Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What are we waiting for about Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim!! A leader of our own lawless minority!!!

This smirk has to be wiped out once and for all!

News update!

British Prime Minister David Cameron told his parliament that Britain's lawless minority needs to be checked and dealt with severely, and the police supports his statement. Those responsible, said Cameron, must be made answerable!! Meanwhile in Malaysia, the government is still being coerced, bullied, cajoled and blackmailed into submission by our own lawless minority led by BABI. We, the silent majority, cannot take it any longer, something must be done!

We chased after terrorists and enemies of the state like Chin Peng and his gang, and many others! Why couldn't the government go after one man who has caused countless damage to the country, to the government and dividing Malaysians into serious and dangerous racial divide, that this country has ever experienced since My 13!
Is it because we are afraid because this man is protected or perceived to be protected by the super power? Personally I don't think they give a damn!!
But why are we so afraid from a man who organized demonstrations against the government of the day causing millions of ringgit in income from petty traders and causing investors shying away from Malaysia and still showing that smirk saying "I can do what I can" and "catch me if you can?"
Yes we are talking about Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim!!
As a citizen of this country I do not feel safe when he is around inflicting mayhem to the society and country and I am also afraid this present government is not brave enough to tackle this problem!
Personally speaking I am angry and fed up!
I want this man to be charged and sentenced for good.
In London Prime Minister David Cameron is bend on catching those involved in organizing the riots that caused a lost of lives and properties and the police there made a pledge when caught these perpetrators will be dealt with severely!
I wish we can say the same! But we a re afraid!!


Anonymous said...

The govt is not afraid. The court is. Of all people, the court is afraid of Karpal Singh. It is so very clear that Anwar has to prove that the sperm in Saiful's anus is not his; and all his conspiracy theories are irrelevant, yet the court allowed him leeway to delay the proceedings. Calling for the Indon maids as witnesses is another joke; what have they got to do with Anwar's sperm being in Saiful's anus? It's already 3 years without the trial coming to a conclusion. I hope someone will do some maths and tell us how much it's costing the govt, and how much Karpal & gang are raking in. And where did Anwar get the money to pay to retain Karpal & gang?

Anonymous said...

It is as simple as ABC.

As in a brotherhood situation, you help me and I help you. In this case, all the hoodlums are supporting another hoodlum to put him in as Prime Minister.

And then, it will be payback time. Case will be closed, the hoodlums will be rewarded big time..... or else..... Get it so far?

Okay, for those who still don't get it, go check YB Zulkifli Noordin's blog where he has offered himself as credible witness. This will surely speed up the case.

Anyway, the longer the case is delayed, the more obvious it gets. In fact it has already gone from obvious to absurd.

So yes. The Court and the Government is condoning absurd nonsense by accomodating irrelevant requests.

Who's paying the bill? Well, 'When I am PM, those who saved my arse will be rewarded a hundred time over.'

Clear enough?

Anonymous said...

anwar's bill paid by foreigners intent on colonising this Muslim nation

most Muslim nations are rich in natural resources

Anonymous said...

I wonder who is majority and who is minority as far as this case is concerned.

When you can't prove a crime in court, it's not the accused problem but the accusers who has to lie and lie and lie to cover up every lie.

Get it?

Anonymous said...

Look you better cool down. Those in government and the opposition are action with impunity. And the British PM did say that all those who act with impunity must face the full impact of the law. You cannot just have selective prosecution. All wrong doings are wrongdoing and must be prosecuted. Just two days ago the retiring Chief Judge said "the public must see the judiciary as an institution that is unbiased and free from dishonesty". SUN Page 2 August 11th.

All those who are guilty of wrongdoings must be prosecuted with the same intensity as YAB Anwar. There in lies the future of Malaysia as envisaged by our founding fathers.

Anonymous said...

Good article but unfortunately you are only barking at one tree only.

Anonymous said...

You can't even tell the difference between Bersih peaceful demostrators and London riot looters like your cacat najib. A man like you who never shame yourself is worse than a pariah snake!

Samy the Indchinian

Anonymous said...

@samy the moron

its very obvious that you are a moron and can't understand the similarity between the two rally.

but, you are a pariah. so its no wonder.