Friday, September 02, 2011

The Chinese Bintang Tiga did try to seize control of Malaya!

Yes Chauvinist-Chinese via the Kuomintang Party have been trying to control this neck of the woods since time immemorial. A book "The Kuomintang Movement In British Malaya 1912-1949". Probably a good book to read and probably have some information on how the Chinese planned and tried to seize control of Malaya!
Chin Peng wanted to be the Supreme Leader of Malaya, a pipe dream indeed!

Wonder how many Malays they have killed!

The bloody and outrageous history involving the majority-Chinese chauvinist-cum-racist led Bintang Tiga group (in real fact they were the Kuomintang stragglers that were left behind to do their bidding) were intentionally or unintentionally left blurred to Malaysians.
Especially to the chagrin of the Malays who seek the truth on why there are still so many chauvinist Malaysian-Chinese subscribing to an equally chauvinist anti-Malay party pretending to be a liberal one.
The darkest period, darker than the Japanese occupation it was said, was when the Japanese had surrendered and the British were late in coming to fill in the 14 days vacuum. It took British Military Administration 14 days, and for 14 days the Bintang Tiga, which disguised themselves as the Malayan People Anti Japanese Army, or Malayan Communist Party (CPM)led by Chin Peng and his anti-British and anti-Malay marauders, went on rampage killing thousands of Malays.
My own uncle was placed in a gunny sack and hung and about ready to be skewered with sharp bamboo shaft and not until my late mother had to sell some land to pay for his life.
The Bintang Tiga Chinese officer who dragged my uncle into the gunny sack to be killed was his old child hood friend from the same village, so go figure on this one, eh!
Meanwhile, the Bintang Tiga wanted to take over the country to destroy the monarchy by killing them, and to take over but were not successful, thank God!.
The late Sultan of Pahang was saved in a nick of time from being ambushed by the Bintang Tiga, and the Bintang Tiga also went into the Istana Seri Menanti looking for the father of the present ruler to be executed.
When the British came to resume power the Malays were prevented from taking revenge against the Bintang Tiga stragglers who have innocently assimilated into the rest of the Chinese population on Ipoh, Batu Pahat, in Grik and just pick any Chinese town and rest assured the murderous Bintang Tiga members were there, trying to go legit.
Today, as far as I am concerned, the Bintang Tiga has taken a different form they have regroup and they have managed to form a country down south, and controled Penang where, like how the Malays were told when Bintang Tiga was in power for 14 days that they cannot pray loudly.
Meanwhile the Malays led by power-hungry Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) who is doing anything and everything in his power to stupid-fy the Malays and fragmenting the Malays, and while the ugly looking sarong clad PAS leaders who think they are Arabs, are trying to convince the Malays that they are in fact Arabs.
In the final analysis, the onus is on the Malays themselves to decide and to understand why they must be united and to be still supporting Umno, or they have no chance in hell to call this country their own again ever!


pakteh adam said...

A very good on Sir.

Memang amat jelas sekarang mereka bergerak bertopengkan liberisma dan kesaksamaan, tetapi 99.9% nawaitu mereka adalah Kaomintang

Terima kasih atas maklumat dan salam kasih sempena Syawal yang Mulia ini.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. I think the Chinese shd thank their lucky star that Malays are forgiving lot instead of playing with fire.

I'm worried that the more younger generation Malays realised the present Chinese's ancestors involvement in Bintang Tiga, the higher animosity against the present Chinese who can't speak good Malay, no Malay friends & perceive themselves to be superior than Malays (eventho they just work as pirated DVD vendors LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Anon 6pm says "perceive themselves to be superior than Malays"

aiyoyo, they CAN'T be superior coz they are descendents of coolie kang - very poor and illiterate cheap foreign labourers

they are not descendents of scholars, or rich landlords or the ruling elite

they are too poor to stay loyal to china so they cabut to other lands to con gullible landlords

Anonymous said...

From Communists to Kuomintang, what next?

The current Malaysian Chinese are either Communists or Kuomintangs? MCA or Gerakan?

Why DAP only? Ain't it a socialist party and a multiracial one?

Who are you trying to fool?

vinnan said...

