Friday, September 30, 2011

"Undilah" public service announcement smells a rat!


Let me cut to the chase, I have never considered Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to be a potential Malay leader with enormous caliber or charisma as in the same category as Tunku, Tun Razak, or Tun Mahathir or Dato' Seri Najib, or even Tun Hussein.
In my mind eyes I simply could not visualise Tengku Razaleigh as a potential Malay leader to be entrusted in looking after my people (Malaysians that is, make no mistake here) and to look after my country (speaking on my behalf that is)!
I have never gotten a satisfying answer from him when he was a finance minister during the BMF scandal where billions of ringgit of Malaysian money that got ripped off in Hongkong.
A Bank Bumiputra auditor by the name of Jalil Ibrahim, was sent to Hongkong to investigate he was found murdered in a banana grove near Tau Pu Kau, in the New Territory in Hongkong then. I was there and I prayed for his soul hoping to set it free.
I also remember interviewing the late Jalil's wife and she told me then that two things she would teach her children, one, to hate the Malays and two, to hate Bank Bumiputra! I would not blame her for that for I could feel thepain that she had to go through with the brutal death if her husband.
As journalist then we were told not to ask too probing a question on the BMF fiasco, big fiasco indeed, when Tengku Razaleigh was the finance minister. Read here on the BMF fiasco if you wish!
What prompted me to dig out the past?! Well, it started when I saw Tengku Razaleigh was in a YouTube in a purported Public Service Announcement video but undoubtedly produced by the opposition, about trying to garner votes from the young.
He was featured saying that there are a lot of problem in this country and that he assumed everyone knows what these problems! He said new voters are needed to change the situation.
Then the video features many opposition members, known corporate figure and one very unpopular Chinese deputy minister of education from the BN component party, a badly brought up rabid Chinese rapper and two very fat and ugly Malay comedians. And unfortunately my two favorite people -- good friends Tony Fernandez and Yasmin Yusuf-- were also featured!
I have for once have to agree to an also a much less popular minister by the name of Rais Yatim who was quoted as saying the video was taken off the air because it allegedly portrays Malaysia a a country with too many problems. "My Ministry does not accept the video. It is not appropriate to be shown."
Kesimpulan nya Tengku Razaleigh, which country in the world that is actually free problems.
But, for a seasoned politician like Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, he should have known better not to be a pawn to the opposition!


Anonymous said...

Beware! He was the one who belittled Tun Tan Finace Minister for financial management according to FGO. He now wants to come back to take what her forgot to take during his Heydays.

Politicalamity9 said...

at work.. people say.. if you are not moving up the ladder for far too long.. hmmm, better resign and work some where else :)

Anonymous said...

Kenapa Ku Li biarkan dirinya dijadikan alat yang mesejnya secara halus menyokong pembangkang? Dengan mengatakan Malaysia banyak masalah itu adalah mesej yang negatif yang selalu disuarakan oleh pembangkang. Mereka yang mengambil bahagian dalam klip video itu kebanyakannya mungkin secara ikhlas menyeru orang ramai untuk mengundi. Tetapi saya rasa ada pihak yang telah mengambil kesempatan untuk mengolah video itu dengan memasukkan unsur negatif terhadap Kerajaan. Jika sebaliknya video itu mempunyai unsur negatif terhadap pembankang,sudah pasti pembangkang juga akan protes. Jadi eloklah dipetisejukkan saja video negatif tu.Barulah adil namanya.

Anonymous said...

Ini adalah salah satu master plan pembangkang. Mungkin dema ada advisor bagus

1. Conquer the alternative media. Internet dah conquer(with funding).
Sekarang artis pula. Mungkin lepas ni cipta lagu pulak(macam"we are the world". Sayang, BN lembik sikit hal alternative media ni. Tak ada pula nak allocate fund buat home page ala Malaysiakini(yang boleh counter 1:1 facts atau pembohongan yang dah raised kat opposition media.2008 dah kena hantam dengan kuasa alternative media tapi tak ada perubahan pun-macam elephant besar).

2. Buat drama dari angin kosong. Macam Sabu. Mana ada hard development. Semua angin kosong. Masuk asap keluar debu. Ceramah ceramah ceramah

3. Kaum comentar dema dah masuk BN friendly page dan buat sabo sikit dengan komentar pelik. Kalau page tak ada moderator, ianya akan meneutralkan effect bagi orang2 lain yang surf

Pasquale said...

Anonymous at 4.38pm,
I agree BN punya machinery memang lembab especially combating alternative media In 2008 we got thumped by the Alternative Media and if we are not careful we will be thumped again by it!

Anonymous said...

Sy rs mesej dalam klip tu betul.. Tak patut di larang..

Pasquale said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sy rs mesej dalam klip tu betul.. Tak patut di larang..

October 01, 2011 5:40 PM"

Yang larang tu Rais Yatim bukan boss dia Najib!
Tapi pendapat saya pulak saya tak setuju klip tu di siarkan kerana banyak Malice other words the massegae has ba lot of malice intended....dengan Ku Li nak perli present administration...dan yang China lain lain termasuk that little rabid Chinese rapper yangpenuh dengan kebencian yang dfi kaburi dengan perkataan menyokong 1Malaysia blah blah blah!
Kalau message tu sincere I am all for it!
All Najib said was the video is not banned so television stations go figure!

silvershamir said...

Why put Tg Li in the video? Just be impartial - dont need a politician or ex-politician to tell us to undi.
Ordinary citizens, the makciks, apeks, mat rempits telling us to undi look more sincere and convincing than Tg Li.

Anonymous said...

I think they must have received funding and coaching from the brainwashing gurus - the sublimal message is to instil hatred and distrust into the audience's minds

UNDI message is just a cover - underlying it is the INTENDED instigation to portray poor governance and to vote UMNO/BN OUT

why TRH in person and Najib on a billboard?? unsuspecting viewers might just perceive that Najib supports this campaign

Anonymous said...

this is the start of a sneaky agenda to control the minds of unsuspecting rakyat

it is like candy-coated arsenic