Thursday, September 15, 2011

Racist Namewee!!...What happens to this little Chinese boy!

A Malay looking little Chinese racist from Muar!

I would love to make a racist video attacking any stereotype Chinese character that I can think of, like the way they shoveled their chopsticks into their mouth when they eat, or when they hock and spit to the ground.
When after over 50 years of independence and some still cannot even speak the national language sigh! What can I say, but I will and can never do all of the above, for the sake of sensitivity, in view of our multi-racial setting etc!
Then along came this little Chinese racist named Wee Meng Chee or otherwise known as Namewee, from Muar, who once said in public that the muslim calls for prayers were like cock crowing...he equates and belittles a religious practices without compunction.
No I do not think the Prime Minister Najib Razak will ever see him at any event, even at the risk of losing Chinese votes from Muar.
A racist like this little Chinese boy is what makes a Lim Guan Eng of Lim KIt Siang of the future, a racist shit like this one must be isolated like isolating a bad gene to save the rest of the body!
May shit be on you little Chinese boy from Muar, who looks like a Malay BTW, for what happened to you when you were young only you know, but tell me again why you do not look Chinese?


Anonymous said...

When Ibrahim Ali opens his mouth, they cry RACISTS..

When this AhKow paste his videos all over, they cry ARTISTIC!

When Kugan and TBH died, they demonstrate, burn candles, demand Royal Commission and shout nonstop so the whole world can hear,

When Arwah Sosilawati and three other Muslim Malays were gruesomely murdered by their kind, they are as quiet as a mouse.

Are these people true Malaysians fighting for all Malaysians or merely fighting for the benefit of PENDATANG origins?

anti bohmau said...

well said, bro!!
wish i could say like that, too!!

but i have many chinese friends who are totally different from this racist namawee!!

and some of them are good Muslims!!!

Anonymous said...


History gives a good guide into the future. 'Melayu Mudah Lupa' - that's the problem with most of us, especially those in power!

Never let bygone be by gone...

Please read 'Selagi Hayat Dikandung Badan: Lembaran Perjuangan'. If you dont intend to buy, at least take a glance into the book, available at MPH, Popular and other major book stores.


Anonymous said...

'May shit be on you little Chinese boy from Muar, who looks like a Malay BTW, for what happened to you when you were young only you know, but tell me again why you do not look Chinese?'

Maybe his father did your mother and your mother was too happy to tell your father about it?

Zaidi said...

Dear Magpie,

I would love to see you doing a "probing attack" on racists NameWee. Start small skirmishes here and there and gauge the response. Hope you have good plan though cause this Namewee guy is a tough nut to crack. Make sure you have enough points to carry out the flanking maneuver and pray that other bloggers will come to your rescue when you are pinned down.

Anonymous said...

Now ISA sudah abolished.. akan menjadi2 lagilah rasanya kaum2 sejenis Namewee ni..

Apa kata u all pun start buat video macam dia? Frankly compared to Malay.. rasanya lebih banyak perangai Cina yg boleh buat cerita kelakar kot. Tak payah sibuk pasal sensitivity lagi dah.. Semua dah tak sensitif.

Sometimes if you can't beat them, u shd join them. Rasanya dah bosanlah tengok Melayu asyik mengalah aje... Let's beat them at their own game.

Anonymous said...

We are all products of our environment.

Anonymous said...

Sdr Magpie.
Encore Encore ENCORE.
The air in Muar is too too precious and the soil in Muar is Holy ground,and the cina brat defiled the soil and fouled the air.
Thank you for those words of admonition.Perfect.
Kpg Mohd Amin

Anonymous said...

maybe he's got Malay blood, must ask namewee's mum

Anonymous said...

yg artis-artis Melayu mcm Aflin dan Adibah Noor berlakon dalam filem dia (bh Mandarin) tu apa hal?

Anonymous said...

I was at the cinema and what did I see?
A poster of Namawee's movie staring back at me

I hear the movie has received good ratings and has collected over RM1.5 million in just 4 days

Anonymous said...


the foreign agents were buying up namewee's anti-Malay and anti-Islam agenda

coz they have failed in their investment in omega man and bershit mama

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a Chinese myself, but I gotta say that I'm sick of this dude's way of gaining popularity & publicity. Most Chinese people, & even some Malays themselves believes that he's just expressing himself, just speaking the truth, blah blah blah... & did not intend to be popular, all these kind of bullshit. Seriously people, how naive can you get??? What's more, that coming from a Chinese which is famous for being overly realistic, materialistic, as well as selfish(Which is how the nickname 'Jews of the East' comes from anyway). Oh, & for those who're not, please don't get offended, I'm just talking bout the stereotype ones. :P

Anonymous said...

Reboot your thinking, do you live in the past or do you live for the future?

To understand what I am saying, read this article for yourself.

Time to Alt Ctrl Del

Anonymous said...

Look in the mirror commentators, and you'll see the stereotyping hypocrite that your are. Reflect and ask yourself, how different are you from the racists ver 1 Namewee that you hate so much, do this by looking at your very own utterance and comments, esp that fella who commented on from September 20, 2011 2:51 AM

Do you live in the past or do you live for the future, think!

While at that, read "Afdlin Shauki’s statement on Nasi Lemak 2.0 and working with Namewee" (ctrl F if you can't find the paragraph in question)

Anonymous said...

Frankly whoever and whatever, namewee and those alike which choose to create the racial divide, continue to do so if they wish. Others will pretend as if nothing happen, wait until the time come when the time bomb..boom!
Just think seriously for a moment. Malay generally the most tolerant race on earth...maybe not afdlin shauki or those type. You push too much "you ask for it" then.

Anonymous said...

Namewee fucks UTUSAN. Nice....

Anonymous said...

sigemok macam Afdlin dan Adiba nak jadi bleeding heart liberal gasak lah mereka pun dah tak ada personality too fat and ugly, and they will sell their stupid souls to be noticed sad very sad!