Saturday, October 08, 2011

The problem with Malays?....They could bloody well be like the Aztecs or the Incas!!!!

A modern day Conquistadors getting ready destroy bumiputras and to decimate them, with the help of a very stupid and stuttering Aztec!(wearing a yellow baju Aztec)

I don't know but may be it is fated! Yes I am talking about the Malays who appear to and will always forever be cheated, short changed, tricked, and easily talked into anything in their lives!
Similarity can be drawn between the Malays and the ancient Aztec or Inca, the extinct proud tribe of the past that could not understand the power of gunpowder and real politik.
If the Malays still insisted on being clueless over the meaning of the power of gunpowder and Realpolitik, I would give it until the end of this century when the Malays will be irrelevant and will lose their power and rights and that they will be like the extinct Aztec and the Incas.
It took only a small band of European militiamen, or generally known as the Conquistadors from Spain and Portugal, with a blunderbuss, to control and to manage and decimate an entire Aztec and the Inca empires.
Basically the conquistadors were a regular organized military in that they had to supply their own materials, weapons and horses, and supported by their respective governments set out to conquer land and natural resources for their masters, such as Spain and Portugal.
(Just like DAP getting their supplies and ammunition from their mother country Singapore and taking orders from the PAP)
Today I see a modern day conquistador in a form of DAP running wild on rampage capturing land that belongs to the Malays, for their master in Singapore. In Penang, this modern day conquistadors, under their master-general Hernado Lim Guan Eng, are taking away Malay land, land designated for religious purposes, land that was previously being leased for legitimate NGOs.
Pretty soon Muslim cemeteries will be acquired for any Chinese development scheme! Like what has happened in Singapore when equally vicious "conquistador" under LKY took over the land by force!
If the Malays still insist on being disunited come the next General Elections, well they are on their way of becoming irrelevant!! Like the Aztec and the Inca!!

P/S In the State of Selangor, the opposition cstate government ontrolled by the DAP is already taking away Malay land for their own use. These land haved a lease lives for as much as 99 years!
In Perak, under a short lived opposition rules, state land was given away to DAP supporters, the land is leased as long as 200 years!! WTF!!
P/S/S Meanwhile we have a very insignificant Malay politician by the name of Chegu Bard, who has been tricked by BABI to disrupt Malay unity, I am very very sad over his serious activity which will have a very long term effect that can lead towards the Malays having the same fate as the Aztec and the Inca!


Anonymous said...

I must say that you have great vision. For someone whose head is deep in umno's have great vision

Anonymous said...

Abang, what will decimate us is corruption. It is the greatest threat to us but strangely the insitutions that we have built cannot survive without corruption. May be you would like to exercise your fine mind to figure this out because it is very important for us.

Anonymous said...

I hear you Pasquale. I'm a registered voter in Selangor. PR already lost my vote.

PKR & PAS are too weak against DAP.. If you vote PR, you actually vote for DAP. I hope fence-sitting Malays realised that.

Another thing that I really hate is when MB Sgor made press statement, he is always surrounded by the likes of Theresa Kok or Ronnie Liu or Eli Wong.. I wonder.. is that his sphere of influence? Hemm..


Anonymous said...

Maaf ya,

Gambar macam Melayu duk tengah jual minyak atar kepada investor2 dari Negara China..

vinnan said...

It is the Puk'mamakthirs Melayu pretenders which have reduced many Malays into snivelling, lazy sods.

Anonymous said...

The only Malays like the Aztecs and the Incas going to pupus is Mamaks and Umno goons.

Your hysterics is the best joke for the younger ones.

It's like a senile old man looking at porn and couldn't get it up.

What gimmicks have you got somemore?

Anonymous said...

Woit! Salah bangsa, leh.

Sepatutnya bangsa orang asli dan pribumi, ni kat Malaysia.

Tanah mereka semua dirampas dan ditipu selalu ni.

Anonymous said...

Self-explanatory: Star has highlighted that recreational land has been taken away in Selangor for development.

Anonymous said...

DAP is not the greatest threat to our country. Corruption is.

Anonymous said...

No way DAP is the greatest threat number one, may be corruption number two anytime!

maae said...

Not only malays, so are indians, must go. That's what in their mind and political vision. Do they care for multiracial nation ? Do they care to treat their ethnics in the same manner ? Facts will never lie.

