Friday, July 22, 2011

Najib has established himself as a true international statesman!

Najib and the Pope, a good meeting which led to a better diplomatic relations between the Vatican and Malaysia!

Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razzak produced another major success for Malaysia’s global image, and for inter-faith dialogue, this week when he established formal diplomatic ties between Kuala Lumpur and the Holy See.

During a meeting with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in Rome yesterday, Prime Minister Najib publicly reaffirmed his Government’s commitment to freedom of religion and stated that his goal is to promote international bonds of friendship between Malaysia and the Vatican. The formal agreement now gives the country’s nearly-3 million Roman Catholics and Christians an additional voice inside Malaysia.

This agreement has been years in the making and it is proof positive that the Prime Minister and his government are serious about religious diversity and protecting religious minorities. The Prime Minister clearly made the case to the Holy See that his majority-Muslim country is committed to respecting and protecting its religious minorities since the Vatican’s main criteria for agreeing diplomatic relations is the promotion and protection of interfaith dialogue within a country, and the absence of religious persecution.

It is also a vindication of the Prime Minister’s willingness to expend personal energy and political capital to tackle Malaysia’s toughest issues—which is why it has been warmly welcomed by Malaysia’s non-governmental commentators and the international community more broadly. Read more here!

Meanwhile Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's prediction of forming the next government has been described as a mere flights of fancy!


Anonymous said...

Malays are not racist, says Ku Li

BUT, Magpie, you're such a moron used and manupulated by UMNO to be an ultra-racist for your boss and your own selfish agenda.

Pasquale said...

Hey if Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng, and Karpal and the Ngeh brothers, and Manoharan, and Ambiga can be an ultra-racist, a normal Malay person like me can easily be turned into one, trust me!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the non-Malays in the country is trying to equate us Malay-Muslim as global terrorist in order to get support from the super power like the US. They are pushing us to the corner knowing if we react violently the whole world will be on us!
The Malay-Muslims meanwhile are afraid to fight back because doing so and if the international community will be against they will lose their freedom if they are branded the pariah of the world...well you know what they say you can't have the cake and eat it! Many other bigger countries than us have survived Western sanctioned boycott and its about time Malay-Muslims to snap out of their stupidity and fight the likes of Ambiga, manoharan the Guan Engs the Kit Siangs, the Karpals and the Ngehs of the world will bully us! Bangun lah Melayu yang layu dan bodoh kalau tidak kamu akan senantiasa di pijak dan di cerca oleh keling dan cina!

Geylang Serai!

Skilgannon1066 said...

Heh, heh - Geylang Serai must be talking about Iran and Libya.

Not countries that Malaysia wants to be associated with, I think.

Anonymous said...

Politics is all about good governance, international relations and good economy, political stability and definitely not about Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, as you fondly refer to him!

Geylang Serai!

Mustapha Ong said...

I am glad that prime minister Najib had broken Malaysia-Vatican code of diplomatic relations which had been previously held at the lowest priority of the BN government under our former prime ministers.

It also started in 2002 when former premier Tun Mahathir paid a courtesy call on the Pope at the Holy See.At that point of time, Malaysia was in the forefront of the PLO conflicts with Israel and her allies.In consistent with Malaysia's foreign policy, it was felt that Malaysia could have compromised our continued support for the PLO and that it was not appropriate to establish our diplomatic relations.

However, as there were more than 9% Catholics in Malaysia,there already existed people to people relations way back in the 50s.This new direction will pave the many goodwill in forging a warm and cordial diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Personally, I was also fortunate to have accompanied our former late Ambassador Wong Pow Nee in his courtesy calls to the Pope during my term of duty from 1973 -1975 in Rome.It's another long walk down the memory lane and I am indeed nostalgia about this new diplomatic development between the two nations.

Hopefully, with this new religious initiative, both Muslim and Christian extremism will be checked, and as a result our bilateral relations will be enhanced and emerged stronger in terms of political, economic and social in our international relations.

Anonymous said...

The Da Vinci Code was broken long ago. The only thing was that we did not have a Resident Mission. Right decision but the timing is all wrong.Just ask the youth in Ireland and they will tell you why.

Mustapha Kamal said...

Dear Magpie, why dont you just go and kiss Najib's ass!! COME ON, man! Dont get me wrong but I'm not pro-opposition nor a member to any political party in the country. I used to be pro BN but not since the last 2 PMs. I'm sure a wise person like yourself heard stories that christians/churches in our country is/are/was/were converting malays especially young malays frm a muslim to a christian. Vatican is a state of religion in which is christian and as a PM frm a MUSLIM country, he decided to have a diplomatic ties with the Vatican. If that the case, let them put their embassy next to Masjid Negara or Masjid Wilayah then. What a MORON this Najib!

Pasquale said...

Mustapha Kamal I bet my bottom Euro that you are Lim Kit Siang or Lim Guan Eng or even GOvind Deo or his father, I don't think you sound like Mustapha Kamal!

However, Mustapha Ong sounds like him and I appreciate his comment, positive and not belligerent like "Mustapha Kamal"!

Anonymous said...

I was told there is a whole dirty tricks department in Singapore dedicated to spreading bad rumours and wicked comments in popular blogsites, such as yours, to hoping the Malaysian people will succumb to insanity and falsedom living in their existence in your country!


Anonymous said...

Can you ask Najib to tell the Pope that he should order his priests to stop screwing little children. I mean now we are friends with the Pope so he should not mind our illustrious PM giving some advice about protecting catholic children. In Malaysia we lock up sodomists, real (or imagined, as PKR claims), if our courts can find them guilty.

Anonymous said...

"Hey if Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng, and Karpal and the Ngeh brothers, and Manoharan, and Ambiga can be an ultra-racist, a normal Malay person like me can easily be turned into one, trust me!"

an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. heard that one before?