Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reconciliation, for whatever its worth, can be achieved!

A blogger goes under the name fikiranpagi sent me a note saying he wanted to comment on my "troika" story but Google stopped it because it was too long, so for what ever it is worth I followed him and decided to print what he originally wanted to comment, so here it is below!:-



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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

BARKING MAGPIE: A dangerous Troika in the making

Dear BarkingMagpie, I wanted to post these as comments in your blog. Google stopped me saying that it was too lengthy. Thus I decided to post it in my blog. I know of you casually, but I admire your courage, dedication and sense of loyalty. Keep up the good work.
BN ship is sinking, so it seems. Choice available for UMNO leaders- stay and drown with Najib or jump ship. Who knows you may be appointed Captain of the new ship.Some even asked. Why jump ship? Just change the Capt. Those are political talks. For Najib and Muhyuddin, you can choose to listen to all those talks or you can choose to ignore them. Most important, you are now airborne. Not much fuel left to turn back. Just stay on course. Dont have to listen to gossip of your air crews. However, Najib must admit his error of making the right judgement at the wrong time. He abandoned the Malay Brand that has been UMNO's pillar of strength. He fell to the advise of his adviser by opting for the new 1Malaysia Brand. Malays are disillusioned. They wont believe what Najib promised them anymore. They know Muhyuddin's promise for Malay Agenda to remain intact are just empty talk because as DPM, theres nothing much he could do to stop the 1Malaysia Agenda of Najib. Remember Tun Razak? He was the champion of Malay Agenda . Yet he is loved by all races because he is also the champion of justice and fairness to the non Malay. I know its difficult for Najib to reverse the loss of faith amongst Malays on his leadership but it can be done. It must be done because already people are saying, yang dikejar tak dapat di kendong berciciran. Undi Cina dan India tak dapat, Undi Melayu Hilang. It can be done without losing Chinese and Indian support. Just remember to be firm, strong, decisive but balanced. Now its not the question of Najib is wrong and Muhyuddin is right or vice versa. Its a question of looking at the bigger picture. We are looking at BN and PR as two bullet trains about to crash head on. We Malaysian must ponder for a moment. Do we go for GE13 and allow the two trains to collide ? or do we forge a NATIONAL RECONCILIATION FORMULA to save our country. Its not about saving Najib's leadership though RECONCILIATION PLAN could mean allowing Najib to take charge of Malaysia for another 5 or 10 years for the Plan to materialise. I know how we could make it work, I have the team to make it work. But, as always, Najib has abandoned old advisers (of which I could claim to be one of them). He is surrounded by new advisers. I know some of his closest advisers. Of what they said about him when Najib was DPM. Now, to my surprise, they came running back to him and are currently entrusted with strategic roles for Najib. I also knew what his Adviser based at UMNO Hq said to his friend before that adviser decided to turn back to Najib. Unfortunately, sad to say, these are the people who are rewarded whilst genuine others are sidelined (me included). Its hard to conclude without talking about Rosmah. I like her and admire her for her dedication and passion to see her husband succeed. Unfortunately many misunderstood her genuine intention and desire to be of service to the husband and to the country. But for that, many are jealous of her high profile. In fairness to Rosmah, please Google "the changing role of first lady" and you will find that Rosalynn Carter revolutionised American Politics and change the role of First Ladies. They no longer confined their role as persons who decide on what menu to serve or who sits where during State Dinner BUT First Lady do shoulder national responsibility by championing specific National Policies. If we genuinely want Malaysia to be politically mature , we should all encourage the wife of our PM to champion National Agenda and give her all our support. Read about Rosalynn Carter, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama and you will note how involved are First Ladies of America, the Mature Democracy in the world- in policy making or advocacy. Give Rosmah what ever title that you prefer First Lady or what ever, but I had rather have Rosmah emulating Rosalynn Carter or Hillary Clinton in assuming the role of Trendsetting First Lady rather than having her meeting friends and doing the usual gossips, karaoke and pocho-pocho. Well there are lots of fitnah against Rosmah, but to me those are signs of forces who fear her potent role as Trendsetting First Lady. Nevertheless these forces have to be managed to minimise their impacts. Remember , its unfortunate that lies and deceits sell very well ( Someone told me I was victim of poison pen letter . I did not know about it until recently .I underestimated its impact and chose to ignore it by not clarifying the issue with my ex boss who did not bother to ask me about it ) As for you Barking Magpie. I know you, I like you and I like what you are doing. Its the way we should serve our boss - with sincerity, dedication and loyalty. Keep up the good work.Worry not about Muhyuddin - what matters most is for Najib to make sure that the rakyat and every one is behind Najib to give Najib thumbs up for his leadership. Reflect on what Mahathir did when UMNO was banned , he nearly lost his Prime Ministership and UMNO war lords were about to turn their back against him. What he did was to make sure all NGOs, CSOs were in full support of him when they all visited him at Seri Perdana. He went to the grassroots and reach out for the rakyat. Overnight, all the "shaky UMNO warlords " returned in full force to pledge their undivided support for him. Have no fear when the Rakyat is With you - that was what I told Mat Taib when he faced political turmoil following his secret marriage. Najib, is blessed with good look and charisma though he may like do some workout to look slimmer like Obama. He will have the appeal to bring all the rakyat together to support him for what he could do to transform the country. It can be done, I know how to make it happen. NATIONAL RECONCILIATION PLAN (Mandela did that and he is now a living legend) Nevertheless, I hope his advisors would reflect and reengineer the way they do their work. It has to be Business Unusual for Najib. All the very best.