Indians might be dreaming of getting political power and economic gain. Malays none other than jumping stones.

They always blame on corruption. Never mention, the fact that they are the master corrupter. Name it, they have it ! Simply neglect the actual scenes and pointing bad and sour things to others.

Corrupted minds. When will we see the flawless ones ?

Anonymous said...


I wonder which part or parts of my comments you found unacceptable.

Tipahkenatipu said...

The picture speaks a thousand words – drawing parallels to the Incas & the Aztec puts the icing on the cake. While Daddy-o looks like time is running out on him, Sonny boy pretends to make sense of what the learned ex-Cik Gu is saying (mebbe planning another PAP oops DAP strategy)- considering that Sonny goes down south to kow tow to the Clan (the Father, the Son & the ....). The Father had been seen “visiting” the Pearl of the Orient – those days when he was in better shape. Phaps he came for his char kway teow or bak kut teh & share his vision for the “Pearl” with Sonny boy.
Then we see sandwiched (another creature of habit) between Daddy-o & Sonny boy, sudari Theresa (wall flower) dressed sedondon pulak. Btw, during the live telecast of the budget, sudari wall flower was the only MP posing. Looks like posing seems to be her favourite pastime – sudari has forgotten her infamous pose ke. Btw, where is the beau? MiA!!
Its sad that the ex-Cik Gu can put his trust & faith & nasib with the Daddy-o & Clan thinking that the Clan would be his lifeline. Wake up la Cik Gu. Depa ni penipu. Depa sanggup buat apa jua pun untuk duit – manyak looi lagi bagus Cik Gu. Depa ni sembah bukan Tuhan mcm kita, tetapi DUIT. Sorry Cik Gu , saya kena switch saluran bahasa. Saya ni speaking English tapi tak sampai macam Cik Gu hingga PNB, Guthrie dsb.
Depa ni sanggup hantar (drop off with no return address) ibu bapa kat rumah old folks home/mana mana saja sebab untuk depa, untuk menjaga ibu bapa – satu beban, Cik Gu. Tanggongan besar. Sebab itu, di Singapore, ada undang undang supaya parents are not abandoned & become the responsibility of the Gomen but tanggongan keluarga sendiri. Parents who are abandoned by the family will face a hefty fine. HDB flats di Spore dibina (Granny flat – I think) di mana flat anak dan parents are next to each other. Tanya la Sonny boy tu. Mesti dia tahu punya. In Singapore, filial piety is taught by the Gomen. Gik Gu setuju ke?
Cik Gu mesti ada baca pasal the “tainted milk” episode di tanah besar Cina, di mana susu bayi (kaum kerabat sendiri) di racuni dengan Melamine yang di guna untuk menyalut periok belangga!!! Klau depa sanggup tipu kaum kerabat sendiri, apa tah lagi keluarga Melayu mcm Cik Gu dan kaum kerabat (termasuk Kerajaan), kaum India dsb. Cik Gu tidak peduli ke?
Depa ada technology untuk reka half-boiled egg (bahan kimia) ya, klau Cik Gu diajak minum pagi (breakfast) kat mana mana – jaga jaga sikit. Depa ni boleh buat apa saja pun – baru baru ini, kedai “Apple” was cloned (tiruan). Apa tah lagi cik gu!!! Even the staff thought that they were working for Apple – syarikat mendiang Steve Jobs. Mereka tidak akan berhenti. Depa tak takut sebab DUIT disembah.
Klau nak tau tipu helah depa, baca la surat kbar CAP – sdara kita Tuan S.M. Idris who has been championing consumer rights (tanpa kira bangsa atau warna) – sebab beliau tidak mahu lihat manusia (mahu pun Melayu, Cina, India dsb) ditipu oleh muslihat orang orang yang gila wang/mata duitan.
Dari Ipoh sampai kat Amsterdam – ditangkap sebab drugs, memaksa kaum sendiri kutip kerang/shells di tepi laut di UK in freezing waters sampai mati – depa jugak, masuk Malaysia dengan student visa tetapi melacur – siapa lagi. BMF Affair.
Bayangkan lah Cik Gu kehebatan depa if the Singapore – Shanghai railway comes thru, just imagine all the “SME ” on wheels.
Cik Gu marah sebab semasa bersara dulu, Cik Gu tak dapat “golden handshake” yang di ingini. Mungkin takde rezeki. Manusia rancang. Allah sahaja yang menentukan. Semua nya berjalan dengan kehendakNya.
Jgan marahakan pijat, kelambu dibakar. Don’t cut your nose to spite your face. Raya Haji nak datang tak lama lagi. Cik Gu berjaga jaga – nanti depa masak bak kut teh halal. Mana lah tau. Skarang semua boleh kan. Kita kena celek la Cik Gu. Jgan mcm Tipah kena tipu lagi.

