Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Give those born after independence a bumiputra status....!

You can defy the odds and you can do it sir and we will support you!

The future: Make it meaningful for them!

May be I am getting old and senile, but I am all for it!!
Now that ISA and other draconian laws have been repealed the prime minister must do more. Now that we have a brave prime minister who dares to be brave and he should be more bold by making those born after Malaysia's independent day a bumiputra.
Actually, the debate about giving a bumiputra status for Malaysians born after independent day is well received.
This DAP chap, Manoharan, may be an ar#eh*le but a posting I made about his comment in 2009 was well received in my blogsite. Read here!
He said: "I want to meet the prime minister to propose that we accord Bumiputra status to all Malaysians born here after August 31, 1957 to dismantle racial barrier."
Well the bad news is Mano you cannot and are not qualified to see the PM for being an ars..ole but your suggestion must be seriously considered.
As for your assertion bro that the Jalur Gemilang should be change to a flag that resemble a flag of your temple of your choice, and for that you should be strung up upside downlike Mussolini on his last days of fascism in Rome!!
Back to bumi status for all Malaysians born after independence, with due respect my prime minister, this suggestion should at least be debated constructively.
As ars..h.le Mano also said the Malay provision in our constitution will not be touched but giving bumiputra status to those post-independence Malaysia but it is a sure and a one positive step towards your OneMalaysia concept!

Salaam One Malaysia!


John Holmes said...

No, problem! Scrap the vernacular school as well.

bru said...

You must be out of your mind, Magpie. BUt in your case, being out of your mind is being rational and reasonable, if you know what I mean...

There is merit in making all Malaysa and non-Malays born in Malaysia "Bumiputeras". That way, we can all be just Malays or/and Bumiputeras.

Makes sense.

But I suggest only all those born on and after 11.11.11 be automatically made Bumiputeras. No sense backdating this status since a lot of us, like Manoharan, dont behave like sons of this soil, if you know what I mean.


Suzaku05 said...

Yep and dont forget to scrap the race requirement on any job application...

Arthur Androman said...

I used to work in Malaysia for about 10 yrs before I decided to pack up and leave elsewhere.

During that period, I personally did not see enough evidence to come to the conclusion that the 'Bumiputera' right amounted to much. The reality is that there are 3 kinds of Bumiputeras. The first category are the marginalized youth, having to work in meager jobs paying low wages, and struggling to build any kind of equity. The second are the Civil Servants, who live in an isolated vaccumm, oblivious to the pressures of a modern society in terms of competitiveness. (I would exclude the NRD and the Immigration front office staff from this, they are quite great). The 3rd are the Umnoputeras, the doyens of Malayness who enjoy the fat of the land.

I think the problem facing Malaysia right now is an inter ethnic and inter class warfare. Granting 'Bumiputera' status will not solve much and does not amount to much

Zulkarnain Mahmud said...

boleh..tetapi boleh kah mereka bersetuju juga jika SEMUA SEKOLAH JENIS KEBANGSAAN DIHAPUSKAN???

Anonymous said...

agree with John Holmes


Anonymous said...

This is in direct response to Rocky. There are some Malaysians, who grew up in a wonderful country and mixed Freely and had no racial issues. However in no time we non Malays faced all sort of disadvantages be it from quota systems in schools to university to property prices. Yet we survived and are successful because we work hard and are honest. So my suggestion is that you take your offer and place it where the sun will never shine, you pompous, ass licking waste of space.

Cucu said...

Absolutely no problem calling chaps like Manoharan a 'Bumiputra' but will he shed his pariah mentality?

LETIH said...

Suzaku05 said...

Yep and dont forget to scrap the race requirement on any job application...

Tell that to the Chinese companies my friend. Those are the culprit.

As a Malay (not arab/jawa or other so called constitution Malay), I am all for it BUT. Yep. big but, NO MORE RACIST SCHOOL system OR NGO based on races. Yes, that include the countless chinese NGO.

// letih //

arcadia said...

yup agree wif most of the comment above. all become bumiputras, do away wif vernakular school n race requirement on jobs na dlast do have pass bm competency. u cant be bumis w/o being able to converse bm rite? n its bahasa malaysia not bahasa mandarin or bahasa malayalam even bahasa madagascar XD

Anonymous said...

