Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blonde, Nordic, white, beardless, turbanless Christian fanatic who massacred the innocents: Or "Must Read: A letter to the Norwegian prime minister!"

Picture of a right-wing extremist Christian zealot and a fanatic, Anders Behring Breivik, an evil man who massacred 90 innocent youth with a fully automatic rifle: Notice that he is a turban-less, beard-less, and a Nordic type who also produced a massive home made bomb that blew up a government building in Oslo!

Aerial view of a beautiful island near Oslo where over 90 innocent lives were lost taken by an evil right-wing Christian wacko!

Spate of extreme acts of terrorism by extreme right-wing religious fundamentalism - be it Muslim or Christian or Hindu etc- must be treated swiftly and checked without fear or favour.
Recent massacre and bombing in Oslo by a blonde, white right-wing Norwegian Christian fundamentalist fanatic is just to show that rightist and an extreme fundamentalism shows no colour!
I implore our government to deal with the rising voices of religious fundamentalism in Malaysia since these group of thinking will and cannot not talk to the people at the roundtable but they just want to shoot them.
I enclosed a letter written by a terrorism expert who wrote a letter to the Prim Minister of Norway that the tragedy in Oslo is a lesson for every one to do everything in their power to stop these extremist right wing religious fundamentalist at all cost.
Malaysian Government listen up, no more dilly-dallying on the issue just throw the Christian or Muslim or Hindu extremist in the dungeon and to do it now!!

Here is the excerpt of the letter sent to the prime minister of Norway, read and digest:-

"A Letter to the Norwegian Government following the Oslo Terrorist Attacks written by one Richard Jackson, an American, who claimed to be an expert on terrorism."

Dear Prime Minister Stoltenberg,

I heard your press conference and I can appreciate that you want to react cautiously to the latest terrorist outrage by Christian fundamentalists. I respect that you do not want to compromise your country’s values and way of life. It is admirable that you want to treat this horrible act as a crime, and try as best as you can to maintain an open, free society. And I understand that you do not want to spread unnecessary alarm among your citizens.

However, my concern is that you do not recognize the supreme danger you – and indeed, the whole world – are now facing. Right-wing Christian fundamentalists have declared war on your society, your entire way of life. Their intentions, and the capability they have shown in this attack, clearly demonstrate that they seriously threaten your very democracy, perhaps even civilization itself. They are probably linked to Christians all around the world in an international network of terror. In other words, there is no doubt that they pose a clear and present danger, a supreme emergency to the state, to which the only reasonable response is a total war on their evil ideology. You must prepare yourself for a long, difficult struggle, a struggle which will not end until every single right wing extremist, all the evildoers who hate your society and its values, have been killed or captured. It will not be easy, and you must be prepared to make real sacrifices in lives and resources to achieve this victory. Read more here!


mae1000 said...

"extremist right wing religious fundamentalist".

It is wrong to just acknowledge 'religious fundamentalist'. There are also "extremist right wing" atheist, secularist, liberalist etc. These people do damage 'legally' and silently.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia's problem is more of racism than religious extremism.

Using religious extremism as a cloak for racism is an even greater danger towards the fabric of a multi race, culture, religious nation everywhere in the world.

Once it is known the reason is racism, it explains why people of the same religion can and wants to kill even people of the same faith espeicially those who are the conservative or liberal types or institutions which promote those values.

Anonymous said...

He is after all their SOB and therefore they have to treat him with kid gloves. We seem to get an agrreable sensation on being able to point out that he is after all their SOB. I am sure that for Malaysians this treatment of the SOB rings a bell. But only that this bell is silent.

In Islam when you point your thumb at some one four fingers are pointing at you.

Charles said...

There could be more behind it than meets the eye. Some speculate that it could be a Mossad false flag operation, made to look like a far right attack.

For example:-

The killer's love for Israel

Stephen Lendman's article

Webster Tarplay on the false-flag posibility

At the end of the day one must ask, who benefits - i.e. qui bono?

More informative links on the Norway murders.

By Gilad Atzmon, an anti-Zionist Israeli resident in the UK

While Joseph Klein's article in Neo-Con David Horowitz's website Front Page is anti-Muslim, he reveals a lot of reasons why the Zionists would want to attack Norway and especially its Labour Party youth wing.

In a rather long and complex article, Veterans Today magazine gives lots of related info about the Norway incident, including opinion that the so called "car bomb" which damaged the vast government building complex could not have enough power to do the damage which it did. The power of the bomb is estimated to be equivalent to 10 tons of TNT, a military grade explosive and 10 tons could not have fit into the boot of a car.

Rather, the explosives could have been planed in the sewer below the building.

Also a rather eerie coincidence:-

“The attack in Oslo also came 65 years to the very day after the Israeli Irgun blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem”…Eileen Fleming

Veterans Today also suspects it's a joint Israeli and Libyan initiative, since Israel has the car bomb technology and Libya has recently said it will carry out attacks in Europe.

Also that Gaddafi is not as anti-Israel as he makes out to his people.

However, I don't think Libya would want to attack Norway since it had pulled out from the Nato attacks on Libya and the youth who were attacked were strongly pro-Palestine.

Anyway, here's the article:-

I hope this helps bring this tragic incident into a clearer perspective.

Anonymous said...

Can we start with the lunatics from perkasa andvtheir sponsors?

Anonymous said...

"Can we start with the lunatics from perkasa andvtheir sponsors? July 29, 2011 8:07 PM"says an anonymous!

But Perkasa a Malay group can do what they like in their country, but not the pariah Hindrtaf, and the Cina Kui like LGE and his racist old man LKS!

Awang Samat

Anonymous said...

Thank God. For a minute there, I thought you were writing the letter. We dont want people to think all malaysian speak and writein bad English. Phew ....

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Awang Selamat. Now go look up the meaning in a dictionary.