Friday, November 04, 2011

The West Australian must, unreservedly, apologise to Najib and his family!

Not so credible a newspaper!!

The clarification made by The West Australian on Najib and family, but not good enough!

Now an Australian newspaper, The West Australian, has admitted an erroneous reporting on Prime Minister Dato Najib Tun Razak's daughter spending during CHOGM it must now make a public apology to him (the prime minister) and to his family and to Malaysia, for the sake of a continued strong and positive bilateral relations between the two countries.
The admission, short of a real apology, has now gone viral throughout the internet, however the The West Australian must now apologise to Najib and his family for a distress it has caused over an unchecked story on the family of the prime minister.
Having said that it is now incumbent upon the opposition portal, Keadilan Daily, to also tender an apology to Najib and his family, and failing that , some one must sue this opposition portal.
Below are some of the false reports made by Keadilan Daily:


Anonymous said...

The anti-Najib and anti-Rosmah campaign conducted by the Chinese-based opposition parties, i.e. DAP and PAP followed by the disgruntled Malay-based opposition parties led by Mr Anwar Ibrahim appear to be more desperate to get rid of the ruling Malay-led party! From afar I think the Malays had better united or they will be reduced to living in a reservation as the natives do here in my country,the great USA!

Ron Gilson

Anonymous said...

Their campaign has gone international.

Anonymous said...

Yeah when Najib returns from Haj, he will even be a better PM.

His enemies should just not waste any more funds and reject that aging immoral 2way entry goon

Anonymous said...

Kalau makan cili mesti rasa pedas.

Anonymous said...

Sometines we are all shortsighted.

Anonymous said...

Cerita "Shopping" saje dah naik angin dah.

Yang suratkhabar keluar cerita fitnah budak kena raba tu, apa macam?

Kaki bodek betul. Tak de prinsip lansung dalam cerita Hang, ni.

Anonymous said...

Piss off...the world is bigger than your pm,...first you apologize for your fuck ups..Then you talk..