Anonymous said...

Dear BM,
This is my take on Chinese Strategy,if you can publish in your blog,i would be most grateful.

Part 1. Nutshell Of Malay and Chinese Relationship,Modern History.

1. At present economic downturn ,amongst all the ethnic races in Malaysia ,the Chinese are the best people to weather the approaching economic storm.

2.They are financially stable,has  big brothers (business oppurtunity in China ,Taiwan and HK ) to turn to and politically on solid ground.

3.Their political stability was not brought about by sheer coincident but by by finely crafted political strategy that took years in planning to present successful outcome.

4. The Malay politician  were so gungho and engrossed in their money making ,self grandiosing and crafted adulation that they dont realise that they are losing their pants and their kampung tergadai much like proverbial PakKadok but to much greater misery.

5. The Malay previous leaders in the form of Tun Abd Razak (TAR)  and DrM dealt with Chinese from the position of power and authority .The former stabilise the whole country,the latter make the country prosperous.

6. Tun AR dealt with racial riot and used that as his rotan to make everyone toe the line , he stabilised the country,

7. Dr M delivered the economy and enlarged the cake for everyone , the chinese with full bank account but malays  and bumiputras contented only with full belly and never ask for more (except the oppurtunistic few who ended up swimming in wealth),and make the country prosper ,he certainly did.

8. They dealts from the position of power and negotiate .They delivered a succesful and upwardly mobile bumiputra population,ready to take on the world.

9. PakLah@ Tidoman,was sleeping on the wheel and enlarged the cake for only those sitting /sleeping on the same couch with him,unfortunately it did not include the mass majority of malay and brought us to present predicament. Therefore his tenure is just a footnote in annal of Malaysian history ,more appropriately,a dustbin.Hadhari anyone??

10. Mohd.Najib has a unique way in dealings with chinese.Being highly cultured individual, born with a silver spoon and embraced by a domineering wife ,he had the world offered to him     On a silver platter.Everyone expected miracles oozing from his finger.....none coming.
Back by highly paid conmansultan,kipas'ed  by kakiampu,the best that came out is a meek voice ,begging from chinese for their votes.Namawee @ #%c%ba& is a sortie sent out by the chinese to test the terrain....Najib had it hook ,line and sinker.

11. This begging episode  was highly orchestrated by Chinese Grand Strategist , the event leading to it started two years ago on the appointment of Chua soi Lek as President of MCA.
This I shall put forward  later as my political readings of current political climate, if you dare to read.

Part 2.....DAP,MCA and Gerakan tag team.


Anonymous said...

Trying to play all the same old songs before election.

Just dig up the old archives and you can see all the repetitive stories over the past 54 years without hatching new ones.

When you gonna grow up and stop fooling people?

Anonymous said...

Hey old songs are goodies - pure and poetic lyrics and naturally great voice - no lip syncing or digitalised voices

Hussin Rahman said...

I agree with DrPotong. The Chinese started all the bad things. They talk so much about corruption but who are the people who always offer dangle the bribes?

Anonymous said...

The Incas and the Aztecs, just like the Red Indians, were cultured and kind people...just like the Malays. You don't know how kiasu, chauvinistic or selfish the Chinese are until you deal with them on a daily basis. The Chinese won't offer you even a stick of cigarette unless they want to gain something from you. This is most Malays fail to realise or understand. Malay bank officers would rush to approve a loan for a Chinese businessman just after getting a hamper before Raya.

Anonymous said...

Chinese Strategy
Part 2A.

