Thursday, October 06, 2011

The extreme racist non-Malays are doing to the Malays what the US administration is doing: to equate Islam with terrorism!

In the beginning the "first" Chinese had no problem assimilating, just like the peranakan, like the good pedigree of Tan Siew Sin (one of my icons) then came the descendant of Namewee, Lim Kit Siang, and Teresa Kok! The rest is a fuc*ing history and we are now in this perpetual state of a very bad racial nightmare, that we cannot wake up from, unless we have a good exorcist to help us!

After 9/11 I have been a tad paranoid about my obviously Muslim name when ever I am traveling to North America. Once after the attack on the twin towers were were heading for Canada. We, my wife and I, weren't being scrutinised for our Muslim names while entering the country.
However, when we were about to board Air Canada from Toronto to Winnipeg (a domestic flight) our passports were taken away and taken to the back room for over an hour.
When the guy came back he just mumbled that sounded like "I am sorry" under his fake cough.
When asked, he said, "Don't worry about it." The thing is, we were worried because we believed it was our names that caused the delay.
It was and I believe it still is, that we are still living under the generation of "you are either with us or against us" syndrome! We all know that not all Muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are in fact Muslim, but in this time of uncertainty and perceived restriction of fossil fuel some kind of a bogeyman syndrome (again the word) had to be created! TERRORISM!.
Now it is an accepted fact that if an Arab or a Muslim state that has to be attacked, it is essential that the state be branded a terrorist infested government, and rest assured the world will condone it...I need not go any further on this.
Back to us, we the Malays have to bend over backwards to prove we the Malays are not racist or extremist or, as perceived by Chinese or Indians, that we are baby eating monsters.
We the Malays are actually nice people, we have been so for many centuries now!
However, the chauvinist Chinese, especially, find it convenient to push and to push because they think they know we, the nice Malays, will not react for fear of being branded extremists or racists. So what do we do, we will relent and accommodate!!
If we Malays question many incorrect statements made and behaviors shown by the chauvinist non-Malays, we will be chastised and branded and be called "terrorists". Hey, this has to stop!
When a badly brought up (kurang bajar)Chinese boy raves and rants about stupid Malays and about everything Malay, no Malays in their right minds dare to criticise for fear of being labelled racist.
Well I have news for you morons, no more, enough is enough, if any chauvinist Chinese politician criticises the Malays and culture I will, if no one else would, react.
If Malay politicians try to accommodate these chauvinist non-Malays for fear of being branded racists I will point it out! Believe it or not we the Malays are also unique in expressing ourselves trust me on that!
Terima Kasih!


Anonymous said...

Bravo bro> I m right behind u. Wasalaam

Anonymous said...

Most Malays are actually gentle, quiet,generous, friendly, forward looking and most of all very accomodating except for those Mamak and UMNO goons.

Just look at the Malays in PAS, PKR, DAP and in East Malaysia. All very friendly, wat.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Gopal Raj Kumar has similar views as you. Read all about it here at

Burung Merbok said...

Yes, all of these suspicions must stop. The Malays cannot bend backwards anymore , they have relented and given-in too much already. The non-Malays conveniently ignore this fact ; instead they go on a witch-hunt to demonise whatever is Malay in outlook, behaviour, language, religion, culture & practices, economy and lately POLITICS ! If the present govt is below par then it's because the PM is a Malay. If the Police force should always be scrutinised and criticised, then it's because the IGP is a Malay. If the whole education system is comparatively under par, then remove the Malay Minister & the Malay Director-General. If the fiscal situation in the country is accused of being in the doldrums, thereby inviting quick and swift retaliatory actions, then simply replace the Malay Finance Minister with a non-Malay. The same with the Chief of the Armed Forces. So the list can go on and on ; all pointing to the so-called supremacy of one race over another. A dangerous trend ??? Surely, no right-thinking Malays would accept such arrogance and intimidation ! So beware less we invite more troubles with catastrophic results !

vinnan said...

Who abused the Malay Special Rights clause in the constitution to justify the never ending NEP discrimination against the non-Malays?. Wasn't it also the UMNO 'hero' Tun Dr Ismail who said hidup segan mati tak mahu after the MCA suffered a disastrous defeat in the 1969 polls? Who abused 'Jihad' to justify the UMNO propaganda 'Dakwah' to con non-Muslims into becoming Muslims so that UMNO can appear to be the Islamic hero. We do not want, never wanted and refused to be part of your UMNO racist, Taliban culture which threatens the non-Malays with bloody murder each time we stand up for our universally accepted rights. You are right 'The rest is a(sic) fuc*ing history', UMNO's racist, bullshit history which dare not even acknowledge that the Bukit Kepong Police in 1950 were wearing British uniforms, carrying British guns and paid for by the British. How the 'fuc' did these British police of Malay ethnicity become Malayan police when Malaya did not exist in 1950?

