Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Malays deserve to be in what state of shit being they are in now!

The Malays will be driven out of their country just like this! And no neighbouring countries will take them as boat people, if they escape from the Chinese by boats!!

What do the Malays expect if they allow the non-Malays -- Chinese, Indian and others -- to successful insulting, bullying and cajoling them into being a village idiot, because they can?!
Make no mistake that the non-Malays will not stop in their quest to wrest power from the Malays and thus far they have succeeded.
Take a look at Singapore, Penang and Selangor, (Perak almost) the non-Malays are in power and when they did the first thing they do is to change anything that will entrench their position and to make sure that the power that they have just wrested from the stupid Melayu stays.
Remember the old adage: united we stand divided we fall! The Malays are totally disunited!! They have fallen and unless they get up very quickly, they are doomed.
I have no idea on how to make the Melayus/Malays understand the serious predicament that they are in, which is very bad. If the Chinese take control of this country I can guarantee that they will be much worse than the Bintang Tiga was, already is where in Penang the Malays and bumiputras there are already been disenfranchise and alienated! Wake up Morons!
Very bad that you find a Chinese leader going around the world bad-mouthing the Malay kingdom, rules and government, and an Indian leader who wanted the flag of Malaysia to be changed with a rocket to be incorporated on his new version Federal flag, and a young rapper going viral throughout the Internet swearing and cursing at anything Malays??!!
And here we have the Malay community being manipulated by people like sex-maniac BABI and sarong clad morons like Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang and when we have Umno leaders making money for their own happiness only?! And all of these have to stop.
Umno leaders, and Cabinet ministers have to repent and think that when they have been elected to manage the country that is what they must do nothing else.
I have yet to understand why Ummo leaders and ministers like Shaziman, Nazri, and many more of these so called Malays "leaders" without caliber are being entrusted to look after the well being of the Malays, Malaysians and the country?? When they should be sacked many times over!!?
If anyone is bothered over what I have just said you all can go to hell, after all we the Malays are already in one!


Anonymous said...

Salam tuan ...

I share your sentiment ...

the malay captains of the industries are no help either ...

more and more opportunities - be it job or business - are being give n to the non-malays at the expense of the malays .. just look at Bank Islam, Takaful Nasional, CIMB, MRCB, Equinas etc etc... thus the malays are deprived of a training ground ... just look at Bank Islam ...the CFO is a benggali (with a turban mind you .. for syariah compliance I guess), risk manangament is headed by a european guy, IT by a Chinese, as if this world has run out of capabale Muslim Malay professionals... even a general dept like Procurment is heded by a Chinese ... apa melayu tak dak ka.?

if anyone thinks that a chinese company will train and employ a malay chap in his business, thn my advise is ...go fly kite.

last2 ..semua supplier dari ompany cina ...hambek kau..

Anonymous said...


You are one sad case...
Fit for the mental home


Anonymous said...

A Xenophobia blogger suffering from Panphobia.

Go get a life.

Anonymous said...

keep marching on

Anonymous said...

true what u think chinese company want to train melayu aa

GoldTrex said...


You raised a very important and critical issue. If we do not see these threats, we will be doomed to suffer the consequences.

In 1824 Lord Balfour - the then English PM signed, what was then an insignificant treaty with the Zionist to create the kingdom of Israel. The Palestinians who were under British rule paid zero attention to this threat. 150 years later - the palestinians are condemned and living in squalid refugee camps, and had been driven out from their lands and homes.

After completing his epic sea voyages almost around the world (ChIna to Africa) Admiral Cheng Hoe returned to China and was greeted by a new emperor. His emperor had since died when he was on his journeys, including stops in the then Melaka.

The new ruler saw no value whatsoever in the Chinese armada and ordered it destroyed. It was totally burnt. No evidence of these magnificent and the then most powerful ocean going navy vessels exists today.

Just 500 years later the europeans arrived in very small trading fleets, comprising of small boats equipped with a just a few canons.

The Chinese has no answer to the european threats to its sovereignty disguised as trading demands. The once mighty Chinese empire eventually became colonized and subjugated for the next 2000 years.

