Saturday, October 22, 2011

A glimpse of a DAP-Chinese opposition party ethnic cleansing policy!

DAP in Penang does not give two shit about heritage of this country, this once beautiful colonial bungalow being demolished to make way for luxury condominium for more chauvinist and racist Chinese in Penang to live in!

And do you think for a moment that the DAP will spare this beautiful Malay house in a Malay kampong in Penang to further this racist Chinese-based party's development project? Call it by any other names but it will still be an ethnic cleansing!!

Penang Chinese-DAP under racist Lim Guan Eng wasted no time in implementing its equally evil and dangerous ethnic cleansing, by uprooting Malay and Indian villages in this once a not so bad an island state.
As we speak Malays, especially, are being uprooted like how the Zionist-Jews uprooted Palestinian-Arabs from their ancestral land where olive trees have grown big and tall for the last 800 years.
One of my most heart-rending images was when Israeli soldiers with tractors bulldozing olive groves owned by Palestinians. These trees were so old that without them the landscape of this sad and tragic piece of real estate in the world would look like a barren and sad terrain.
DAP is also doing the same now taking over land occupied by Penang-Malays bulldozing old durian trees and, like the Zionist, DAP-Chinese is just as bad since they have no qualm in getting rid of Malays on this island.
So I have this to say to all Malays in this country, you morons had better unite or you will live a pathetic existence moaning about what you should done in the first place and in the very beginning.
Nyah kan Anwar Ibrahim penipu itu dair pemikaran kamu!! Jangan biar kan nasi menjadi bubur, dan ingat ya bahawa bersatu itu teguh dan bercerai roboh!!


Anonymous said...

Kindly provide facts - which area? Who owns the land? Was the land sold by the owners or just acquired? How can the Penang Government do that i.e. under what laws.

Need more facts

Anonymous said...

Melayu jkalau masih tidak sedar mampus lah kamu semua di tangan orang Cina, jika mereka memerintah!

Trust me I an Singaporean!

Anonymous said...

Mengata orang, hang tu yang lebih. Poorah.

Anonymous said...

Pasquale the Chinese are turning us Malays into racist, how can the entire Chinese community kept quiet over this fellow racist namwee? I know you we went to secondary school together don't remember us being anti anything right!

Sharifuddin (Boy)!

Anonymous said...

You babi, itu kg jawa klang pun diroboh oleh you punya binatang Kill Toyol, apa you cakap, celaka punya babi otak you

Sally said...

Dear Pasquale
Not only malay villages but chinese villages in Penang too so it isn't a racial issue. What can LGE do when the developer has rights to demolish your house?
Our ancestors knew their rights and paid rental to the landowner when they built their houses on the landowner's land.If and when the landowner decides to sell the land, only thing to do was to either accept the compensation offered or renegotiate for a better deal.
Most malay villages were on govt land but who sells the land to developers such as UDA?
What gives LGE & present state govt to rampas back the land for the villagers when it was already sold by previous state govt?
p/s. Congrats to the buah pala villagers for their 500K houses!My family was only paid RM40K for our West Jelutong house.

Anonymous said...

Cibai punya pasqule... Fucking scheming lying umno pariah dog

Anonymous said...

Truth hurts isn't you fucking chinese??!

Keepnit up Pasquale, as for these people if you ban tai DAP you are BN supporters, WTF!

Anonymous said...

yeah always remember singapore pulau batu putih incidents

and that's proof the chinese want to OWN the whole of Malaysia

the singapore pm runnung a tiny red dot earns 5x the salary of american president

NOW that's daylight robbery - legalised by the govt

Anonymous said...

Another article to instigate racial tension. Pasquale Racist, you don't contribute to racial hormony in this country but have evil mean to destroy it.

SilVerWings2011 said...

when chinese being racist its okay BUT NOT when a malay being for another 13th May??