Anonymous said...

Eh fuck off man...2 things if you can digest-

Firstly - it's you fuckin umno bastards who are creating all the issues just to ensure you stay in power.

Secondly until you start condemning all the Muslim
Terrorists - you really are no different.

Can you get that into your stupid racist fucking head?

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,
Very well said. I totally agree with you. Its time to convey our true feelings.

Anonymous said...

Well said sir! Totally with you on this. Lets not mistaken freedom to express oneself with lack of respect for others or kurang ajar.

Baby Boomer

Anonymous said...

see the fb posting below

Can't believe how insensitive they all can be. If the other side does the same will they all tolerate. Please grow up..this is outright ridiculous, inhumane, reflects to their poor upbringing..​php?fbid=289014877776139&set=a​.212096842134610.58669.1000000​28868110&type=3&theater

Anonymous said...

When graciousness is mistaken for weakness and therefore unappreciated, worse exploited -

then it's time the Malays play by their rules, forget graciousness

sebelum kampung halaman tergadai

gotta teach these ingrates some lessons in amok tactics especially vinnan

who escaped the untouchables pathetic fate only to wrest others constitutional rights

the lame excuse of abuse and unfair implementation are just that - LAME excuses

maae said...

Cantik, Barking Magpie.JIHAD.

Tak payah cerita lebih. Enough is Enough. Jenis chauvinists ini tidak akan kenal kawan atau jiran.Mereka hanya kenal kepala emak bapak dia sahaja. Macam mana jahat pun,mereka tetap kelentong mengatakan mereka lah manusia terbaik! Real Bullshit!

Yang hairan tidak pula mereka yang tergolong suku bastards ini migrate ke negara-negara lain!

Bukan kah lebih aman jika mereka berhijrah ke negara-negara yang mereka suka!

Anonymous said...

allo bro,

-As of the census of 2007, there were 50,578,338,553,775,203 people, of those 25,358,500,585,338 are named ching, and the other 25,123,345,345,778 are named Chong. Unfoltunately because of severe inbreeding, both ching's and chong's look identical, both have stupid haircuts and both are incredibly stupid. They spend most of their time making cheap stuff out of lead, cooking sesame chinken, and doing math problems. All people, even kids starting at 10 month old, works at sweatshop or factory and get paid less then a penny an hour. Their family main income is disposable chopsticks to use on their 25 cent food. The government strict 1 child per family or "YOU DIE."

-Starting in 1959, the Chinese started dying from famine on a massive scale. One of the consequence is that there are few to no pets in China. Despite what some retards say, cats and dogs are just food there. One more reason why the Chinese found a way to make just about anything digestible. It is estimated that over 30 million people died. The famine was ended in 1961 by Mao Zedong importing grain from the capitalist countries and making a law that every Chinese can have a handful of rice per day, thus, thwarting evolution.

-Either China made Marco Polo famous, or Marco Polo made China famous. At any rate, now we know what to say when wandering around a dark room.

-Some Chinese eat Baby Soup which contains a deceased human fetus and costs about $4000. Chinese eat Baby Soup to increase overall health, stamina and the power of sexual performance.

-The entire Chinese language consists of two syllables: cheech and chong. Linguistic scholars believe this to be the origin of the term "Ching Chong Chinaman." Even to a cunning linguist who sees differences with types of words, even with the approximately five different tone inflections, there still is an irritatingly huge number of homophones.

-The chinkanese never really invented their own cultures but instead copy of from Greater Imperial JAPAN. Historian beleive there was no real proof that Asian culture came from chinkna. They beleive all the Asian culture came from JAPAN, but chinknanese copy them, thus making other countries copying from chinks making their own version.

-List of Chinkanese Pastimes

Opening Chinkanese restaurants
Cooking sesame chicken
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Exporting Chinkanese whores to spread disease
Speaking Engrish
Playing ping pong
Farming Gold
Spitting on sidewalks
Picking their flat noses.
pirated copies of anything and everything
Chinknatowns that take up all the local jobs
Everything else

-Trolling chinkanese

tell them they have a long history of being rape by JAPAN and usa
tell them their country belongs to JAPAN
tell them their women are ugly as hell
discribe their country as a big factory
say anything good about JAPAN, this will make them go on a rage
call them "chinks" or "panface"
tell them chinkanese culture came from JAPAN
ask if cats and dogs taste good
tell them JAPANESE is the most beautiful language of all and chinkanese (ching chong) language is fake JAPANESE

Anonymous said...