Anonymous said...

The guy is a joke, unlike u pasquale . U r fearless hahaha

Anonymous said...

Fikirampagi - A living dinosaur or a lintah darat for 54 years still dreaming when the walls are all crumbling slowly down.

All the time using, I know who and I am who and I know what is good. No other qualifications, ka?

Who cares. Times over, New change coming.

Anonymous said...

We have a reached a tipping point in the history of the nation where "lewat" is worse than corruption. That to me is a point of no return Troika or no Troika.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10.44,
I hope you meant "liwat" instead of lewat.
No, we as a nation, even though the law says it is wrong, have nothing against homosexual, but we are against a man who is so hypocritical and portrays himself as pious but yet cheated on his own wife, and he has the gall trying to be a prime minister, that is why he must be stopped at all cost!

Passive Observer!


Pasquale, Good News is seven NGOs aretaking up the suggestion to champion National Reconciliation Plan. They want it to be apolitical. Genuinely for National interest. To begin with , the NGO will organise an Inaugral Conference of National Reconciliation, to be followed by Expert Group Roundtable and finally a Camp David style retreat of three days to discuss National Reconciliation Charter and Immediate Actions Pre GE13. ALL Key Leaders of Political Parties from BN and PR will be invited. Other include Leaders of NGO,s , Civil Society Organisations, Heads of Religous Bodies - Church, Mosque, Temples,Academia, CEOs, Heads of Interest Groups - economic, political, social, education and pressure groups representing Malay, Chinese, Indian, Dayak, kadazan, Iban, etc will also be identified and invited. Personalities like Ambiga, Bakri Musa, Din Merican, Rocky Bru will also be invited.P Influential Bloggers will not be left out. If Mandela could make it, why cant Malaysia do it? An attempt is being made by the 7 NGO to invite Tan Sri Razali Ismail, former President of United Nation conference to Chair the initiatives. Those reading this feedback are welcomed to nominate yourself to attend the Conference and Rountable subject to vailable seats. Please email to

Anonymous said...

P O, Does it matter "lewat" or 'liwat'. Many of us have already made up our minds but the judiciary is still unable to send him to jail and throw away the keys despite what many of us claim ' there is overwheleming evidence'.

If what we say is true then why is it that he is able to put up such a prolonged fight? Like the hidden hand in the price mechanism or should I say hands has diluted the evidence.

Anonymous said...

this guy is no joke... he is expressing views of all the rakyat. we want what mahathir and tun razak had done for the nation...unite all people without sacrificing the bumi and the non's privilages as enshrined in the Constitution. Najib is fast losing support from the ground, Malays and nons alike if he refused to follow the old formula and insist on listening to his cuurent 'half past six' advisors. he is indecisive and flip flop like Paklah nowadays

fansofnajib said...

Like the idea. Lets make it work. I would be surprised if Najib, Kit Siang, Mat Sabu and Anwar were to reject this idea of National Reconciliation for the sake of everlasting unity. The winner would be the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Bro, Najib spent RM2 billion on Bumiputera set up fund via Teraju. Good initiative but the billion for Bumi has limited political mileage for him. Beneficiaries are the Bumis who already supported him. Najib must be willing to spend hundreds of million to forge National Reconciliation. It must be done not so much for Najib's political gain but for the sake of the people.

Anonymous said...

Reconciliation is a good umbralla but makes a poor roof.


Beautifully said and written, fikiranpagi.

As a former Bersih 1.0, I share your sentiments.

Najib, please sack your advisers fast.

Rumours that we used to have an idiot as a former PM and now we have a PM with lot of idiots as advisers maybe true after all.


Progressing well, the protem committee on national reconciliation plan will meet on 7th September to discuss road map for actions. Strictly a non partisan apolitical people to people initiative. The G7 secretariat of 7NGOs will unveil members of the 10 goodwill ambassadors who will manage grassroots consultation drive , national conference, expert group meeting and camp David style retreat to address issues that divide the nation and the rakyat . We hope to come up with 5 wins formula - win for rakyat,win for the nation, win for civil societies organizations, win for pakatan rakyat and win for barisan nasional . Please email your input to

fikiranpagi said...

Mandela Boleh, Malaysia Boleh. Fikiranpagi's latest posting at - what Mandela said of National Reconciliation Plan. Dear PM,Anwar, Ambiga, etc. Lets do nothing as yet, let this be people to people initiatives. Eventually, the rakyat will need all the support that BN , PR and CSOs could give to realise this plan. The time will come but not now...