Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Malaysian Musical Journey which is really not! Sorry!

Not so perfect a harmony as depicted by the chauvinist Chinese!

I met an old friend at the pres club he works for a big corporation and asked me if I wanted to go see a musical titled "A Malaysian Musical Journey" (AMMJ) at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC). I said sure.So he gave me five complimentary tickets!
He said it was going to be good when the Solianos will start the night with my favourite Malay songs! I believed him!
Well, it turned out AMMJ was not what it claims to be. AMMJ should have been dubbed A Malaysian-Chinese Musical Journey, just one of those pathetic sad old story of how Chinese in this country struggled. No one else struggled just the Chinese.
But that is fine with me, they did help built the country, but please do not portray it at the expense of Malays, who were portrayed as a bunch of a marauding bullies attacking a Chinese man and his little daughter out to make a living.
When that scene of Malay-looking bullies was shown I bet you that crippled Chinese narrator was laughing so hard he would exclaimed "Niamah Melayu served you right!"
I was soooo looking forward to enjoying the show which I did, until that crippled Chinese narrator was jibing and making allusive and deprecatory remark on our prime minister by hinting the PM should, like Richard Nixon, resign because of being involved in an "explosive" in an unnecessary innuendo making reference to an alleged involvement of PM and the dead Mongolian woman.
Then this crippled Ciuniamah Chinese made an unnecessary political remark about Mahathir Mohamad and Maggi Mee, very degrading indeed!
In the final analysis the musical was indeed very Chinese in essence, laced with a sprinkle of P.Ramlee and few "lamed" Malay songs I did not stay to watch the second half of the musical I was disgusted.
Why can't a musical be a true depiction of the essence of the journey it depicts, why must a frustrated crippled Chinaman destroyed my evening with an unnecessary political statement and innuendos?
To people like crippled Patrick Teoh the narrator of the musical, without a good government do not for once think that you can stage a musical anywhere in this country.
In the morning when you switch on the light of you fancy apartment or a house you live in or turning on a tap to take a shower there is a government there, without a good stable government you will smell like a pig turd because in countries like Iraq, Egypt and Libya everyone smell, not as bad as you though, because they have no water and electricity.


Anonymous said...

That auntie Patrick Teoh should go live in North Korea

BaitiBadarudin said...

How sad! Even in art, they can't hide their deep hatred for the Malays.

Anonymous said...

This same Patrick Teo appeared in Nasi Lemak 2.0! Was he also in Undilah video? Surely he's a good friend of Namewee!

These Chinese have been ever anti-Malay and anti-Govt, so don't believe that they are at anytime "patriotic" nor support 1Msia.

No need for them to criticize, run down or mock our Malaysia- just leave and go emigrate to China and Taiwan, its better for the rest of us true Msians!

Anonymous said...

This the product of the government trying to sell 1 Malaysia too cheap.
Those kaum bangsat are really ungrateful. Learn something from our neighbours Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia how to mould a nation.

Shamsul Yunos said...

The hatred was so patently obvious, I left at the intermission, unable to stomach the hamfisted propaganda and the utterly atrocious performance...

only the chinese songs bits were energetic and felt like they were done properly

go figure

Anonymous said...

That happens because this bunch of racist chinamen are following the footsteps of racists like namewee who was given resounding endorsement for his 'creativity'.
If a group of Malays were to do likewise we will hear DAP and other chinese based group probably asking for a royal commision to get to the bottom of it.

Anonymous said...

You lot are truly Insecure,...oh well what to expect from a bunch of clowns like u

Anonymous said...

In recent months sharp racial remarks are being made in blogs by Malaysians. We have to be careful with our remarks because it affects the two largest countries in Asia population wise. We do not to make it difficult for our boys in Wismaputra as they are the one who will have to deal with thse two countries on a day to day basis.

Anonymous said...

You should read the star own review on the show, bloody hell how misleading!

Anonymous said...

Ho Kay Tat is a very good friend of Riong Kali what do you expect? Do you know what hey all have one thing in common there at the Star? They are all Chinese!

Anonymous said...

Patrick teoh 'niamahai' shows the real feeling of 99.99% of the non-malay towards Malay.

No surprise there really's expected..

So it's up to us - the Malay - as to how we want to chart our own destiny while we still have the opportunity. Never mind what the non -malays want to say ... "let them bark at the mountain".

In essence, we have to do the right things for us now. It is very urgent. If we don't, then who else?


Anonymous said...

At the moment Putrajaya is only able to do the right for Putrajaya.

Anonymous said...

Anon 13 Oct 8.47pm, I agree everybody should be careful in making statements. Also, we have no quarel with the Chinese as a comunity and all the more we have no quarel with overseas Chinese. The Malays are on the whole angry only with that particular group of ungrateful, 'kurang ajar' & racists Chinese (who include namewee and now patrict teo and people like them) who have no inklings in belittling the Malays and Malay leadership and anything that has to do with the Malays. You cannot expect only one side to be careful when making remarks but when the other side makes 'kurang ajar'remarks it's okay because it's 'creative'.
I hope PM Najib can find time to watch for himself all namewee's video clips and patrict teo's masterpiece. Then he can truly say what is the true meaning of being 'creative'.

Anonymous said...

Anon 17;27,

I agree with you. There are laws in this country to take care of such remarks and if you ask me such action should be taken without fear or favour against all those who indulge in such activity. When I look around the Third World I am worried because while other countries may have God to blame for their poverty and lack of development we in Malaysia have only ourselves to blame for any misfortune that may fall on us because it will be selfinflicted.

Anonymous said...

The chinese migrate to other countries even to Africa and YET they still want to retain their chineseness.

They now resent being called the black African, even when they are living off the African continent.

Ghaf said...

' A perfect harmony ' my foot ! , a musical journey of ups and downs fantasizing of ' our dream and vision of a land of harmony ' my foot again !

Since the day of the second wave of immigrants stepped foot in the ' glorious land we call home , Malaysia ' as claimed , Malaysia has never been in the state of mind to ' celebrate our diversity ' and differences . It has always been the connotation of acceptance , tolerance and wisdom that superficially cultured that make us vaguely apparent ; nevertheless , a water tight and segmented society .

Yes we have the ' ability to laugh at ourselves , laugh with brethren ' and be self-criticism and be open minded to ourselves ' through the musical landscape of our country ' but throwing constructed words and thoughts in our head was an erratic bearing and an arbitration to the inevitably sensitive environment .

No doubt , there is such configuration of democracy in theater , thus liberty of the audience prevails . But democracy and liberty are not absolute . It has to come with the sense of articulation . It is a responsibility to be articulated .

Since it is a musical concert , it is musically and heavenly excellence but the some contents are ' sumbang' in its harmony .

Anonymous said...

What DAP does in Penang to demolish Malay houses and kampung was exactly what PAP did to the Malays in Singapura hardly less than a year in power! So Melayu you either united and reject the evil Anwar Ibrahim or you will suffer the same fate where Chinese in control!!!