Keep up this good work. Please do more to wake up the slumbering Malays. Let us not put our hopes on any single party. UMNO had demonstrated it is more interested to take care of the Chinese and Indian minorities' interests. PAS is more keen to occupy Putrajaya and is willing to be heretical -- let alone looking after Malay interests. In fact this to them is 'asssabiah'

May be, just may be PERKASA need to be made more perkasa. Its agenda is singular and very clear. Protect and advance the Malay interests.

I propose we empower ourselves with more persatuans and associations. The dialogs about Malay survival must be expanded.

Invite Chinese and Indians to these forums. They need to understand our struggle. They need to know how far yet we have to progress.

Today we know 3 boys from Bintanggor and another 5 Malay boys from Baling were told they were too bodoh to sit for the recent UPSR exam.

The boys already spent 6 years in school. It is therefore debatable who is more bodoh - the boys of their HM and teachers. Perkasa take note and actions.

Those who dismissed your article as paranoia and you as paranoid are either IGNORANT of strategic historical facts or are just BLINDED by their narrow chauvinistic agendas.

Thank you and may Allah bless you in your mission

Thank you

Economist Kampong

eekaa said...


I like it.

But, macam buang garam dalam laut.

Tak dengar nya brother mereka ini semua.

Mereka suka jubor kena sumbat.

Ha ha ha ha.

Nice try.

Burung Merbok said...

Both UMNO and PAS have failed the Malays miserably. Forget PKR , they are as Malays as the Chinese are Americans ! Looking at the present scenario, the writer's apprehension is rightly justified. In a war, one of the basic info to be gathered is knowing who your true enemies are and what their strength is, logistic and all. But what cannot be discounted above all else [ and all war veterans will testify to this ) is to realize and identify " the enemies"within your ranks. These spies, traitors if you like, must be severely dealt with first , i.e tried and shot ! So, if the present political situation ( aggression, threats, cajoling, humiliation, disrespect and direct challenges to the Agama,Bangsa Dan Negara, including the laws of the land, plus the Constitution) can be described as a war-zone , then THE TRAITORS must be eliminated first and fast. The enlightened ones can surely figure out who these TRAITORS are ; and punish them must surely be the recourse , at the next GE that is.

Anonymous said...

it's SUCK!!specially to nazri + hishamudin..stupid cows!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm certainly sharing the same sentiments..apa nak jadi melayu sekarang..
* Selangor harga rumah naik melambung..berjuta..taktik cina menghalau melayu balik kampung. Lagi2 bina rumah mewah. Budak baru grad nak beli rumah..tak akan mampu.
Melayu2 selangor tak sedar2 lagi..
* Melayu raya - harga ayam melambung, Cina raya-murah gila...busuk ati punya cina. PAS sibuk nak berpeluk ngan DAP
Mak bapak melayu tak reti bela anak..asyik merempit, bohsia,merogol...bila la korang nak sedar2.
Bangkitlah melayu2 semua sebelum korang jadi pengemis di tanah air sendiri

Anonymous said...

Malays are just not hardworking enough with their hands or brains as the other import race. Focus short term. Only see the tree instead of the forest. However they are kinder in heart than those import race. That's why is so easy to fool them under the guise of friendship and camaraderie. Last last tipah tertipu

Perhaps the long term solution would be to inculcate our children with those proper values so that the next generation would not be as hardcore as us.

Short term wise, the solution is to maybe shake them up a little bit so that they can see the big picture.

Anonymous said...

I do not know why you guys are playing pura pura.EPF, Khazana, Amana Saham, and PNB control kewangan Negara sebagai private equity. Tahun 20/20 semua listed syarikat yang bagus mungkin dalam tangan badan badan tersebut.Hidup Ketuanan Melayu.

Anonymous said...

You should be grateful to the Chinese who bring development to the country. I hope the Malay tycoons help the Malays and I hope they did. But the Chinese definitely have help the Malays. We don't look like colors. Don't be jealous of the Chinese successes, you guys will need them. All over the world the Chinese are successful. Your country will fail without them.

Kohinoor said...

