Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kalimullah Hassan...any real reason to drag PM's and former PM's sons into your case?

Matthias Chang

Kalimullah Hassan

A curious case of Kalimullah Hassan suing Matthias Chang, to my minds eye!
Kalimullah is suing Matthias for defamation and as an ordinary citizen of this country I failed to see the relevancy as to why Kalimullah had to mention the name of the current prime minister's son name and also the former prime minister's son name into his case.

Read here!

I also remember last month when an Australian newspaper in Perth reported, wrongly , the daughter of Malaysian prime minister on a "spending spree" while her father was attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

Here is the thing, why did the newspaper only singled out the daughter of our prime minister shopping, and it turned out it was not even true, when there were many many more heads of governments attending the meeting in Perth. So what's the real reason, eh!

Back to Kalimullah Hassan, as far as I am concerned, he could have easily cited other cases to strengthen his argument, instead of dragging name of the current prime minister in a round about way and also the name of the former prime minister. So what's the real reason, eh!


Anonymous said...

It was reported by S'pore Business Times that Najib son has resigned as director of a company he allegedly (made by Kalimullah) to have made some money from its shares!
That is fine and good!


Anonymous said...

The government must do everything in its power to investigate Kalimullah for any wrong doing and charge him and if found guilty to be sent to jail!
It appears he is getting a tad arrogant!


man on da street said...

The government must undo all its wrong doing done by the slumberjack who appoints this arrogant Kallimullah. Why does it always reflects on slumberjack and his SIL? Slumberjack and his SIL is still parading around like a peacock as if nothing happened during their heydays. Got the cheek to represent himself here and there! If I were the slumberjack I would excused myself from attending the impending UMNO general assembly, go and see the doctor in the house and get a sick certificate from him.