Thursday, December 08, 2011

More like Zulkifli should come out and tell the truth!

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim and Yusuf Qardawi.

Zulkifli....haunted by his conscience but he came out all right!

Member of Parliament for Kulim-Bandar Baru, Datuk Zulkifli Noordin has admitted lying to the world to save his once much idolised leader Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim from a sodomy case.

He recently went public admitting he lied to a top Muslim Brotherhood and a renowned Islamic cleric, Yusuf Qardawi that Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim was maligned by the government in a still an ongoing sodomy case involving Anwar's aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Zulkifli said:"Because…we wish to inform (that) it was true we had deceived Syeikh Yusuf Qardawi into believing that Anwar had been slandered.”

He also said, as reported in a blogsite called Benchmark, as Anwar’s lawyer, he had prepared biased questions to elicit the fatwa from Yusuf Al Qardawi in 2009. According to him, he was responsible in preparing the questions, which sided Anwar and hiding the truth about the complainant, Mohd Saiful.

“I was the one who gave the briefing and prepared the questions couched in specific forms to persuade and convince Syeikh Yusuf Qardawi that Anwar had been slandered…that was how it was pictured.

“We completely avoided the truth about the case, (for example) that Saiful was Anwar’s employee…we didn't tell him about Saiful complaining that he had been sodomised.

“We (only) described that there was slander in this sodomy case. When he understood the way we put it, Syeikh Yusuf Qardawi immediately issued the ‘Qazaf’ fatwa,”

Zulkifli, who was one of Anwar’s defence lawyers in the sodomy I trial (1998), also admitted what he did was wrong and sinful because he went to the extent of lying to the "respected cleric" just to save Anwar’s reputation and image.

“Looking back, we find we have committed much sin relating to this matter…to the extent that we even had the audacity to deceive a cleric of such stature in believing that the issue faced by Anwar was one of slander – an issue that needed to be addressed through Qazaf.

In retrospect, it is refreshing to know a person like Zulkifli admitting he was made used of by his "leader" and that he went out an extra mile to defend his him but in the end he realised he was being made use of.

OnceI met Zulkifli in Istanbul Zulkifli an d he said others who have been made use of by Brother Anwar should come forth and repent and exposed the man.


Anonymous said...

This guy knows it that is why he left with the rest of BABI's once diehard supporters, and we know the Chinese-chauvinist like DAP and those in Gerakan are using BABI to take over this Malay-led land.
Unfortunately Malays are so stupid and dumb not to see or realiase this!

Ank Melayu Balik Pulau (AMBP)!

Anonymous said...

Only a disease of which you are aware can be cured; a disease of which you are unaware cannot be cured.

Anonymous said...

Inilah kita cakap Katak najis