Cannot even differentiate between the CPM and Kuomintang. Typical puk'mak UMNO piece of shit trying to stir up anti-Chinese sentiments for political hgains. If you UMNO bastards are so brave kick all the Chinese out of Malaysia please. Then when the Malays have to eat s;it due to the UMNO created economic collapse I wonder who the Malays will hang first.

Anonymous said...

UMNO tak bolih ,sekali lagi,tidak blh ambil rengan.

blogger pro bn malas nak defend banyak sangat keputusan dasar yang lihat negatif kapd umno dan ramai pemimpin UMNO yang tidak berwibawa, bermaana umno sudah kasi free kick.

KeMungkinan 2008 berulang dengan kekeurangan kagi majoriti tidak bolih di pandang remeh.
Sebab pas nak taruk muka baru 60 orang AP,tungul kelapa pun akan menang.
Siputih pompuan cina tu, dah kata kalu BN menang di Selangor kerna pakai tak bersih?.
3 juta ahli UMNO pekak buta tuli pada semua isu semasa,walaupun di beri peluang di bawah dasar liberal engagement inclusive terbuka 1M demokarcy,tapi nampak parti UMNO sudah dieunuchkan....rugi lah UMNO sendiri,rugi Melayu.
Blogger pro BN buat letih penat.
Kenapa dan mengapa semua 3 juta ahli umno ta buka mata?
tak nampak emperors new clothes.
UMNO masih dalam sindrom zon selesa semenjak 2004.
UMNO tidak akan menjadi teraju lagi sebab pati komponen pun sudah buat bising senyap senyap.
Kalu ahli umno tak sayang kan umno,tak kan nak harap mca mic gerakan sayang umno ?
winnable candidates akan menjadi buruan bagi semua pati yang akan bertanding pru13.
Sedih nya ramai legacy punya ahli masih menjadi harapan Najib.
Melayu hilang di Malaysia kerna 1Malaysia ?
arjuna waspada
changkat lobak.

Pasquale said...

Vinnan, as for me CPM stands for Chinese Party of Malaya not Communist Party of Malaya, be it Kuomintang, MPAJA, Bintang Tiga, DAP, Gerakan, or even MCA! Unless the Chinese in Malaysia is sincerely honest with the Malays nothing meaningful can be achieved.
When Chiang Kai Shek and his Kuomintang were driven out to Formosa, now Taiwan, by Mao Tse Tung Communist the indigenous people of the Malay stock of the island of Formosa were ethnically cleansed. So the Kuomintang stragglers in Malaya tried to do the same in Malaya to take over the country! So Vinnan this is the last time I am entertaining you because you appear to be another stupid racist who does not know his real facts!

Anonymous said...

vinnan is a descendent of the caste system that ostracise the untouchables or pariah

Anonymous said...

Do we need the the votes of the chinese?

Adakah kita memerlukan undi dari kaum cina?

They are foreigners..not Malaysians. if they are Malaysians..THEY WILL LOVE MALAYSIA!! and can speak the Bahasa Kebangsaan.

They are not entitled for voting. Hapuskan tuntutatn mengundi dari kaum cina komunis.

Anonymous said...

They come they see they conquer.. They will come a time when the kings institutions will be abolished, constitution rewritten should they come to power. By the time it will be too late. Our BROTHER has sold the country off. By the time, within five years, it will be too late for everybody,the good people to realise that they have been duped by either the sweet talking BROTHER or their own contentment, laziness, overconfidence, arrogance. Five years is a long time and the damages made may not be reversed. Our children and the generation thereafter may suffer.

Meanwhile, currently at the state of affairs the gomen is in, some people are just gleaming, smiling with anticipation for the moment of truth when their kind will finally be in control. Hence the outright display of cockiness currently (by vinnan and kind)

Yes correct they may contribute well to the economy, but who are their customers and supporters if not for the majority of malaysians folks. They owe to it to the majority of malaysians for support.

glassman said...

Vinnan was hoping to strike it rich by sueing the Queen of England,, errr, what ever happened eh?

Anonymous said...

glassman, how can an untouchable sue the Queen of England??

Jerry said...

Anon 11:09 PM.

You said DAP multiracial party. But they are predominantly chinese who are racist, ungrateful and greedy to grab all.