Main Guli – Part I
The book “Malay Dilemma” was banned way back in the early 60’s bcos Dr Mahathir – an upcoming outspoken MP from Alor Star & a “thorn” in the late Tunku’s flesh had the audacity & the gall to call the Malays in a term that was deemed sensitive & had hurt their feelings. The outspoken MP was indeed visionary.
What the author had gone to say was that “hey, you Malays, wake up. Cant you see what’s happening in the Tanah Melayu. While you are fishing in the sea for kembong & parang & planting your tapioca & padi, the Ah Peks & Ah Keongs are reaping untold riches in the tin mines & rubber estates and wholesale businesses of the Tanah Melayu. Wake up! Go and get a piece of the action. Don’t be complacent. That’s history now.
If Kerteh can be called the “Dallas” of the east , Kampar was then called the tin miners town – home of the Merc. In fact there use to be a symbol of the Merc on top of the hill as you enter Ipoh from the south. While the late Tunku & later, the late Tun Abdul Razak ran the political machinery of the Tanah Melayu, the economy was & still is in the hands of the Clan.
There were hardly any Malay miners, Malay rubber estates owners, Malay wholesalers. But there were plenty of Malay rubber tappers, Malay fisherman, Malay peons, Indian tappers, Indian KTM workers. Indian JKR workers. The Clan were called “towkay” & this term has stuck on them for good.
This was the work of the colonial masters – the British who systematically introduced the “pariah” class system – the rich the poor the whites the blacks the haves, the have nots. While under the British rule, the colonies had gained much in the way of government administration, education, health care, education – not forgetting football & cricket (the Pakis are claiming this), when they left the Tanah Melayu, from the economic point of view, the Malays & Indians remained marginalized. Still are.
The British were smart – they knew the Tanah Melayu was a land of milk & honey, full of natural resources – tin & rubber & they systematically “raped” the country of its natural resources with the help of who else – the Chinese who were ever willing to work hard for that extra mile. And they did.
Was it wrong for the Ah Peks & Ah Keongs to amass such wealth? No. Because they were smart to seize the opportunity and the Clan have this ingrained in their system that “hard work pays off”. Not all of the Clan are born smart but they work smart i.e success will come with hard work & vice versa.
Those days, when one exits Ipoh either up north or down south, one will see well-manicured vegetable farms and the farmer’s house will be situated right smack in the middle of the farm. Mr. Far Mer will be in his traditional garb & the iconic symbol – the straw hat. Driving by these farms with the window down those days was a No! No!. Mr Far Mer practiced organic farming - no pesticides but human manure!!. The overpowering stench was not an obstacle to Mr Far Mer’s success bcos he was thinking out of the box!

The success story of the Clan is well known. But one thing bad about the Clan (not all –but some) is that they feel that they have a “right to over others/to the exclusion of others”. Taking a simple analogy, if you were living in a hut and out of sympathy you gave some space to a member of the Clan (phaps at the back of your hut bcos both were in the same predicament), the Clan will not waste time in taking the opportunity to grow taugeh, pak choy, jagong, sugar cane, papaya at the back – sell it at the nearby pasar and become “towkay” and then turn around to evict the hut owner & bad mouth at the same time. The infamous speech about Johor recently reflects what is happening in Malaysia today.

Kohinoor said...

