Saturday, August 20, 2011

A dangerous Troika, to get rid of Najib, is in the making??!


Ku Li

Makhlok Perosak!

According to Google, troika is a general meaning of the Russian word troika is three of a kind, a collection of three or simply the number three.
So let me cut to the chase all right, lately there has been a lot of write ups, innuendos, allusion and sadly rumours stating that Muhyiddin Yassin -- and Tengku Razaleigh and may be Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (thus the Troika) -- is ganging up against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak for the top post!
Now then, there are rumours and there are rumours, but when it first came out we just scoffed it off as just an opposition ploy to draw a wedge between the PM and his Deputy, but today that rumours is taking a life of its own.
I managed to convey a message to the DPM through his close associate and my friend, whom I have known for over 30 years starting in Canada, that why is that a certain officer associated with the DPM has been known to go around maligning the PM and his wife.
I added if such malicious rumours spread by this certain officer associated with the DPM still persist then I have to believe the rumours to be sanctioned by the DPM about his boss.
The Troika, so it appears, to to ensure the prime minister fumbled and the "ball" be grabbed by his deputy with the help Ku Li or, as far fetched as it may seems, by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, I still cannot imagine in my mind how this will be done!
As a coveted trophy that anyone, including Ku Li and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, wants it is not impossible that the PM's deputy is trying his round about ways to discredit his boss.
If not, then Muhyiddin Yassin must do something real to ensure that he is one hundred percent behind Najib Tun Razak and Umno or the Malays can kiss their power of running the country good bye.
The Malays does not need anymore schism as it is now, with the rumours of a coup detat by Najib's deputy. So Muhyiddn please stand up in public and clarify, or sack your officer responsible in churning such rumours on your boss that you appear to be giving the green light to be spread around!


Anonymous said...

DPM is the HELEN OF TROY. tricky n politically savvy, is he gunning PM SEAT, who KNOWS< JUST WATCHED - in a few months all will be KNOWN

Anonymous said...

"DPM is the HELEN OF TROY. tricky n politically savvy, is he gunning PM SEAT, who KNOWS< JUST WATCHED - in a few months all will be KNOWN"

So who will be Paris? Ku Li or BABI!?

Jack the Ripper!

Anonymous said...

I sincerely believe that the PM and DPM knows that UMNO will not survive if they fiight with each other.


Anonymous said...

My friend Magpie,

Your master needs to be more firm against his deputy, as he has plans to become Numero Uno. The UMNO right now is not in good condition, there is infighting among petty warlords and ketua bahagian on the state level. The deputy trying to do a Brutus will only make things much worse.

The ultimate goal is to put a Mahathir heir (hint: Jerlun) on the throne. The deputy of course, once assuming power, is not willing to give up his Numero Uno seat so soon. He has his own people and interests. There will be another round of infighting and cantas-mencantas between him and the Mahathir heir. Not good for UMNO.

I will consider the rivalry now more of a power triangle. Your Boss versus His Deputy versus The Mahathir Heir

And finally

If you want to know my opinion, I have no confidence in the Deputy in the top seat. I have found him incapable of any bright input or sense. The Heir has no cojones, and is only there because of his father. Is it true what they say, he calls his father for advice on the most simple and basic things? Certainly not PM materiel.

The Oracle of Markham said...

Rusdi, your blogger "friends" are going to sell you down the river. Don't be surprised that Rocky and Gang see you sacrificied on the altar of political expediency to make an example of needed controls for new media so that they can checkmate challengers against their 3M masters. You might want to keep looking over your shoulder going forward. Hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Rumours are the best way to weaken your enemies/rivals/opponents. It's like the stock market, rumours affect and influence stock prices. They are only trying to make us believe that our PM is losing support from his own DPM and team.

Pasquale said...

Why does everyone think I am Rusdi!?

Anonymous said...

Tuan, janganlah taat membabi buta.

Najib has been given a chance to perform and he cannot even control his wife.

The truth is I fully supported Pak Lah when Mahathir was toppled, later I fully supported Najib when Pak Lah toppled , now I fully supported whoever who can topple Najib.

In summary, Pak Lah, Najib failed miserably during their probation period (more than 3 years tak cukup kah) and that is the verdict from us, the knowledge empowered citizens.


Anonymous said...

I think that you got the Troika Idea correct. But I am afraid that your players are wrong apart from the Head Of The Troika. A usual the other namens will come out as we go along.

Anonymous said...

Your paranioa is a reflection of your boss's insecurity and own failing to the alif ba ta.

Dengar sangat cakap dgn Melayu2 liberal

Bini dan adik sendiri tak tahu kawal.

Ada problem lari luar negara.

Buck up!

Husin Lempoyang said...

Biar betul ko ni?

TSMY dan Ku Li? Kah kah kah kah ... stick to Canadian politics la brader.

You are out of touch

Pasquale said...

Yo Husin! I sure hope to God Almighty I am totally out of touch, as you put it! You know in this country that rumours have the knack of turning out to be true!

Anjing Godang said...


If you even hv a shred of faith in what you wrote, means you're UMNO-politically gullible bordering ignorant. No well in he'll would Tan Sri Mahyuddin work with those two! Futhemore, to unseat PM Najib!

BIGCAT said...

Mr Magpie is right on this one, but he is not very accurate.
Nontheless, I do support Najib, but if things do not improve after the next GE, than that's the end of it.
Najib's softly softly approach is exasperating but I pray that it work.
It is the only way Malaysia can prevent itself from being further racially polarized.
Hopefully, the non-Malays will appreciate Najib's efforts.
I don't want to even think about what will happened if they don't see what lies ahead if DAP failed in its plan to cowherd the Malays in Pas and PKR while Najib being ousted due to the failure of his 1Malaysia.

The Don said...

talking bout the troika, it's nice if it true, coz not only umno, but our country itself unstable wit current play. so put najib down n draw a new fair game between em.

Anonymous said...

Rusdi, the real troika is 3M - Mahathir-Muhyiddin-Mukhriz, and I'm really happy to see that happened for the good sake of all Malaysian.

Vote PR

Pasquale said...

For the last time if there is any reference to Rusdi by anyone making comments in this blogsite will be deleted...right away and please this site has nothing to do with him!

A M Ubaidah S said...

Pasquale. You have the wrong man in your Troika. The Troika is made up of Anwar, KuLi and Pak Lah!!! Pak Lah, Ambiga's hidden assistant for Bersih...

Fatimah Zuhri said...

Dear BarkingMagpie

1. Muhyiddin has nothing to do with this. I can confirm this 110%.

2. Some people in UMNO wants to drive wedges between the top leadership. Mostly these are people who are not getting contracts and those who are aligned to Kuli

They will fail Insyallah

Anonymous said...

Ai takkan nik biarkan si peliwat tu tumpang sekaki.
Bahaya tu. Lain jadinya.

fikiranpagi said...

Dear BarkingMagpie, I tried posting my comments on your TROIKA Blogposting. Google stopped me as it was too lengthy. Thus I decided to post my comments in

Anonymous said...

mys Muhyiddin is just wait for your turn to come. No need for any coup de'tat style. strengthen UMNO behind najib, get the platform on its foot again and that would make his job easier later on.

don't even think of getting into any colloboration with anwar or ku li. these guys are failures, they had their chances but not smart enough to strategise when to act.

remember UMNO is the only platform concurred by majority Malays and since you represent it, take very good care of it. Leave the running of the household chores to the wife.