1. When LGE first come into office he used the same strategy the famous revered LiuPei used in the year 200AD upon coming to power.
After he conquered a new territory,LiuPei on his first speech evoke the memories of peaceful and prosperous era presided by past respected leader that preceded the cruel and corrupted leader he ousted.The populace subdued by a single speech !!

LGE ,an original person that he claimed , promised to emulate Khalifah Umar Abd Aziz ....the PAS ,Malays ,Penyemak (dlm UMNO),Mamaks and Ulamaks started to eat from his hand !!
They cant read LGE like a book ,blame them not, as they won't read world history to even save their own skin !!

2.Chinese Respect Authority and Person who is in control matter what they would grudgingly accept it for a greater good of the community.

Eg :
A. LKY the Dictator by any definition ,rightly so as he is so smart and has singularity of purpose,to bring up S'pore ...The Chinese embrace him whohaertedly.
(LGE and his dinasourius senior tried the same method but ,alas it was without intellectual finese)

B.Mao Tze Dong .Cruelity that would outshine Hitler during Third Reich heyday .For a greater good of Chinese ,the Chinese toe the line .He had single handedly unite China and the current economic juggernaut would always be attributed to him and Mr Deng XiaoPeng.

C.Chao Chao @ Ts'ao Ts' of main Leader in the period of The Romance of Three Kingdom (198 to 240 AD) whose cruelty famously noted and quoted
"I'd rather betray the world then let the world betray me." upon killing an uncle (he saved Cao Cao life once )based on an assumption that the uncle would betray him.His cruelty is much admired now as the ends he achieved justified the means he disposed in stabilising China during those period of turmoil

If you understand why the Chinese Revered these cruel but great leaders ,you would understand where Najib Stand in the whole great scheme of tumultous Malaysian politic.

3. To a lesser degree and negligible loss of live in our local history ,TAR and Tun M is much like Mao Tze and Deng Xiaopeng recpectively. The Chinese believe the cylical nature of things charting their life as a community.After a great turmoil and division,the unity and prosperity would follow.Those four leaders in their mind are not the oddity of events and unique personalities but the karma of things (tumultous events)that shaped the individuals and leaders , which predictably bring about the favourable outcome.

4.In Chinese History which were recorded in great detail,the Great leader usually had a team of advisors ,who were great strategist minds(eg KongMing @ChigeLiang, Sima Yi and SunTze) .They can become a general in a war or even become an Emperor themselves if the situation permit.

5. The Great Leader was also supported by Great generals who wholeheartedly carry out the empire expansion as edicted without any question asked.

Dr Potong

Anonymous said...

Chinese Strategy Part2B

6. The leaders of MCA, Gerakan and DAP for all their foot stompings and chest thumping acts ,were just Generals who were seem to be fighting for one cause or another in the name of chinese welfare.These leaders are surely look like leaders in the eyes of average Joe like you and me ,but ultimately they are answerable to one single goal ie. continuing Chinese economic dominace and possibly political dominant too !!...This goal obviously were set up by group of Brilliantly minded chinese who has a mind of great Strategist.

7. It has to be so !! Have you noticed that,When a push come to shove,these tangentially alien ideology parties to each other, would come out with a synchronous threat to the goverment,upon which a kneejerk act of the goverment of MN is to reward their community with more goodies they asked for in the first place.

8. Do you ever question how on earth CSL can become President of an important coalition component party with all his credentials and morality . Have the Chinese throw moral and respect out the window? It seem very odd for a community that prided themselves with mainland culture,filial piety,loyalty and family institution to vote this awful character to become their leader.

9. Gerakan Boss is another interesting case study.Here you have a person who failed greatly in his political career,though gentle in his conduct but still non performer ,past PM hug hug buddy and spit by the very people of Penang ,managed to be pushed to forefront of BN and famously drawing a salary of a minister. Have you got the drift ???? Why ?? Why?? Are these the best that chinese community can offer to be their leaders?? I dont think so, as Chinese Strategist are not stupid people.

10. You might think that these two ,are great leaders that represent Chinese but as far as I am concern , they are just generals that were given an edict to do as what they were told to do by the Board of Chinese Strategic Minds.They know not the purpose of their existence but they continue as an 'important ' goverment insiders.

11. This might jolt you , I have a crazy mind but in the state of siege the Malay is having now, nothing is impossible , absolute impossibilty would become absolute probablity.

