Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Malays will be forced to perform for tourists if chauvinist Chinese-DAP comes to power!

The Malays will be performing to tourists like these aboriginal people of Taiwan, who are strongly related to the Malay-Austronesian grouping, if Chinese DAPwere to come to power in Malaysia!

The aboriginal children of Taiwan, they do not look Chinese.

Her ancestors were killed by the Kuomintang!

Similarly, this is how our Malay-Muslim women will look like if PAS comes to power!

"Racist countries are those with intended policy by majority to suppress minority and this is what UMNO has always been an expert in this label. December 28, 2011 9:46 AM"

I started this new posting with a quote above, made by one of the many anonymous people commenting in my blog. In this trying times, comments in cyberspace are most likely made by the "enemies of the state" so to speak.
There are no racist countries in the world, but the majority of the countries in the world do practice ethnocentrism in favour of the majority when running or controlling a country.
Last year I was in Uruguay. I found out the Spanish came to conquer the land and to do that effectively and successfully they had to decimate the entire population of the aboriginal or native people of the land.
Today in this country, you cannot find a single native person not in the city, nor, for that matter, in the entire country. Asked any government official there about this, and they will feel the shame and their interaction with you on the subject will be filled with guilt. But it is too late!
Even in a great country like the USA, if we are open minded and smart enough to accept it, many of the government policies are based on the feelings of the majority of the White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASP) so their values still dominate that great country.
Well, yes, USA may have a black president now, but being a black president in the turbulent sea of WASPy values, even Obama has admitted being a black president in a white dominated country is a tremendous chore.
Our opposition here, DAP mainly, uses Singapore as a good example of how minority Malays are being treated well. Well, we also feed our captive pets when we feel like it, every two days or three?
Australia mistreats its aboriginal people, but our opposition parties hardly ever condemn this country which once boasted its openly White Policy only on immigration. Well guess what, I was told the open White Policy is now not "practised" anymore.
Do you see minority non-Malays being persecuted in this majority Malay-Muslim society and government? Well if you do, have your head checked, or have an open mind and check the demographic make-up of Kuala Lumpur and all the major towns in Malaysia, and guess what they are all owned and inhabited by the mainly "persecuted and supressed" Chinese population.
So I am not sure how some one can ever surmise that Malaysian majority Malays are suppressing minority Chinese of Indians and others.
So in the end Malaysia, like any other one-race dominated system, can only have policies that are deemed to be seen made only for the majority-centric society, when others are also being looked after.
Unlike when Kuomintang, under Chiang Kai Shek, fled to nearby island of Formosa (now Taiwan) after being kicked out by Communist Mao Tse Tong, Chiang Kai Shek ordered the decimation of the original inhabitants.
The horror of ethnic cleansing inflicted by the Kuomintang on the original inhabitants of this island has long been suppressed. Today these original people of Taiwan, who have a similar linguistic grouping to the Malay group, read here, now live in the mountains and only perform for tourism.
Meanwhile, in this country while we welcomed other races to share our land, they are now bold enough to ask for the rights to also become paramount rulers and the prime minister.
They are also bold enough to want to change the constitution of the country to suit them, the minority! Guess what, I call these people a bunch of Kiasu Ingrate!


Anonymous said...

Not only will you perform for the tourists, who will be mostly from India and China, you will be living in treetops and bathing from well water. The rich Malays will have abandoned you because they already have their insurances in London, Perth, Medan and Toronto.


Anonymous said...

Godfather, Correct, correct, correct, correctand correct. But please delete Medanand and Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Your article reminded me of the time when I went to Perth, Australia. The taxi driver told me that the Chinese in Malaysia are being oppressed that's why they moved to Australia..

I said "What??? Didn't you check Forbes' billionaire list? The so-called oppressed race occupied 7 out of 10 of the richest person list in Malaysia"

Kiasu Ingrates are best described most of them. They will find every opportunity to bad mouth the country, its policies, its products, its majority race and its Malay-led Government.

I just wish that these Kiasu Ingrates will just dissappear into thin air one of these days... just live behind the hardworking grateful ones that can live in harmony with the majority.


Anonymous said...

Where have you been? That is what happening now! Under UMNO!