It doesn't matter if all those communists leave this country. The many good chineses can stay back and live in previous life.

We've live in mixed communities Malays, Chineses, Indians but we are peaceful and helpful to one another.

Don't worry about us not being able to survive as you think. We have the ability to be so if given the time and opportunity. Not all successful countries have Chinese in predominence in them.

Any way Anwar has to take all the blams. He started all this tussle.

Anonymous said...

Janganlah kita hentam sesama sendiri saja . Tak semua Cina dan India racist and support DAP or PKR. Ramai juga yang still support BN tapi kalau asyik melayu hentam Cina dengan berkata macam macam lagilah yg support MCA or MIC tu lari ke PKR.Kita semua nak cari makan. For most Chinese and Indians, Malaysia is their country too. China and India will not have them back...these two countries pun dah overpopulated and will be happy if their own population leave their respective countries.Ini juga kampung Ah Chong and Ramasamy..kita sama sama cari makan and makan nasi lemak and roti canai and teh tarik. It will not help us kalau kita asyik kelahi sesama sendiri.Orang luar yang akan take advantage and we will all lose out in the end...Kalau PR menang Melayu akan ditindas habishabisan and Malays will not then have the buying power. So sapa yang rugi kalau Melayu tak mampu berbelanja? Cina juga yang rugi kan cos 67 % of population are Malays.Kalau orang Melayu tak kerja dengan orang Cina,most of the businesses will close down cos orang Cina tak akan mahu kerja gaji murah like jadi jurujual or sapu lantai or do clerical jobs.Nak harapkan pekerja asing, tak boleh nak trust.Likewise, orang Melayu banyak yang depend on Chinese businesses untuk pekerjaan.We depend on each other but yang saya tak suka tu,apalah sangat kekayaan yang ada pada orang Melayu? Kenapalah pula benci sangat dengan orang Melayu hinggakan nak pertikaikan whatever sedikit yang telah diperuntukkan pada orang Melayu?Tak pernah pulak saya dengar orang Cina dan India di Malaysia mati kebuluran. Melayu yang miskin daif banyak ler! Di mana mana negara di dunia ini, there is no such thing as semuanya sama untuk everyone.Di negeri Barat, lagilah orang bukan kulit putih ditindas, hanya it is done very subtly(this is from over 20 yrs experience of living abroad).Kita patut get rid of the root of all evils yang menghasut Malaysians to be kucarkacir macam sekarang ini. Tak pernah Malaysia jadi kacau bilau macam ini, tak sedih ke kita semua tenguk negeri ini berpecah dan berpuak puak macam sekarang ini? This is the only home that we have,Sakai ke, Melayu ke,Cina ke, India,Melanau,Iban,Dyak,Murut,. We are in danger of ruining our own country if we are not careful and if we allow these root of all evil to influence our thoughts and plant the seeds of hatred in our hearts and minds.Are we such fools that we cannot see how Malaysia has come up since merdeka? What guarantee is there that PR will be a clean govt if they come into power?Its better the devil you know than the devil you dont.Setakat ini saya tenguk PR tak buat apaapa yang positif pun, they are more reactionary.Kalau baca blog malaysiakini dan harakah tu rasa nak muak after sometime kerana everything yang di buat oleh kerajaan semuanya tak betul. Is this logical? Orang macam ni ke kita nak harapkan memerintah Malaysia? If they search deep within themselves, they will know that their hearts are not in the right places..only their egos stop them from admitting that...
For ordinary Malaysians like me yang cari makan and would like to sleep soundly all safe and sound,please think carefully when you vote in the next election.We might be voting for anachy and discontent kalau kita salah pangkah Anwar and his bunch of clowns.

Anonymous said...

You can't even get your facts right. The Bintang 3 were Communists. Kuomintang are Nationalists and are with Chiang Kai Shek. These two groups are sworn enemies with different political ideologies and will fight each other.

I think you should try get your article published. You'll be laughed out.

Anonymous said...

I Agreed with Pasquale that CPM stands for Chinese Party of Malaya, be it Bintang Tiga, Kuomintang, Gerakan, DAP, MCA, or Communist, Cina tu Cina lah yang hendak memerintah negeri Melayu!