What's so great about being a bumiputera?
Ask the bumiputeras in Singapore and in Indonesia (vis-a-vis the Chinese). Mind you, they (the Indon Chinese) are proud to speak in Bahasa.

Malaysia should remain a pot of soup with all sorts of intact ingredients: not a melting pot of 'bumiputera' hash-as in gooey, tasteless muck - not the smokey stuff.

Or are you Magpie, playing the devil's advocate?


Anonymous said...

Just a thought. Once they come to power and are the decision maker these makeover may happen within a span of 5 years:-

a) Flag may be changed

b) Name of Malaysia may change to say maybe Cindiasia(recall Burma changed their name)

c) there's may be only one race - Cindiasia, fantasia or asiabagus - They will be no more race slot in application form, school record etc ti fill on

d) special housing loan discounts and related quotas and special scheme(felda etc) to Indigenous people may cease. Extra financial allocation/interest free loan for the comfort/development of Felda people and their children may cease to maximise profit

e) Indigenous reserve land status may cease to open up for more development

e) Mosque or other indian temple may have to minimise the prayer calls/prayer music etc. External speakers may be dismantled.

f) The country may follow suit to Singapore - no more Sultan etc

g) As too whether vernacular schools may also be abolished or not, is open for debate

Anybody else care to add to these musings...

Anonymous said...

Zarinah is still the SC boss , so RM belah la

Arthur Androman said...

I think you should ask the toll collector on the NKVE Highway, the Mat Despatch, the nurse in the Govt Hospital, the Bus Driver on RapidKL, the Bank teller in Mayabk, the teacher in a Govt school, the few police constable who have yet to taste corruption, the door to door salesman in Malaysia on 'whats so great to be 'Bumiputera'

I worked in Singapore, will admit, there are less proportion of utlra rich Malays in Singapore compared to Malaysia, but at the same time, why is it that the Malay girl working in a 7-11 in Singapore could very well be from Johor rather than Kallang? Or even better, why not the next time you have the opportunity to transit in Changi, why not ask the Malay CISCO security guards at the gate what is so great being a Bumiputera? Hint, they hail from the land ruled by the so called defenders of Malay rights

katrina said...

Not automatic, only

Those who attended Sekolah Kebangsaan fr Tahun Satu to tingkatan elligible to apply...subjected to all the requirements such as;

- Both parents must be born in Malaysia and citizens of Malaysia;
-Both or one of the parents must have served in Govt sectors minimum 20yrs
etc etc
- Both parents and applicant must be fluent in Bahasa Kebangsaan
- Must undergo at least 3 months of orientation and pass set exams
- Join PKLN


Pasquale said...

Arthur Androman your comments are full of bitterness and anger, if the next one is still the same I am going to spike it okay! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

The Non Malays will never understand how much one has to endure and struggle under the benevolence of NEP. Hence, it may be good idea to give all those born after 31st August, 1957, Bumiputra Status on condition that the agree to a single National Education System based on National Type Schools with English as a compulsory Second Language.

Anonymous said...

Change your identity from Magpie to Burung Walid or Gagak. Apasal bodoh sangat ni.
ada negara identify keturunan atau kerakyatan bersadarkan dimana dilahirkan, atau blood lineage atau sbgnya.

Anonymous said...

If non-Malays can be constitutionally accepted as a Bumiputras,who needs the vernacular schools? Many nons will agree with me, an old Chinese Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

if u want unity and nationalism make KJ PM.

Brahminputera said...

Yup that keling should listen androman.

Nothing much in bumi putera.

Better to be included in the Brahmin class hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hapuskan dahulu Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan dan bercakap dengan hanya satu bahasa - Bahasa Malaysia. Hormat dan sembah salam raja-raja melayu sepertimana rakyat Thai yang terdiri dari berbagai bangsa hormat raja mereka.

Anonymous said...

it's shameful to be a Bumiputra. Ptui!!

Anonymous said...

Over my dead body if they dream of taking over.