Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Frankly speaking we should not have evolved! Better off being a monkey or an ape!!?

Why? I would imagine there would be less destruction, be it mental or physical!
If evolution had stopped at us being a monkey or ape or orang utan, there would not have been the two wars, holocaust, nuclear bombs, chemical bombs, Hitler, Mussolini, Berlusconni, craving for fossil fuel, pornography, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, teen age pregnancies, paedophile, racism, Lim Guan Eng (and his father), Karpal and his children, gas guzzling Hummer, or yeah Arnold Schwarzenegger, bad karaoke singers, fake boobs, eeerr.....what else, CNN, BBC, Rupert Murdoch, David Cameron, John McCain, no Pippa Middleton (and she is not even attractive), err no me.
If evolution had stopped at us being monkey and ape, the war would have been a typical war, where we would chase each other clubbing one or two then eat the meat, like chimps and bonobos do now.
No riots in England, where people went on a rampage looting (someone actually got raped but nobody wants to focus on that), no famine in Africa, and no fake eggs! No ineffective Political Secretaries, no inept Press Secretaries...oh God the list can still go on!
No organised religions, where each will try to convince each other of how good one religion is!
No Chinese person hocking or spitting in a waste bins at every casino in the world where there are Chinese person gambling (now do not, repeat do not, go around calling me a racist, since only Chinese do this according to many casino managers.)
No crude and smelly Indians, and no ill-mannered and ingrate Malays who like to pretend they are Arabs, and no fake single malt in the market where many people drink and died!
No Paris Hilton, no the Khardasian sisters....or Donald Trump and his fox-head, oh so many if we had not evolved!
The point IS, I do not see any real point except what would have happened if we had not evolved! That's all??!! Happy Fasting and Happy gout season!


Anonymous said...

Then you might as well add if only Cleopatra did not have the nose she had then the course of world history will be different. The problem is not that we have evolved but we have not been able to manage that evolution. It is very much like the people who constantly tell thier children and grandchildren about the good old days without realising that that the good old days is now. It is all a package you must accept the whole package. You cannot say that you want exclude this and that because withpout those that you wish to exclude you will not be where you are today. But if you do then you will go back to the Nose of Cleopatra Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

It continues to amaze me that racist fucks like continue to exist and prosper in bolehland. When did you come down from the trees and started using a computer?

Anonymous said...

Since when a Moslem or any of the People of the Books like you believe in evolution?

Welcome to the world of fools who believe there's no fairy tale of Adam and Eve.

Wise Guy

Anonymous said...

Indian has evolved to Mamak and then Malai and that causes all of evil problems in this country.

Mamak UMNO

TheCorruptiouslyObnoxiousSumanSumbing said...

I think the only kind of evolution you REALLY wanna see is the one that I am portraying here

Suman Smmbing

WHERE2 said...

We just discussed same issue when breaking fast.

My teenage daughter commented, "why are we getting too elaborate, the food on the table, all the hassle and time spent to prepare..

When finally we still need to chew them to pieces then swallow? Why can't we be as simple as the cats?"

Suppose we have all lost that sense of simplicity in life.. everyone is pushing so hard to go to God knows where?


Anonymous said...

i like how you conveniently leave out the UMNO and Independent dickheads like Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, Khir Toyo, Bung Mokhtar, Hishammuddin Hussein, Zul Nordin and Ibrahim Ali. way to go.

BIGCAT said...

Best Ramadhan posting by Mr Magpie. Cheers bro.

Anonymous said...

May be you should note how the family of the former PM has evolved in the ESSO deal.

Anonymous said...

Our used to be beautiful country is really fuckup nowadays run by a small group of monkey politicians. Even talking of non malay as PM is considered highly dangerous and seditious here in your own homeland. Some monkeys may threathen to burn you down. It's called reverse evolution of mankind or Rise of Planet of Monkeys here in Malaisia.

Teoh Nia Sing