Abang, itu cerita lama. Cerita 1957. Hari ini Malays itu adalah kaum utama dalam negeri ini.Geleran Money Control All (MCA) da pindah kepada OMNO. Kuasa dalam tangan Malays dan "Imperialisma Bahasa Melayu" da jadi kenyataan. Maju kehadapan.Kalau kita menju kehadapan berhati hati kita akan menjadi satu kumpulan yang handal dalam dunia. Tetapi ingatlah kalau rasuah tidak di kawal dan hapuskan Money Controlls All(MCA) akan pindan balik kepada tempat asal.

Anonymous said...

namewee message in the clip would be acceptable. this i can agree. how he said it is very vengefully uncivil.

And there are many equally vengeful people in Malaysia and there isn't a way found yet to find what may satisfy them because nothing ever will.

vinnan and anon 5:18 are 2 good examples. They will retaliate with their twisted thoughts at the first opportunity. This breed of Malaysians will not be satisfied even after they have been buried or burnt. So they made sure they teach their descendants the hate ideology before the stop breathing.

Mahathir is the source of their discontent! Was it not Mahathir who has worked tirelessly to give them increased opportunity so that today they become wealthier than they have been in 1980. This denial syndrome is not very Malaysianlike.

This began with lee kuan yew's ideology. What's not Malaysian Malaysia about us today? We have been very much a Malaysians' Malaysia all along. What's in the constitution we cannot do anything anymore, so let us live with that.

The mostly urban non-Malays refuse to look elsewhere in Malaysia's backyard as the yardstick of their comparative achievements. They don't want to acknowledge that there is a bigger population in Malaysia not having much interest in the rat race they pursue but to remain in their livelihood in backyard Malaysia where the color don't make a difference.

Had there not been peace, would have all these wealth been possible to acquire ? At least our Abu Sayaf-like leftist don't have much follower or should the government of Malaysia have allowed our Abu Sayaf-like group to get bigger and powerful to become like the CPM and begin to terrorize the country. This is not remotely impossible. Had there not been Tun Dr Ismail to keep peace so that Tun Razak could continue to work for the economic progress, we may have been another Palestine.

Opposing and blaming game is nothing new; only now there are more followers because Malaysian government has allowed it like never before. We are making progress, people and please have a little patience! We have been having it easy and now are expecting developed world government when our minds are still trapped in the WW2 era. Any change must begin from within one's mind too not just with the government.

You know vinnan, i see the NEP is a bogey to blind the Malays only. Removing it.. use your imagination.
And the Bukit Kepong Police in 1950 were in British Police uniform, so does it make it right for the communists to burn their corpses ? Some of us look at the tiny detail but are blinded to realizing the moral behind. Good luck Malaysia and keep arguing!

Anonymous said...

the chinese and tamil schools should be heavily monitored for they may sow allegiance to china and india thinking that both these countries actually CARE for them

the curriculum and the ideology being instilled in these schools could be the source of their misplaced beliefs

Anonymous said...

The language used in this article reveals the attitude of the forces that are now shaping race relations in this country.The terms used are very patronising and is now commonly used by those who feel that they belong to the ruling class.At first we were told that the goal was integration.Now this word begins to look like assimilation. After integration came racial harmony. Now what this means is that we must learn to live peaceably with the rest even though we may not enjoy the same treatment.This means we have to smile while nothing is done to address the issues of the day.Now we understand that citizenship is the gift of Government because right from the beginning 'ius soli' was never on the negotiating table.

Until all of us see that the issue is the business of facing up to and eradicating the prejudices within all of us we will continue to point fingers at each other and go back to the basic instincts of man holding the view that those who have power do not heed and those who heed have no power.

Anonymous said...

Woi anon @ October 08, 2011 10:09 PM

Such high sounding philosophy serves no purpose except to show off.

What matters most is the contextual reality, not wishy washy theory.

The aim here is to provide a home for the stateless people at the expense of the original LANDOWNERS.

Now if the stateless peoples start questioning the AGREEMENT which is contractually and legally binding, then the status quo will be REVOKED in all aspects of the constitution.

Integration and assimilation are goals worth working towards.

Anonymous said...

Woi Anon,

With all due respect, we were living in Malaya and now Malaysia. We are not living in Keretaapi Tanah Melayu.