...

haha ..just look at them rich malai dickheads falling for the skanky amoi's act everytime. So hard up one for a stinky yellow hole maa. The more elite they are the more they hate themselves!!

Anonymous said...

What to do.. You guys are so stupid

Anonymous said...

You are right!!, No wonder Singaporean malay look down on Malaysian malay, hahaha!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, a bitter pill to swallow for the Chinese in Malaysia but they will never bow down to the "Malay rules" as they perceived it! Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

the chink wanted to rule. remember the bintang tiga, and then alee kuano jew, and then alimi koit siong, and then alimi luan goeng. they are using anything and everything they have to attain it. coming soon they will wear serban and ketayap.

what a laugh. chink is so low.

Anonymous said...

well UMNO has to convince the Malays especially the PAS members to see the light where harry lee, lks, lge, ambiga are concerned

anwar will dig his own grave

these chinkies can only succeed if they manage to split the bumiputeras

so blogs like yours and many others have done good and are patriotic in exposing the opposition's sneaky schemes

Anonymous said...

anon 9:57

Wearing songkok during assembly is different from wearing songkok to gain support.

Rules is different from seduction.

Jangan lihat orang lain bodoh

whiteorange said...

How many of Singapore Malays are like that

There are Malay Christians , Liberal Malays and Malay Muslims, which group of them look down upon Malaysian Malays?

Ne reminded the Singapore Chinese look down upon Malaysian chinese too

Some Singapore Malays are like PKR and PAS Malays

We are not!!

Stupid or not this is our country,this is our land, we will uphold

Anonymous said...

Anwar's chinese name is Lee Wat Yew!

Anonymous said...

anon 9:57 July 1,

You may have a valid argument there but you missed the point between wearing songkok when it is not necessary with wearing one when it is necessary.

If it is not chicanery, I don't know what that is!

Anonymous said...

its a race that survives and expands on this. Just look at their history.Nothing very cultured about this *ancient* culture. Still use paper to wipe ass mah. Amoi very bad down under hygiene- luar only pakai nice2. Apek slurp down food like peegs. Sad thing it has seep into our society and some among us find it *charming*? Incroyable mais vrai!

Anonymous said...

the main criteria is the CONTEXT of wearing a songkok

while it is NOT necessary for dirty harry lee to wear a songkok walking around selling koyok, he wore it to DUPE the Malays that he is WITH them

the other context is a solemn occasion just like wearing a western-dictated mores of wearing a coat and tie in a formal setting

how come uhh the chinese have NO problems wearing a western biz suit when they are actually supposed to wear the samfoo

and being the practical people that they are - how come uhh no chinese grumble about the HOT uncomfortable suit in the middle of a tropical midday

Anonymous said...

then explain why muslims like Bung Mokhtar Radin don't wear the songkok during parliament assemblies.

Anonymous said...

huh?? hullo, 5:48, are you serious? is that the "official attire" for parliament assemblies?

gosh, to make it simple to you - the point of deabte is the context of wearing a songkok.

#1 when it is unnecessary but worn, as in the case of dirty harry lee

#2 when it is an official attire required for a solemn occasion but not worn JUST to show disrespectful arrogance and rebellion - like the dap goons

#3 when it is optional - parliament assemblies

ada faham??

Akyong said...