Main Guli- Part II
The Malays who were in deep sleep have awoken – thanks to the policy initiatives of the late Tun Abdul Razak – which saw Malay graduates being churned out from our local universities & overseas. The towkays had sent their children to Australia, N Zealand, UK, & Canada. In Australia & N Zealand, education was free – not so now. There is a sizeable community there too & the Clan go about as if its their birthright. That is how they are wired!!
This has been going on for years & that is why of the top 10 richest men in Malaysia, 8 are from the Clan. There is the Sugar King, the Casino tycoon, the Construction magnate who is well known for flying in the late Pavarotti et al & so many other “billionaire towkays” who may not be captured in the “official list”.
The beauty of the Clansmen is they always like to give back to their community & rightfully they should & they have. Just take a look at all the Clans’s schools in the country – don’t they stand strong, solid structures reminiscent of the great wall & they definitely don’t have the “run down” look like our good ole Gomen schools. Why?
That’s bcos all these schools are run most of the time on private funds – thanks to the generous donations of the towkay m/billionaires – the largest donor’s picture one may find in the school hall or strategically, a wing of a hospital maybe named after these generous philanthropists. More often than not, these establishments will be administered by a Board of Trustees. To the Clan, education is “kum” (gold) & they will give an arm & a leg (literally speaking) to get that “piece of paper” that will take one to a better life. Giving to charity comes naturally to them.
The Malay professionals who are now a force to reckon with have grown ultra smart. The sad thing is the Malay professional & the Malay conglomerate does not remain Malay for long or becomes extinct not through the passage of time but through their own doings or misdoings.
It took a kway teow seller (I think) in Hong Kong plus his cronies (George Tan & Bentley Ho) to bring down BMF, a subsidiary of then Bank Bumiputera. Why? It was sheer greed & stupidity of the Malay professionals who were entrusted in running the outfit to “gadai maruah” of the Malays whose hard-earned money was hood-winked by these Hongkies & Sporean. The fall guy was the late Jalil Ibrahim – the Internal Auditor whose body was found in some banana plantation in Hong Kong.
It was the late LEO (Lorraine Esme Osman), an “intelligent” lawyer turned banker with his fellow cronies – Ibrahim & Rais et al who let the Malays down bcos they did not falter for a second to think about their kampong folks back home. Depa lupa daratan. Melayu mudah lupa? They fell to the “charms” of the trio et al. As rightfully pointed out by Anon (1.29) the Malay captains in the industry then & now, have let their own people down.
They were “duped” into releasing funds to bogus companies (with ridiculous names – one could fall off the chair laughing), RM2/- companies that were started overnight that saw the downfall of the Malay pride, symbol (at that time). In the BMF case, besides other inducements, LEO et al were “bought” over with expensive jewellery for the mostly white spouses. Duit suapan jadi darah daging for generations to come. How sad or do they bother at all?

Kohinoor said...

Main Guli - Part III
We can have all kinds of agencies to deter, to prevent, to thwart, to correct, to police wrongdoings in the system/world BUT what are these agencies if Man can stoop that low. The agencies will remain as just that while the ultra smart Malay biggie outsmarts the system. The Beat goes on.
Corruption has been reported in the police force, the immigration department – giving all the other decent, honest, hardworking ppl in these agencies a bad name. Even the MB’s office was not spared – the late MB Harun Idris took the pole position. Another ex-MB with bagful of cash enroute to Australia. So its nothing surprising to read about the ongoing case about an ex-MB’s Balinese style palatial home – it is indicative of how “sick” the system is. In fact the whole Malaysian administration has gotten a bad name bcos of these “biggies”.
The recent fiasco by the husband & wife team – Azizan (E&O) & Zarina (Chairman of SC) bears testimony to the plundering of the resources in the Tanah Melayu. The Malays are so smart these days that they have risen above the Clan - “virtrually robbing” from their own kinsmen and passing it off as their “natural right!
Doa orang yang dianiayai ( macam kakitangan), orang miskin – Tuhan akan makbulkan. No need to wait until akhirat – its now cash, payback time from the Almighty. No more credit. Tak takut kat Tuhan? Its One to One up there. No PM to bail out.
Taubat lah. Its not too late.

Anonymous said...

Hikmah sebalik kucar kacir - Melayu makin terbuka mata bahawa saudara baru mereka yang telah diberi kerakyatan sudah menunjukkan agenda sebenar

mereka ni akan mengambil alih penjajah british

kini the white peril has gone to be replaced by the yellow peril partnered by the black peril

Anonymous said...

you see in the early the chinese and indians are happy with economic wealth

and Malay bumis are happy with political control

but the chinese and indians having forgotten to tell their children about the special status of the bumis, now demand "EQUAL" rights

so they now want to wrest political power from the Malay bumis to eradicate the special status caluse in the constitution (which they perceive as unfair advantage)

so of course when one clause is being questioned, the other clause in the agreement WILL also be questioned

the free citizenships of stateless peoples WILL be revoked and despatch them to Britain who had reaped wealth from Tanah Melayu after years of colonisation