Anonymous said...

Wow now I know Malays are originate from Chinese Taipei. Hung Tuah and the brothers were actually from China, the Ming court send them to Melacca to protect the Sultan.

Anonymous said...

ya the chinese malaysians are holding more power than the singapore malays in red dot

the original malay landowners have been effectively rendered leaseholders of 99 year pigeon-holes

their vast land were ripped off cheaply under the guise of development

kampung melayu is a ghost town

Anonymous said...

Moron, our East Malaysian Orang Asli have been performing under the rule of BN. What tokkok u?

Anonymous said...

its already happening now as DAP and PKR have been using the malays, esp students, to participate in all their demonstrations.The chinese will continue with their daily economic activies and the Malays will memperjuangkan hak rakyat. The only disillusioned Chinaman, Tian Chua, will be among them.

Anonymous said...

The Forbe's list does not include the unoficial GLC external billionaire sand those who keep their wealth abroad.

Please do not define integrety and truth in a eco friendly manner ie, to reflect the current environment with regard to the two issues in the country.

Anonymous said...


I rather have moronic Malays that songlap RM250 million of tax payers money for their own family through some dubious cow business than have rich Chinese Malaysian billionaires.

No doubt much more palatable.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, "M". I do not like Moronic Malays, Moronic Indians and Moronic Chinese. My experience confirms that there could be no normal political and economic activity in an abnormal society. The srtuggle for a Malaysia that is non racial or race-neutral is a part of that broader struggle for a Malaysia that provides opportunities based not on race but on that all important but forgotten principle that so eloquently fills the pages of our Five Year Development Plan-Eradication of poverty Irrespective of Race.

The future stability of our county is inextricablly linke to that principle and if we lose sight of it believe me no Police Force, Rela or PVR, individually or combined, will be able to prevent the poor from stealing form the rich.

Sometime we have to careful of what we wish for ourselves because both the muslim God and the Gods of the other races may grant that wish.

Anonymous said...

Look no further than the Gardenia and KR1M story on how they try to kill Malay business by using tactics such as those biz is run by UMNO crony where the truth is they don't want to see any Malays doing biz at all.Just look at the comments in the FB abt this isssue and see how much thwy hate the malays doing business.
Corruption,Greedy,Kiasu,No respect for others is the name of the game for them.Double standard is practiced all around in business where malay businessman is opressed and barely surviving.This is the truth and like it or not it's happening in our country and becoming worst day by day.

Anonymous said...

Anon December 30, 2011 4:25 PM

Go find out how Robert Kuok's sugar plant was robbed by UMNO crony and you'll understand and appreciate the story of gardenia.
UMNO cronies are bunch of sucking leeches doing nothing robbing for this country

Anonymous said...

Hello Abang,

It it not the Chinese who are behind the fall of the KR1M stores.Right from the begining it has been desiged by the policy makers to fail. If one studies economics the first lesson is that if you start a business in grand style with all the requirements fully met then be prepared for it to shrink as you go along because you do not have the market to keep it going.In business you build your market as you go along.Even if you produce cement you have to build your clients. But if you start a business in small style with you as the owner doing most if not all the leg work your overheads is small and you can expand as and when necessary to fit the market and reduce your business if the market shrinks. In business small always becomes big but big can becone small but seldom becomes bigger.

Just make a study the manner in which most business asissted by government or businesses operated on grants or low interest lonas with 10 years grace periods. A common thread runs through all of them-they begin with a bang.Big office, big cars, big salary. That means big overheads. So what happens is that you produce a product then find out that you do not have a market for it.

This has been going on for 50 years now and at best our success in this field is poor and government has now resorted to trickle down economics. Organizations like Khazanah, Amanah Saham, and other businessmen have been given the goahead to hold shares in trust for the bulk of the rural people that one day they will learn about the value of the stock market and invest in these companies for their own wellbeing.

Well we have now waited for 50 years and we are still waiting for the cows to come home.

Anonymous said...

yeah yeah so many eco-no-mixs around. what matters is that the mass consumers will no longer be supporting chinese only biz. they now have a cheaper alternative and the chinese economic monopoly will become eunuchs in the emperor's palace