These MCA and Gerakan are two very weak parties but still with a sizeable follower.They are like two secured castles that any ambitous leader must have, as advised by a great strategist by his side.The people in castle are so loyal that they would never leave the castle compound.

12. What is the best way to make these people abandon these castle compound ?

13. The simplest act in a war strategy that known by every chinese is to throw a 'bangkai' into the castles.With a threat of disease, their survival and a bangkai in plain sight ,the best way is to abandon the castle in drove.

14. Those two leaders are the proverbial bangkai as far as Chinese are concern, propped up initially by chinese only mass media (newspapers,magazine,internet),they were annointed 'leader' in their respective castle.

Allow some time for their community to think ( thus the average chinese community think that they are very smart in coming to conclusion to abandom the castle and their proverbial bangkai leaders) ....unknowingly to these two weak leaders that smells,they have pushed their very followers towards DAP.

15. With simple strategy the Chinese had achieved what they want.....UNITED CHINESE !
And thats what i meant by their community achieving political stability today.

Next : How Mohd Najib come to dance to the tune of 'Wa ai te Ni' @ 'and I love you so' without the knowledge of his wife and who are the Chinese Strategist that put up the masterplan...jeng jeng jeng


Anonymous said...

Dear MP,
Tx for posting my comment.
It would be better though if you can make it as your posting.

It is going to stir the hornet nest of Chinese chauvanist.

The anaology is simple:

If a known robber come to a small town to settle down, soon he would plan robbing the local bank.

To prevent this ,the best option is to tell him that the townfolk knew his plan to rob the bank ,his modus operandi,his escape route and how is he is going to hide his loots.

Whether he had any plan to rob the bank or not is immaterial.

The idea is to scare him stiff.Thus preventing him to even think about it !!

For obvious reason this is not meant to be posted

Dr Potong

am contactable at dr_mr_mrj

Anonymous said...

Interesting article, but who's been giving away Iskandar to the Singaporean? What about all the buildings and land bought by Capital Land in Malaysia? Who lost the Batu Putih? Oil concession to Brunei? You're in a state of denial, open your eyes la. easy to blame others for screwing things up when we have the power and control over our assets and life. Just like the American Indians, the aborigines in Australia, the Blacks in USA and on and on, we are all too easy to blame others. Shame on you! Ni la syndrome Oh Bangau oh Bangau

Anonymous said...


I feel like puking looking athe pictures of the 4 swines.

I guess the ones who are really concern about the future survivorship of the Malays are the common Malay people themselves.

The politicians, whether they are Malays from UMNO,PKR,PAS, DAP or any other parties just couldn't be bothered and just couldn't care less. As long as their tummies are bloated and bank accounts are fat -even if it means thru the ali-baba arrangement, they are contented. To hell with dignity, maruah dan agama ...janji anak bini senang sudah.

As I said elsewhere, the Malay captains of the industry -whether they are from the private entitiy or GLCs - are of no help either. This group of malays were trying very hard to show the world that they are global, smart and not tied to race and politics. the truth is they are where they are now becasue they are malays in the first place. Tu yg malu nak mengaku tu..!

But then, the common malay themselves are being divided and ruled by the various political parties where allegiance to the party is more important than anything else. Howwver, to the Chinese allegiance to the race is of utmost important - no matter what political parties they are affiliated to. To the cunning and ever plotting racist chinese, the prsent political and social climate presents the "ONE TIME" opportunity to take over the political power of the country from the Malay. This opportunity may not come again in a million years.

So Malays, you'd better think hard ... do you want to be a "paria" in your own motherland, tempat tumpah darah tanh pesaka ini?

Whilst the Aztec and the Incas can' be blamed entirely for thier demise as the Conquistador came equipped with guns and heavy artillery as well as the plague and disesae that they brought along, the demised of the malays (naauzubillahiminzallik)if it happens, happen due to the Malay's own stupidity.

Masa tu kalau pisang berbuah dua kali pun dah tak guna dah. Air mata darah sekali pun tak mampu nak ubah nasib orng melayu dah masa tu..

SO, I guess the malays too need to do some planning and plot some sort of strategies sekiranya kita cintakan bangsa, agama dan tanah pesaka ini. Kita tak ada tempat lain lagi nak pergi woii..!